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Is Harry Potter’s father evil?

who is harry potter’s father? We are all aware of what poor Harry Potter saw when he looked into the Mirror of Erased, which reveals an individual’s greatest desire. It was the happy faces of his family, whom he had lost when he was a young child. His greatest sorrow has always been the absence of his caring parents. He detested Lord Voldemort most for their demise. The stability of his friend Ron’s family life was the thing he most aspired to. However, he may have rushed through it, according to some readers of The Cursed Child. Is it true that our favorite boy wizard now has bad parents?

1) His self-focus turned his best efforts against him.

At first, I thought it was meaningful and touching to give his son his baby blanket. Albus’ point of view was immediately grasped by my daughter. Albus didn’t understand the significance of the act, but Harry did. “James and Lily got decent things that they both wanted,” he told his father.  It’s possible that Harry did not plan his present with the recipient in mind. He made the common error of selecting a present that he would value himself rather than one that the recipient would appreciate. Albus was being aggressive, but you wouldn’t know it from his cryptic teenage language that he was really saying, “You just don’t get me, Dad!”

2) That awful thing that he said!

We are all just human, but teenagers can sometimes get away with things that parents can’t. “Sometimes I wish you weren’t my father,” Albus yelled as he burst into flames. Harry said, “Well, sometimes I wish you weren’t my son!” without missing a beat. I think everyone in the world let out a collective scream of horror. Harry, you should never say that to one of your children, not even in the spirit of impulsive retaliation. We all say things we shouldn’t sometimes.

3) He doesn’t know what his son cares about.

At this point, Harry has no fans due to his impulsive decision. He thinks it’s a good idea for him to demand that the boys stop being friends.  He is merely safeguarding his family. Right?

At this point, no way! The boys, now 14 and 11 respectively, have been best friends ever since. Scorpius has a warm heart and is generous. He would have dismissed his fleeting suspicion as absurd if he had been informed about his son’s life. However, his erroneous leap to the wrong conclusion demonstrates that he was seriously out of touch with Albus’s world.  If you read that sentence again, you’ll see that it’s not an excuse.

They are all brief and harsh. Additionally, they are all connected to his erroneous parenting.

“Occasionally I wish you weren’t my son.”

“Draco, are you sure he’s really yours?” “Well, Minerva, you never had any children.”

He does some truly horrible things because of his delusions. who is harry potter’s father? He gets right to the point of Professor McGonagall’s emotions (see Number 4). He then insists that she use the Marauder’s Map as a surveillance device to ensure that the two boys never speak to one another. He’s completely lost the plot, even Ginny admits. We also despise him for keeping the boys apart because there is sufficient evidence to see clearly. Our hearts have been stolen by Scorpius. After his mother’s death and the vicious rumors he has endured throughout his life, that brave little optimist has had enough in his short life. Our ire is due to anyone who makes things worse for him. Harry Potter, shame on you!

Although Draco doesn’t claim to be a perfect parent, at least we see him trying and succeeding in some of Harry’s failing areas. In his approach to parenting, he appears to be more sensitive and involved. If that’s what it takes to make Scorpius happy, he is open to the possibility that his son will form close bonds with the son of his former adversary. He takes immediate action to confront Harry and demand to know why he would keep the boys apart because he does not want to see Scorpius in tears. You can also see Harry’s response to him. I’m not segregating them, not at all.’ That is a complete fabrication) Draco even appears to be familiar with Scorpius’s social life to comprehend his best friend. He knows enough about Albus to tell Harry not to lose the boy. There was always rivalry between the two former adversaries, but who would have predicted that Draco would triumph over Harry in the parental test?

As a matter of principle,

I found myself cheering whenever Draco struck Harry during their wand duel over all of this. Draco appeared to be in the right after what Harry said to start it (see Number 4). Yes, I do know. It has to be one of the greatest roles reversed in literature I’ve ever read!

Unfortunately, I have to concur that those who believe Harry became a bad father do have a valid argument. Although I could see that these flaws are consistent with the character traits he displayed when he was younger, I could also see that it was a blow to my optimistic image of the boy who lived. However, they cause issues for him as parents, at least in Album’s eyes.

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