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Local SEO for law firms to get on Google’s first page

For a law firm to be successful, it needs to get attention from potential clients.

The digital revolution has led to the legal field’s saturation, which has led to more competition than ever before, both online and off.

Local SEO Strategies helped successful law firms make the change. With a quick update to their digital marketing, they were able to show up in local search results.

Because of this, these law firms were able to get more clients and take charge of their online presence as a growing brand.

We looked at the digital marketing trends that law firms have been following for the past ten years and found that traditional marketing strategies need to be revised.

But we also found that while traditional marketing investments went down, local SEO for law firms has done really well.

People searching for lawyers a lot on Google is what caused the digital marketing trend for law firms to change.

It’s important to note that 97% of millennials in the US who used a law firm did a search online before making an appointment.

When you look at digital marketing, you can see that the way people buy things is changing.

This blog will walk you through some of the things you can do to make sure your law firm is number one on Google search and on Google Maps in 2022. This will help you adapt to the new way of doing things.

Read these some reasons why you should invest in local SEO services for lawyers:

  • Most people start their search for a good lawyer on the Internet.
  • Through their website, many law firms have been able to get new clients.
  • Google is used for almost all of the quests.

How can SEO for law firms in your area help you??

There are four local SEO factors that can help your law firm get more clients.

The Local SEO strategies we’ll talk about below will help your law firm show up more in Google Maps and organic search results for local searches.

Taking advantage of Google My Business:

It is recommended that you use Google My Business (GMB) to have your company appear in Google’s local search results. If your GMB listing is well-done, it will put you at the top of Google searches.

If the GMB is optimized, the law firm will show up better in Google Local Search results and on Google Maps.

This Google tool has changed many times over the years, and the latest version is the most powerful and full of features.

The way your target audience sees your law firm will change a lot if you claim, customize, and update the GMB.

Google uses a certain set of categories to rank law firms in their local areas. They’re –


Google is always looking to see if your GMB listing is relevant to the search query that was typed in. There are some ways to make sure that your law firm’s local listing is as useful as possible for people searching online.

This can be done by putting GMB in the right main category and, if possible, by adding more categories. You can select “divorce attorney” or “personal injury attorney,” for example.


Google shows local search results based on how close your business is to the person doing the search. To accomplish this, we monitor the company’s IP address and other data and then select the most relevant search results to display to the customer.


The overall success of a law firm is a good way to judge how well-known it is. When figuring out how well-known a law firm is, you should look at things like the authority of its backlinks, the number of blogs it has published on other sites, the total number of reviews and ratings it has received, and so on.

local SEO for law firms

Your website needs to rank locally:

Clients will use the right keywords to look for a law firm. It’s important that your law firm comes up in search results when people look for the services you offer.

Before starting a local SEO campaign, law firms need to make sure that their web pages are optimized.

Offer an Excellent Mobile User Experience:

Mobile devices are used for 50% of local searches. When people search on their phones, they are more likely to do what was meant. Most clients use their phones to look up information about lawyers and confirm appointments.

Actively Manage Your Online Reputation:

Reviews are important and can make or break your online reputation. You can have the best ranking on all search engines, but if you don’t have positive reviews to back up your ranking, you may get fewer visitors or new appointments.

Local SEO Services for Law Firms: A Plan for 2022 and Beyond

Once you’ve put the above local SEO strategies into place, your next step is to get good reviews, links, and citations.

My Business Signals

Local SEO for lawyers is mostly about showing up on Google Maps and claiming the business location on Google Maps.

Google My Business, which shows up when the people you want to reach do a search, is just the beginning. The data comes from the back end, which is Google Maps.

Listed below are some tips that you can use while optimizing your Google My Business location:

  • Make sure your page is listed in the correct service category.
  • You can only show up if you have a physical address in the city where you want to show up.
  • Put only a few keywords in the title. It goes against what Google says to do.
  • Make sure that Google My Business has the correct NAP information for the law firm.

Link Signals

Remember how important inbound links are. They are essential if you want to rank higher in organic search results and move up in local search results.

Also, Google’s algorithm still looks at a website’s link authority when deciding where to rank it.

Inbound link

Inbound links are important links that point to your site from other sites that people trust. When used with money keywords and brand keywords, these links will help you get a better search engine ranking for local searches.

Internal links

Internal links are links on your law firm’s website that lead to another page or article on your site.

Anchor text must be based on the keywords you want to show up for in local search results. This will help Google better index your site and give the page context while it ranks for local search results.

