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How to Increase Facebook Likes and Page Engagement Organically


There is no guarantee that anything good will last forever, but does it? When Facebook was made a public company listed on the stock exchange in 2012 began taking every step to boost its advertising revenue. What was their strategy? They reduced engagement. How better to convince users to pay more for advertisements than to make companies push themselves to ensure the same number of people interested in their posts? This notion of increasing revenue was the reason behind Facebook’s introduction of its “news feed algorithm”. It was not pretty when the algorithm was released. Over time, it has diminished the number of people who visit Facebook’s pages to four per cent. In December 2013, there was a decrease of 44% in the organic reach of brands within a short period of 12 days, as per Ignite Social Media agency.

Through our research of various pages that have overcome the odds and received insane levels of engagement on their websites, we’ve put together 18 suggestions to boost the performance they achieved. If you’re trying to increase the amount of traffic to your page’s popularity without spending time, effort and effort, you can purchase these from us click here.

Let’s look at the best practices to naturally increase Facebook likes and engagement on pages.

Make a plan of the kind of exposure (people are talking about this) you’d like to aim for.

Do not bother with hashtags for Facebook. Use that information for Twitter or other platforms on which it performs.

Make sure to share similar posts from Facebook on your page. This will help both pages become viral.

Post to your Facebook page approximately 15 times each day.

As with Twitter, If only a tiny portion of your followers can see every post, you should publish more often, and the numbers will add up.

Make people feel good. Make comments that make people feel good, or share and be in touch with your fans.

Create contests and prizes on your Facebook page.

Offer subscribers to your email list the chance to look over for and follow your blog.

Get you got a Facebook “like” button. Or widget on your blog or site.

Post various types of posts.

Don’t be boring or repetitive. Create some videos, post specific blog posts, share posts from other websites or inspiring quotes, share some photos and more.

Ask your fans questions. This is among the best ways to gain some responses and increase engagement. This will give you more opportunities to boost Facebook likes naturally.

Ask your friends on Facebook to follow the page on Facebook. There’s a button available on your page to do this. Could you make use of it?

Reuse content from the past which hasn’t been posted for an extended period. Don’t make the same post several times per week; however, every couple of months, you might revisit a previous blog post that you posted previously.

Find out when your Facebook followers are online.

Facebook provides a wide range of data it gathers on your page. In the post section, look for the graph that displays which dates and times of the week your fans are most active on Facebook.

Post at the ideal time of the day. According to Buffer, the trend is to see higher shares for Facebook posts at 1 pm and more clicks at 3 pm. You should publish individual posts at specific times of the day to get the best outcomes.

For individual weekly posts or to test, keep the posts for Thursday and Friday, as these are the days with the highest engagement.

Look for other Facebook pages that perform better than your competitors in your field. Learn from them, discover patterns, and apply the same strategies to your page.

Connect different social accounts to your Facebook account. Many people have a lot of followers on specific social media platforms than others. Join them as often as possible to get people to join your Facebook page.

Make sure to share your Facebook updates with other social media platforms and email broadcasts. To do that, copy the link to the specific blog post and then paste the link onto different social platforms to show an update on the respective media. This will increase traffic to your website.


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