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How to Style and Care for Your 4a Hair Type

4c hair style and take Care

The curls are great and look absolutely gorgeous. And when we are talking about the black community, there is a lot of hairstyle glam, and very rightfully so. However, it is quite impossible to talk about the black community and not bring up type 4a hair. Are you wondering what type 4a hair is? Well, it is a category in the Andre Walker hair typing system for the black community and consists of three types of hair – 4A 4B hair and 4C . In this blog, we are going to focus on the first type, which is 4A hair.

What is 4A Hair?

As we said, it is the first type in the type 4 system. They consist of curly hair that forms an ‘S’ shape when they are stretched out. But it’s not just about having 4A type hair. It’s more about the upkeep and how to style them and also how to take care of them.

If you have 4a type, you’re probably wondering how to style it. It’s not hard, but there are some important things to keep in mind when you’re styling your 4a hair.

How to Take Care of 4a Hair


4a curly hair

First : make sure that you wash your wigs frequently. This helps keep the oil production down, so when you style it, it will look less oily than normal. Also make sure to put conditioner in after washing so that it doesn’t get too dry.

Second: avoid brushing or combing your kinky curly too often because this can cause breakage and damage the hair shafts even more than usual. Instead of brushing or combing, try using a wide tooth comb or wide tooth brush instead–this will give you more control over how much product goes into each section of your hair without causing too much damage or breakage from brushing or combing too often (which can lead to frizziness).

Thirdly: never leave any products on overnight because doing so can cause buildup on the scalp which may lead to dandruff or flakes later on down the road if left untreated for long periods of time!

4a hair is more tightly coiled than 4b hair, and it tends to stick straight out from the scalp instead of curling under at the ends. This texture is often dry and brittle, and finding a moisturizing deep conditioner to use regularly is very important. The specific products you’ll want to use to moisturize your 4a hair will depend on your hair type, because a product that works well on one c might not be right for another. The 4a hair type can be defined as very tightly coiled hair. It has a small diameter and is fairly coarse. 4a hair has a texture that can be compared to a finger’s width. Because of its texture, 4a curls can be a bit difficult to manage. Below are some steps that will help you style your hair and care for it.

4a natural hair

4A hair type require care and love, and we are sure that whether you have long hair or short ones, you can do great with some tips to style and care for them. So, let’s find out how you can effectively do that!

  1. Shampoo mindfully: What does this mean? Well, we mean that you should not be shampooing your 4A hair more than twice a week. Excess shampooing could rip your 4a hair of natural oils that are necessary for your hair.
  2. Moisturize: It is a very well-known fact that curly hair needs moisturization. You should definitely invest in a great moisturizing conditioner for your hair and apply it before shampooing your hair. Trust us, it can do absolute wonders for your hair.
  3. Deep conditioning: If you have 4a hair, it will require deep-conditioning. It is very important that you hydrate your curls once a week and deep-condition them to get the best results on your 4a curls .
  4. Detangle: This step becomes a must when you are dealing with any curly hair type. For 4A hair, you should use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair. Or even better, we recommend that you use your fingers to detangle your hair, as it would be easier that way. You would need to dampen your hair to help in the process.
  5. Minimize heat exposure: You might want to protect your hair from all unnecessary heat exposure. Minimal heat exposure makes great 4a wigs. So be very mindful of when and how much heat is your hair getting exposed to, and then work towards reducing it.

4a hair type

The 4a kinky curls is a hair type that has a naturally kinky texture. It is one of the three natural hair beard types. Because of the kinky texture, it has a high tendency to lock. The kinky texture comes from the tightly packed curls. These tightly packed curls make it difficult to comb and make it hard to detangle. There are mainly four different methods to care for your four a hair type. The first way is to use shampoo or conditioner on a daily basis. The second way is to use a deep conditioner to detangle and hydrate the hair. The third method is to use a leave-in conditioner or oil to detangle and hydrate the hair. The fourth method is to use a moisture sealant to moisturize the hair.


So, these are great, tried, and tested tips that we have had for styling and caring for your 4a hair. Be sure to also explore more if and when you like to see what else can possibly work for you. And while you are at it, we recommend that you check out Indique Hair to see their unique collection of 4a hair type wigs, body wave hair, and much more that can help you try out these tips. The brand offers hair extensions and wigs made of 100% human hair wigs at affordable prices. We hope these tips do you great, all the best with trying them out for your flawless 4a hair extensions type!

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