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Is Smoking Weed Bad For The Health? All You Need To Know?

According to the study and opinion of the National Institution of Health, people, through times and climes, have been using weeds in different forms or the other for at least 3000 years. 

You might have heard names like Marijuana, Cannabis, weeds, and pot, but they are all the same. People have been using Cannabis for recreational and medical reasons. 

Now weeds have their positives as well as negatives on the human body. Smoking Cannabis has both wellness and harm. The article tries to answer the good, bad, and ugly of smoking weed.  

Health Benefits Of Smoking Weeds 

The people in the USA are using weeds extensively to gain benefits. Stress and anxiety have become a common part of today’s busy life. There are health benefits to smoking weed. It is said to keep people on high, thus relieving stress. Let’s try to understand it deeply. 

1. Post Traumatic Stress And Depression 

According to a review published by Clinical Psychology Review, clinical observations are underway to find out the efficacy of the weeds on mental health. According to the author of the review, Cannabis is associated with relief from post-traumatic stress and depression. 

However, experts are yet to give the green signal on the use of Cannabis for the treatment of depression, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. 

2. Pain Management 

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicines provided a review on the extensive use of Cannabis in pain management. The review was done after taking around 10000 scientific studies. 

It says that Cannabis or weeds release some active compounds that affect the brain. This could be good for pain management. 

3. Healing Broken Bone

Studies are going on the effects of Marijuana in treating bone complexities. For example, a Tel Aviv University study projects that the Cannabinoid cannabidiol, found in the leaf and the stem has the capacity to get people to recover from broken bones effectively. In addition, the research tells us that weeds get into the bond tissue and strengthen bones. 

4. Alcoholism And Drug Addiction

Alcoholism helps in fighting drug addiction. According to a Clinical Psychology review, it was found that weeds have compounds that can help combat alcohol and opioid dependencies. But at the same time, there remains a problem. Overuse of Cannabis can lead to alcoholism. 

5. After The Effect Of Cancer

When a person suffers from Cancer, they go through chemotherapy. We all know how painful chemotherapy is to the body. When an individual goes through chemotherapy, the pain completely removes and robs one’s appetite. Smoking weed can be helpful in relieving pain, and hence, it increases appetite. 

Health Risks Associated With Smoking Cannabis

There are health risks associated with the use of Cannabis. Let’s study them to get a clear picture of them.

1. Effect On The Respiratory System 

If you smoke weed, it can affect your respiratory system. Cannabis smoke contains a mixture of chemicals that can irritate your lungs and the bronchial passages. As a result of this, you can feel things like a burning mouth, throat, and phlegmy cough. This can have a negative effect on your overall health. 

2. Lesser Reaction Time 

If you smoke marijuana, it lessens your reaction time. Suppose you are driving a car on the highway; you need to be cautious. If you are not cautious enough, you can meet with an accident. Studies found that an individual may lose their reaction time if he/she uses weeds on a regular basis. 

Smoking Marijuana clouds your sense of judgment. It heightens the senses and distorts the sense of timing. Moreover, it hurts your motor skills and lowers your inhibition. 

3. It Triples The Risk of Death Through Hypertension

According to a study, it was found that people who were smoking weed triple the risks of death associated with hypertension. So it might appear that weeds give a sense of relaxation and chill. 

But a Georgiana State University study reveals the fact that regular smokers of weeds increase the chances of death through hypertension. 

4. Alzheimer’s Disease 

It’s a thousandfold better if you keep yourself away from Marijuana. This is because smoking weed can seriously hinder your blood flow to the brain. 

Now, if you continuously have some lower blood flow in your brain, especially in the Hippocampus, it affects your thinking and retention power to quite an extent. As a result, you can suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. 

5. Simple, It Will Get You Hooked 

Nine upon ten smokers of Marijuana will tell you that they have become addicted to it. Your addiction will completely rob you of your education, professional, and family life. 

Continual use of weeds can make your body irritable and restless. As a result, you will get less sleep. Eventually, the complexity slowly eats you and leaves you brainless, aimless, and lacking alertness. 

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System? 

General studies tell us how Long Does weeds stay in your system for one to two days after use. However, it is also monitored from different studies show that Marijuana can even stay in your body for several days to several weeks after consumption. 

Clinical observation can detect the presence of Marijuana three to five days after the last use. If someone uses it moderately (4 times a week), the weeds can be directed 5 to 7 days after you last used it. Now, if someone uses it for all the days in a week, the weeds stay in your body for around 30 days. 

Wrapping Up The Discussion

Smoking weed has its benefits. It also has its negative effects. But the negatives overshadow the positives. It brings different kinds of complexities to the body, resulting in one feeling mentally retarded and weak to compete in the fast and competitive world. 

Therefore, you must try your level best to stay away from it. It is indeed bad for your health.

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