Outbound link

For the best SEO results for law firms, you can also use links that go to other sites.

These are links on your law firm’s website that lead to outside sources. These sources could be a government website or another site with a lot of authority. These are the sites that will give more information to your users.

Local Citation Links

When you’re doing local SEO for lawyers, getting links to your GMB page and other citations will also help your site.

These are the links from other sites that will lead to your brand. Most of these are profiled links that were made for your site. They are a great way to build your site’s authority in your area.

On-page signals

A good law firm SEO company will make sure that on-page signals are noticed. For local SEO for law firms to work, on-page signals are a must.

A well-optimized website for a law firm can help it rank higher on Google and get more clients. You can make sure of this by writing blog posts with unique content about each service.

It would help if you also made sure that the title tags, meta descriptions, body tags, and alt texts on your law firm’s website are all relevant. These parts will show that the architecture of the site is good.

There are many ways to do search engine optimization for a law firm. You can look at keywords and content with the help of tools like SEMRush or AHREFs.

The critical Local SEO on-page factors:

  • The name, address, and phone number are there.
  • Keywords in the title, heading, and body copy (SEO)
  • Site Architecture

Moz says that on-page signals make up 14% of local ranking factors.

Citation Signals

Citations are important not only for doing local SEO for law firms but also for making sure that the strategies work well.

Citations are when a reputable business directory lists your company’s name, address, and phone number.

When Google finds information about your business on these sites, it helps to make you look more trustworthy.

You can find quality citations through a number of online sources, such as web directories, maps, review sites, apps, and GPS navigation.

Citation Signals

When building citations for lawyers, SEO companies that could be better at what they do often make a few mistakes.

Law firms have different names, addresses, and phone numbers, among other things. It is important to keep the information in the NAP the same.

Google also uses the number of citations you get and how quickly you get them as ranking signals.

The most important things to include are:

  • Name, Address, and Phone Number That Doesn’t Change
  • Citation Volume
  • Source: Velocity

Review Signals

When people hear good things about a law firm, they trust it right away. Users can be persuaded by reviews to pick your law firm over your competitors.

Here are the top ways to improve your online reputation:

  • Quantity: Compared to your competitors, how many reviews does your business have? Most people will choose the services that have the most reviews.
  • Quality: Are your customers saying nice things about you? Again, people will choose the service with the best reputation or the most positive reviews.
  • Velocity: This is a trust factor, so if your reviews are old, people won’t trust your services.
  • Diversity: Law firm diversity SEO experts know that reviews from sites like Yelp, Facebook, and other Internet Yellow Pages can help a website for a law firm build a good online reputation.
  • History: Don’t let a few bad reviews get you down if you have a good track record. However, it would help if you started to worry when the number of negative reviews starts to rise. Try to shape out what went wrong or where the bad reviews came from and fix it as soon as possible.

Online reviews will help your law firm’s website do well in the rankings as a whole. Studies have also shown that Google gives more attention to law firms that have the best reviews.

Google’s algorithm can figure out what other people are saying about your business. The keywords and links that these sites use are not missed.

The keywords used in review comments also help Google figure out how relevant and authoritative you are in your field.

Review Signals

Here are some ways you can increase the online reputation of your law firm:

  • Make a plan for reviewing
  • Check up on your review
  • Increase the good comments
  • Use social media to share your best reviews.

Behavioural Signals

Google looks at how users interact with your brand when we talk about local SEO for lawyers. Sites with a high “bounce rate” are pushed down by the algorithm.

It also looks at how many people look at a page and how interesting the content is (this includes images and videos as well).

Google looks at how often people click through from maps to your website when it comes to local listings. They count how many mobile users call your business and ask for directions to your office.

If more people drive to your office or call you than your competitor, it’s more likely that your law firm will rank higher than theirs.

The key factors to consider here are:

  • The number of clicks
  • Mobile clicks to call
  • Requests for directions
  • Check-ins
  • Time on site, how often people leave, and how long they stay

Attorney Search Engine Optimization means keeping your website up to date with the latest standards, making sure it works well on mobile devices, and adding interesting content.

If your location and images are old, consider updating them. Make sure the page title and title tags are unique and interesting.

The old ways of getting new customers, such as putting up signs or putting ads in the Yellow Pages, are no longer used.

With the tips above for local SEO for law firms, your law firm will rank high on Google Maps and be more visible to people in your area.

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