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How to find a good Home tutor?

Home tutor Lahore

In my concept, a Home tutor is a professional, this is the person who can not only convey standard mathematics to the child at the level of the school minimum, but also squeeze the maximum out of the student’s abilities.

Assessing the level of professionalism of a teacher comes down to a certain analysis of the combination of his educational and organizational characteristics of work. The information from the questionnaire does not give 100% certainty that the placed math tutor does not belong to the category of hacks – deceivers and really falls into the category of smart teachers. Therefore, it is wrong to choose a teacher-tutor only according to the subject and age restrictions indicated in his profile. I have published several pages, with tips and descriptions of the problems associated with finding a teacher. Here I want to briefly indicate several formal features of a good tutor.

Teacher’s personal website.

A  Home tutor Lahore is an active tutor. If he lives as students and works with desire (and this is very important!!!), he will definitely have either his own personal resource on the Internet or, in extreme cases, detailed pages on large educational / tutoring portals, articles or some materials on mathematics. These are sufficient signs of a serious attitude to work. The reverse is not true. That is, the lack of a resource (or materials) does not mean that the teacher is bad.

Placement of the questionnaire.

A tutor who is actively engaged in mathematics with students individually often places his profile on different sites, and achieves its location in the visible part of the list of profiles. Somewhere this service is paid, somewhere site owners keep places for real trusted teachers with whom they maintain personal contacts. Often such teachers come on the recommendation of their colleagues. In case of some kind of deceit or dishonest performance by a visible math tutor of his duties, you can always quickly find his profile and complain to the administrator. One of the problems with the quality of reviews on the Internet is the random nature of the choice of a tutor and the lack of names in most questionnaires. Parents often do not remember on which site they found a math tutor and spare time for a second search.

Tutor by recommendation.

Yes, if your friends have already studied with one of the tutors, you can use a verified contact. However, one must understand that getting a good result by a tutor in one learning situation does not at all guarantee getting the same result in another. Classes with friends could be held at one level, but you need a completely different one. A trusted math tutor may be enough to solve some simple small problem, but in high-level work, he may not be able to cope with his task. What is your situation is unknown. Therefore, it is better to call me and describe it. Feedback from friends can only testify to how responsibly the math tutor approached his duties and how easy it was to communicate with him.

How and what kind of mathematics does the tutor know?

Lots of mathematicians. There is higher, there is school, there is applied. If a tutor owns many sciences close to it, he is unlikely to know each of them well. You do not need to invite tutors who have several subjects in the questionnaire at once. At a minimum, this list should not be wider than a combination of mathematics + physics. Otherwise, the risks of running into an amateur, a hack or a deceiver are great.

School text books .

When talking with a tutor, pay attention to how he is interested in the student and his school curriculum. It is impossible to work without reference to a specific textbook. Even the tasks are not taken from him, but the order of the topics should not deviate much from his standard.

How can a tutor find students
Today there are many resources on the net, such as Home tutors Lahore , where you can place your profile indicating the city in which you will work, the area where you can go to classes, the price per lesson, work experience and your education, as well as other useful data. Basically, tutors who begin to test themselves in this profession look for work on job sites.

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