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Jalesh Cruises – Everything you need to know

Jalesh cruises usually commences between several of the states of India. It provides a luxurious as well as a most enjoyable experience for those who want to explore the cruising life and are excited to cover a journey all in a cruise when you spend time on the cruise you feel like you are in another world.


Jabesh cruise will provide you with an exceptional experience. This cruise operates from the Alexander dock in Mumbai City of Maharashtra. 


Drafted and curated for all sorts of travelers, the travel-friendly Jalesh cruise packages let you encounter warm hospitality, majestic Indian culture, and exotic international cuisine as you cruise on the emerald bleak ocean waters and enjoy the relaxed soothing breeze kissing your face and pouring out through your hairs. With these extraordinary Jalesh cruise tour packages, you can relish nothing but a true on-sea holiday on the multi-destination voyage with your special ones, experiencing unprecedented recreation, regeneration, romance, and enjoyment.


The Jalesh cruises have everything from ocean aesthetics rooms to 3 formal dining restaurants and 9 bars that serve remarkable and delicious drinks. There are also various activities on the cruise for recreational and enjoyment purposes such as rejuvenating spas and body massages, gymnasiums, salons where you can indulge yourself, sumptuous casinos, Broadway theater and so much more.


 What to expect 


You will get to witness a top-class interior when you enter your cruise. There are delicious food and drinks served to all travelers with the facility of fine dining with the desired theme. Travelers can even enjoy the swimming pool and it enhances the beauty of the cruise. Travelers can even relish the evening shows that are organized specially for tourists. There are even casinos and piano bar tours. 


And the sightseeing opportunity at all the prominent destinations increases the excitement of the tour. 


The starting and end of the journey


The Jalesh cruises ride differs according to the cruise but the ride usually initiates at the Victoria Docks and comes to halt at Goa’s Mormugao Cruise Terminal, covering 566 km of the distance in about 12 hours. The journey is not at all boring and the cruise is always full of life which increases the traveling thrill and excitement. 


Things to carry with you 


Firstly you need to carry some appropriate clothing so that you are comfortable throughout the journey and your clothes are suitable for the environment because you need to travel for a longer period. If you want to enter the swimming pool to relish some swimming, also carry your swimsuit. Do not forget to carry some formal wear for fine dining as most of the time is the dress code at the cruise restaurant. 


Secondly, carry all the medications that you need. As you need to travel away from the coasts the chances of getting medicines become nominal therefore carry all the necessary medicines while traveling. 


Thirdly, carry your most comfortable footwear. You need to walk some distance as the areas of the restaurants, clubs, and rooms are secluded. And if you carry appropriate shoes then only you can participate in the various activities organized on the cruise easily. 


Who can travel 


Everyone can travel except for people with serious health issues as the coastal areas are far away while traveling. The cruises are open for persons with disabilities as well. To make them feel relaxed during the cruise journey, disability-friendly sites are built to furnish easier ingress and egress.


Pets are usually not allowed on the cruise so you need to leave your pet with some relatives to relish the cruise journey. 


Dos and Don’t 


You must explore the whole ship to uncover the fascinations and strategize a proper agenda for the day. Go to restaurants and bars to chill out and spend some quality time. Do not forget to make calls before the ship departs. You will encounter network problems once the ship begins to sail. book your room on the upper deck for great views of the sea.


Don’t go for a buffet while it’s crowded. Don’t attempt capturing hazardous poses on the deck as that could cause accidents. And Don’t let your child hover around the railings. Don’t skip the regular muster training as those will infancy your awareness. 




The Jalesh cruises ride is always full of life and it is a must to try the experience. You need to carry all the necessities and you are good to cover this beautiful journey. This journey will always be in your memories.


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