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Latest and Essential Tools That Every Locksmith Needs in 2023

What is a locksmith?

Locksmithing is an amazing art that includes a number of diverse skills including lock picking, metalworking, carpentry, key making, and many more. In addition, a locksmith company or technician can do many other tasks, such as replacing keys, repairing locks, improving the locking mechanism, installing high-quality locks, opening locked doors, etc. For these and many other reasons, any good locksmith has many essential tools in their arsenal. In other words, a locksmith in Dubai can only do his job properly if he has locksmith tools.

What is a locksmith?

A person whose profession is to work on locks and locking devices. This can include installing new locks, repairing existing locks, duplicating keys, and creating bespoke security features. These craftsmen are often called in to fix lock issues, such as stuck locks or broken keys in locks. They can also be consulted for advice on security and burglary protection.

Essential locksmith tools

Appropriate, Speaking of those tools that all locksmiths keep with them, this list may vary depending on locksmiths and their area of ​​expertise, but some basic tools are common to all professionals. Our professionals will explain everything to you…

Key Turner

This is another very common tool and all locksmiths prefer to have a key driver in their tools. Often people leave the key in the lock inside and lock the door from the outside. In this kind of situation, the locksmith can use this amazing tool to open the lock from the outside. The most amazing thing about this tool is that it is one of those tools that works perfectly for all types of second and third-level locks. This means that by using this simple tool, your locksmith Dubai can open the lock for you, without damaging it in any way.

Sting Gun

It is one of those locksmith tools that are as popular with locksmiths as they are with burglars. This tool comes in two categories: manual and electric. This tool is ideally similar to the spanner and does the same job. It moves the lock pin-up and opens the lock without damaging it. What is fascinating about the pick gun is that it works so quickly that an experienced locksmith in Dubai or burglar can open the lock in no time. So, it can be said that all locksmiths prefer to keep this tool with them just to increase the speed of their work.


It is one of the most common locksmith tools that emergency locksmith technicians can have in their toolbox. This equipment comes in handy when locksmiths need to open a lock without using the lock’s key. This means that if you accidentally lock yourself outside your house or car and forgot the key inside your car, you will need to take the help of an emergency locksmith in this situation. At this time, the locksmith or technician will use a lock key before using any other tool. Using this tool, he first applies some pressure inside the lock and then releases it by pushing each pin in the lock until the lock is fully open.

The Cylinder Breaker

Sometimes locks don’t respond well to basic or “soft” locksmith tools. In this case, locksmiths have to use destructive tools for the job. The cylinder breaker is one of those tools that can break the lock open. Normally, this tool is made of high-quality steel and contains an adjustable but very strong clamp adapter. This adapter grabs the cylinder and breaks it to open the lock. However, locksmiths only use this tool if all other methods fail because this method damages the lock and the customer will need to replace the lock with a new one.

Electric Drill

In one line, we can say that it is the most important tool that every Dubai locksmith must have in their tool bag. Using an electric drill, locksmiths can install new locks, they can replace the old lock with a new one. Sometimes they can also break the lock using an electric drill. Also, when a locksmith needs to install a new pre-made lock in the door, the electric drill can help him to make holes for the screw and keyhole. Besides, it can do many other things for the locksmith, making it one of the most essential tools for all locksmiths.

Key Machine

Making new keys or duplicate keys is one of the most common tasks locksmiths perform for their clients. To perform this job, they must use a good quality key machine; that’s why they always keep this machine in their tool bag. With the help of a key maker, locksmiths can cut all kinds of keys and they can easily copy existing keys or they can make a key for their other locks. You should know that there are three types of key machines that are popular among locksmiths:

  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic

Pump Wedge

It is one of the most popular tools that locksmiths in Dubai use to open locked vehicle doors. This tool is made of high-quality vinyl and has rounded corners. When he wants to open the lock of a vehicle door, he slides the tool between the car door and the sealing strip and begins to inflate the wedge using a water pump.

Smart features

What are the latest and most important new developments?

  • Improved locks
  • Option for OWMS technology
  • Better readability of the fill level
  • New premium colors
  • X10 pump technology
  • Auto cut-Spender
  • Smart modules option

In the region, personnel for the automotive industry, the petrochemical and metallurgical industries, and the military-industrial complex will be in special demand. According to data, in 2022, turners, welders, and locksmiths were among the most in-demand workers in production. They will remain among the leaders in 2023 as well.


The world of work is subject to constant change. Of course, it was a long way from the first steam engine invented in 1710 to the new smartphones, tablets, computers, and fully automatic systems. This has picked up speed significantly in the last few decades. Digitization is currently progressing more and more rapidly and is leading to significant upheavals in the technology market. Some professions that used to be in high demand no longer exist in the same form.

In short, as you will understand, the person of locksmith is not limited to unlocking doors and locks. No, you often have to deal with more original situations, such as opening a car or a safe. In any case, we recommend having the right locksmith equipment for any situation.

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