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Listing The Most Demanding Car Tyres In UAE

Car Tyres Price in Dubai

Driving in UAE is a car lover’s dream come true, especially for those who prefer luxury models, high-performance supercars, and SUVs. Abu Dhabi is known to celebrate car culture like no other country. With its world-famous Grand Prix and Ferrari World to its supercar showrooms. UAE is an appealing destination for people who are ‘car fanatics.’Besides that, since UAE has successfully positioned itself as an international automotive hub, one has the advantage of finding plenty of well-known giants in the automotive aftermarket.

Importance Of Cars In Today’s World

Nowadays, owning a car is a requirement. It is no longer a luxury but rather something necessary for our daily lives. And for residents living permanently in UAE, having their own car makes life much easier in so many ways, which include:

·         The Convenience

While you always have the option of travelling through public transport like bus, metro, or ride-share systems, having your own wheels adds mobility and independence. For instance, you’ll always have to adjust your schedule to others when you take public transportation. But, with your own car, you’re in charge of when you leave, arrive, and wherever you go.

In these situations, having a car might actually prove to be a necessity. You can’t always rely openly on public transportation, nor can you walk to and from everywhere, especially in a massive city like Dubai. So, what do you do? You invest in something that relieves you of this “waiting and running late” game.

·         Travel Wherever, Whenever

If you’re a travel junkie, getting your own car will be a great investment. Taking your own road trips whenever and wherever you want is one of the many advantages of owning a car. Whether travelling solo or with family, having a ride of your own will make the process a lot easier.

With owning a car, you don’t have to rely on anyone to decide when and where you want to go. Simply hop in, and start exploring new roads and go off-grid when taking a road trip.

·         It Saves You Time

Owning a car will save you time. How? As we established earlier, without a car, your schedule may revolve around the availability of public transport, leading to unwanted changes in your plan.

However, if you own a car, you eliminate the need to wait for a bus, carpool (when a group of people commutes together by car), or ride-sharing system to leave for work whenever you want. Think about it; you’re probably already late to get somewhere urgent. But, with your own car, you can make things a little easier on yourself because you won’t be dealing with things like getting off one bus and waiting for another.

·         Helps With Daily Tasks

Perhaps one of the best but overlooked advantages of owning a car is that it facilitates you with many daily tasks. For instance, if you are shopping for heavy things like furniture, or tons of grocery bags, you don’t need to carry all your purchases while you wait for public transportation.

While people may have dwindling opinions over a car being a luxury or a necessity. But one thing is certain: tyres are a necessity for every vehicle. Without them, any car is just fancy metal technology.

·        Importance Of Tyres

The fact that tyres are the foremost thing in your vehicle that constantly contact the ground implies they control everything. From steering to braking to absorbing, all the bumps on the road are handled by tyres. And considering that, it becomes obvious that having good quality tyres is essential to your driving experience.

But, choosing tyres for your car is not as easy as it may seem. There are different types available on the market, and not all of them provide the same levels of performance. Additionally, you may have to consider many other factors, including each brand’s popularity, quality and durability of tyres, road traction, and, not to mention, price.

On that note, if you’re looking to shop for tyres in Dubai but don’t know which brand is best. Consider looking below at some of the most popular tyres for your vehicles.

Buy In-Demand Car Tyres In Dubai

·         Michelin

CTC Michelin authorised dealer

Michelin is one of the top-end tyre brands around the world. Known for their durability and performance, Michelin tyres suit well to extreme weather and cover a wide variety ranging from buses to trucks to industrial tyres.

All in all, Michelin tyres are the best bet for car owners to save money without compromising safety.

·         Bridgestone

Bridgestone tires Central trading company

Another premium tyre brand in the UAE is Bridgestone, which offers top-quality tyres for motorists. It is a Japanese tyre manufacturer and, undoubtedly, one of the best options for all high-end cars in Dubai.

Bridgestone tyres are durable and one of the best for road traction, wheel balancing, and fuel efficiency, which is one of the reasons for their high demand.

·         Sailun

Sailun Tires Central trading company Dubai dealer

When it comes to a budget-friendly option, no one can beat Sailun tyres. The USP (Unique Selling Point) of Sailun Tyres is to attract and satisfy customers with pocket-friendly tyres that give an average performance and standard treading prospect on several road surfaces.

Sailun tyres are designed for SUVs, trucks, and mid-sized passenger cars. With various designs, each type appeals to multiple customers’ needs, and you are sure to find one based on your liking.

And lastly,

·         Dunlop

Dunlop Tyres CTC dubai

One of the world’s leading tyre brands, Dunlop is known for manufacturing tyres for various car types such as run-flat, off-road, and truck tyres. They are well suited to the conditions in UAE. All in all, Dunlop has made a credible name for itself among the motorists all over UAE.

Final Say

The importance of tyres, especially choosing the right ones, cannot be overstated. Like all the other automotive components like a car battery, lubricants, and engine, having the right tyres on your vehicle is equally important. Therefore, it’s crucial for car owners to look for tyres that offer good performance at their best in tough driving conditions.

Lucky for you, by taking a look at the aforementioned car tyre brands, you’re sure to find the best tyres according to your needs!

For those looking for reputable and reliable tyre shops in Dubai, consider contacting wholesalers like Central Trading Company – a subdivision of the well-known Al-Rostamani Group. They have a huge variety of tyres – all from reputable brands. Visit and place your order today


George Gary is a technical writer with a background in the automotive industry. He spends most of his time writing informative blogs to help people know how to make their life better.

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