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How To Get Good Food On Train at Train Seat?

How to Get Quality Food at Train Seat and Benefits of Getting Food at Train Seat

Willingly or not willingly, when it comes to travelling in India. The very first transport mode option that comes to our heads is the train. Maybe because of its easy accessibility, affordability, or vast networking that connects major to minor areas of the country. There are trains for every region of India. Here you get option to get Food On Train Or Food Delivery In Train.

Numerous passengers choose to travel by train daily. But what concerns them is their unhappy stomach and tastebuds. Will I get good food while travelling? Should I pack some extra parathas? What if packed food gets contaminated? Can’t there be a Zomato that can deliver food on train just like it delivers to our doorstep? Isn’t it possible to get delivery of food at train seat? These questions run through their mind continuously.

If you are someone going through the same thoughts. Then no worries! You have reached the right place. The one-line answer to all your food calls on the train is Yes! You can get good food at train seat, and services like Zomato Food delivery in train are available. Surprised! Read on to know how and why you should trust it.

How to Get Quality Food at Train Seat

Earlier, people used to get food from a pantry car and manage with a bland taste. But the trend has gone away. Technical revolution has changed everything. Now, Rail passengers don’t need to face the food problem on train. Since then, the IRCTC has introduced ecatering services offering quality train food.

With the ecatering app RailRestro, you can order your favourite restaurant food on a moving train and get its delivery directly to your seat. Train food app allows rail passengers to choose delicacies from the restaurant menu, add them to the cart, place an order, and enjoy it on a moving train. The passenger needs to provide the PNR number, mobile number, email Id, and name on the train food delivery app to order food on the train. Train food app guarantees to deliver healthy, hygienic and tasty food at train seat of the passenger.

Benefits of Getting Food at Train Seat

#You Don’t Need to Move Away From Your Seat

Since ecatering delivery persons deliver food directly to your seat, you don’t need to step out from your train in search of food at station outlets. Stepping out of the train to buy food on the platform can be risky. You might miss the train, or in a hurry, you might step in a different train coach.

#You Can Get a Variety of Restaurant Food

From Dal Batti Churma to Pizza Burger, you can get plenty of food options on train, by choosing e-catering services as these platforms get tied up with well-known restaurants at different railway stations. RailRestro has a tie-up with thousands of restaurants at over 450 stations in India to deliver top-quality food to rail passengers.

#You Can Pre-order food

To get food on the journey date, you don’t need to book your food on your journey date. You must know that you can book your train ticket 120 days before the journey, and at the same time, you receive the PNR number. You need to enter the PNR number to order food in train. E-catering platform RailRestro allows you to pre-order food on train just after booking the train ticket.

#You Don’t Need to Compromise with Food Quality

Earlier, people used to depend on the sole option of a pantry car to get food on train. But today, it is not like that. Passengers don’t need to depend on tasteless pantry food because e-catering providers cater thousands of tasty foods on train. One can choose any with their choice and relish its taste on wheels.

#You Get Hygienic and Fresh Food

E-catering serves food directly from restaurants that are FSSAI-approved. They follow the train food delivery guidelines to ensure each passenger gets healthy and hygienic food while travelling. RailRestro-partnered restaurants follow the safety guidelines to deliver fresh, hygienic, healthy food on trains.

Types of Food You Can Get on Train

North Indian

North India, including the region of Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, has a variety of food options which holds influence from other Asian countries. On train, you can get several types of North Indian food like Chhole Bhature, Aloo Paratha, Biryani, Butter Chicken, Puri Sabji etc.

South Indian

The region of spices offers numerous food options. On train, you can order any of your favourite South Indian dishes, including Dosa, Idli, Upma, Iddiyam, Chicken Chettinad etc. South Indian foods are considered healthy and one of the perfect dishes for breakfast and dinner.

Jain Food

Jain people avoid food that uses meat, onion, garlic and potato. On the train, they can also get special Jain food order in train. E-catering services offer Jain meals on trains. People willing to get pure Sattvik food can order Gatte Ki Sabji, Jain thali, Paneer Tikka Masala etc.

Continental Dishes

If you are a fan of European Cuisine, don’t worry, you can get your favourite continental food on train, whether it’s Pizza or Cake. Rail passengers can order continental dishes on trains with e-catering service providers and enjoy them on train.

Mughlai Cuisine

Mughlai cuisine is those dishes that developed during the Mughal empire. These dishes are Kabab, Tandoor, Korma, Murg Musallam etc. Passengers can relish the taste of traditional Mughlai cuisine on train.


Chinese dishes are very popular in India. Noodles, Chow mein, Manchurian, Monchow soup etc., are the favourite food for many of us. If you wish to have Chinese food on the train, you can order it from a restaurant and enjoy it at your moving restaurant-the rail.


Italian dishes consist of Neapolitan Pizza (Margherita Pizza), Pasta, Risotto, etc. People across India like these Italian dishes more than anything. Interestingly, rail passengers can relish the taste of this global cuisine.

East Indian Food

Rassomalai, Rasgulla, Machh Bhat, and Litti Chokha are some of the most popular east Indian cuisines. East India represents the area of West Bengal, Bihar, and Odhisha. The culinary culture of these states is different. You can explore it on train.

West Indian Food

Western India roughly includes the states such as Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and UTs Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. These states of India also represent different culinary cultures. On your trip to these states by train, you can get the region’s popular food on train.

Apart from these, you can also get International food on train including Korean, French etc. Moreover, you can order beverages like tea on train. Besides, toddler milk is also available on trains with the food app RailRestro.

RailRestro is an IRCTC ecatering app and website through which Rail passengers can order and get food delivery in train directly to their seats. With its app, you can also do bulk food orders if you travel in a group. Although, for Group Food Order In Train, you will need to pre-book food at least 24 hrs before the train time.

So, Why are you waiting? Download the e-catering app RailRestro and explore the rail food menu. To place your order, you will need to enter your 10-digit PNR number, mentioned on your train ticket. However, you can also choose to order by train number. Moreover, for order payment, you can opt for cash on delivery or pay online with UPI or netbanking.


Author : RailRestro App

RailRestro App

Railrestro is the Best App to get your Food on Train.Here you can order varieties of food items while traveling on Train. We running our business from last 7years smoothly.You Can Order Bulk Order Or Group Order of Food from Railrestro. Railrestro deliver foods cooked in traditional styles on all the IRCTC trains. We deliver Food In Train on all Indian Railway stations whether it's north or south Indian food , veg or non-veg food, Chinese or Italian food, Jain Food In Train also available.Get Food Delivery In Train as we deliver Bulk order food i.e, Group order food in train. Visit our website or download our Food Delivery On Train App to order food on Train.

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