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How to pack shoes and hats when moving

Moving and fun doesn’t go hand in hand, rather they are opposite to each other as moving involves a lot of costs and work for finding perfect Removalists Central Coast and shifting the entire household to a new location. Parting ways with your friends and relatives can be overwhelming and might bring out the worst of you.  The packaging can also be drawn upon to have some fun time between packaging the household stuff.

Here is a list of moving supply items you need to pack your collection of hats

  • The original boxes of hats
  • Medium and large size boxes
  • A good amount of tissue papers
  • Packaging paper
  • Scotch Tape
  • Permanent Marker
  • Packaging Tape

Follow this step-by-step guide to pack your hats like a professional:

  • Packing station- It is important to find a place in the house which can be used as a packing station for the hats. The bed is one of the safest places or you can even use your dining table after removing all the placements from it. Keep all your moving supply items in one corner of the tale or bed.
  • Hats- Gather all the hats by scanning through all the possible places you must be keeping them or hanging them like the entry hall, closet, backyard patio or from a friend’s house which you left by mistake.
  • Categorization- It is of great relevance to categorise the hats by the size of the brim but before there is a very important task at hand that needs to be done is scrutinising.  You can keep aside the ones which have their original boxes till now.
  • Original packaging- I am sure with your love for hats you must have stored the boxes as well in which they came. So, now is the time to take them out and place your hat upside down along with crumpled tissue paper for cushioning. Now, place the hat box inside the other box over crumpled paper by filling the sides and the top. Seal the box with tape and label it.
  • Regular hats- The hats with the same brim size need to be packed together upside down over a layer of crumpled paper inside a moving box. The remaining space in the box should be filled with crumpled paper. The same method applies to the larger brim hats. Knitted caps and beanies don’t require special attention; they can be kept just like that.
  • Seal and label- The labelling of every box is important to know what is inside which box before opening all the boxes to find one particular thing. The movers will also know where to place the box in the goods carrier. 

Now the second most important and expensive collection of our wardrobe needs some packing guidelines. Therefore, gather a few items which will ease your work as well as the Removalists Adelaide job.

  • If available, the original shoe boxes
  • Small and medium-sized boxes
  • Shoe bags whether Velcro closing or drawstring 
  • Packaging tape
  • Packaging paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Permanent Marker

Follow this step-by-step guide to pack your shoes like a professional

  • Put them in one place- We have a variety of footwear to go with every occasion and hence the number of them is no less. Gather all the shoes in one place from where you can have a nice look. Make a different stack for different kinds of shoes like sandals in one place, slippers in one, trainers in one, party wear in one and bathroom slippers in one stack. There might be a few slippers lying here and there could be dirty as well. 
  • Scrutinise- I think this is the most important task everywhere whether in life or the closet. You can also give away the torn-out shoes or the ones which are of no use to you anymore. 
  • Quality ones- Always start packing with the party shoes or the expensive ones. Stuck some crumpled paper on the toe side of each pair so they retain their shape in the move.
  • Special care- The boots and heels must be given special attention while packing. You will require a lot of crumpled paper to fill in them so they don’t lose their original shape.
  • Seal- Now seal all the boxes carefully with tape and put some bubble wrap on the top so in case any water is spilt it doesn’t reach the footwear.
  • Label- All the boxes should be labelled properly with the permanent marker to avoid any confusion when the boxes are lifted by the movers on a moving day.

This has been the best strategy for packaging even used by packers and movers themselves for safe transportation. The removalists ensure their client doesn’t have to face any losses in the transit of their items. Get a free quote from the removalists about your number of goods and travel cost for the move. 

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