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Is Advancing Age a Menace to Erections – Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile Dysfunction, often known as Impotence, is frequent in males over 50, and sexual function declines dramatically after this age.


Erectile dysfunction is the inability to acquire or maintain an erection sufficient to satisfy both partners sexually. Historically, physicians attributed ED to psychological issues or, in the case of older men, to normal aging. Today, urologists estimate that physical factors account for approximately 90 percent of cases of persistent Impotence in men over 50.


Specialists questioned more than 31,000 health professionals aged 53 to 90 about their sexual function. Volunteers were asked to rate their ability to achieve and maintain an erection suitable for sexual activity throughout the previous three months without therapy. Men with ‘poor’ or ‘feeble’ erections were diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction.


Researchers evaluated additional variables, including age, physical activity, alcohol consumption, and smoking, potentially influencing erectile function. However, Fildena and similar medications turn out as life-saviors for people undergoing ED.


Age was the most critical factor among males who reported having Impotence. As men age, the incidence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) increases. The reports ranged from the ‘excellent’ function in the younger group to the ‘poor’ in the older group.


74% of younger men assessed their sexual function as good or very good, while only 10% of those older than 80 felt the same. 12% of more youthful males reported significant or moderate difficulties. However, a quarter and a third of males over 50 experienced sexual dysfunction of this severity.


Let’s take a glance at the statistics:


  • 2% reported their first ED before age 40


  • 4% reported experiencing ED for the first instance between the ages of 40 and 49.


  • 26% reported their first ED onset between the ages of 50 and 59


  • 40% reported their first ED experience between the ages of 60 and 69.

Despite their age group, men with underlying ED require proper treatment to administer the condition. Pills like Fildena can help in getting erections and enable an individual to get the most out of their sex life. 


What Anamoly Is Involved?


Men with a healthy lifestyle and no chronic illness had the lowest incidence of Erectile Dysfunction, with the highest disparity reported in men aged 65 to 79. Men who exercised at least three hours per week had a 30% lower incidence of Impotence than those who did not. Obesity, smoking, and excessive television viewing were also linked to an increased risk of Erectile Dysfunction. However, one can take Fildena and similar alternatives to regulate their condition after consulting their doctor. 


Twenty million American males are affected by Impotence. It can have far-reaching impacts on one’s self-esteem and relationships. Researchers expect that their study will throw new light on the disease and assist in combating its societal stigma.



What Should Be Done?


When treating ED, physicians frequently prescribe a mix of lifestyle modifications and medicines.


Adopting Healthy Practices


The following lifestyle modifications may aid in the treatment or prevention of Erectile Dysfunction:


  • Consuming a nutritious diet


  • Performing frequent physical activity


  • Regulating weight 


  • Quitting smoking


  • Restricting or avoiding alcohol


  • Addressing any underlying health issues, such as hypertension or diabetes


  • Improving sleep habits


ED can also be influenced by a lack of sexual drive in elderly individuals. An estimated 82.4% of men aged 80 and older indicate a lack of sexual desire, according to a 2020 study. Seeing a sex therapist is one option for enhancing sexual desire and alleviating ED symptoms. They might put you on medicines like Fildena to treat your condition and its causes. 


Medical Treatments


In addition to lifestyle changes, doctors can prescribe drugs like Fildena for Erectile Dysfunction. Most medications are safe for older persons, though a medical expert must verify their compatibility with the individual’s other remedies.


Below are some medical treatments that a doctor may give to treat erectile dysfunction.


  • Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitors, such as Fildena


  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy


  • Intra Cavernosal Injections


  • Surgery


Amongst the treatments mentioned above, oral pills like Fildena are the most widely adopted method. This is owing to its low cost and simple application.

However, such treatments’ effectiveness largely depends on the health and severity of the affected individual.


If the condition does not gets better or worsens, Fildena and other alternatives may not be sufficient. An individual may require therapy, injections, and surgery.


The Bottom Line


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) may be higher among the elderly than in the younger population. In addition, they are more likely to have medical problems and to use medications that raise the chance of the illness. A drop in testosterone levels with age may also contribute to Erectile Dysfunction.


Anyone with concerns about ED should consult their physician. Talk about ED medications like Fildena and how effective they are. A healthcare provider will strive to identify the cause and treat it appropriately.


When treating Erectile Dysfunction in older adults, a physician may recommend a mix of lifestyle modifications and medical treatments. People can explore treatment choices with their physicians to identify the best course of action.

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