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Hoverboards For Kids uk | Hoverboards features

This hoverboard is 100% electric and is made with quality materials, it has a powerful 36V lithium battery, maintenance-free Brushless motor, 6.5″ Run-flat wheels, LEDS lights on the rear and battery indicator LEDS and sensors.It has a self-balancing function and reaches a maximum speed of 10-12 km/h.Another important feature is its charging time in 5 hours.It becomes a fun, practical and functional transport, since it also allows you to ascend slopes with an angle of 15º.Its sensors obey the natural movements of the body and allow it to move forward, and backward, rotate up to 360º and move freely. It is suitable for children and adults and is safe, as it is certified by UL quality. The minimum weight allowed to use hoverboards for kids uk is 20 kg and the maximum weight allowed is 120 kg.

hoverboard with Bluetooth speaker

This fun hoverboard is specially designed for beginners and hobbyists, it is easy to use and allows stable balance control. It has a powerful 200 W brushless motor. It has a UL2272 safety guarantee. The pedal adopts an anti-slip design and features a lithium-ion battery, dual-wheel hub motor, and fast charging. Another striking feature of this hoverboard is the high-intensity LED headlights that allow for safer night riding and very striking colored lights. Its 6.5″ wheels with high-quality rubber tires and comfortable pedals provide a smooth driving experience. In terms of speed, it can run at 7.5 mph and climb slopes of up to 15°. Another noteworthy fact is that it comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker.

hoverboards for kids Uk | Electromobility

One of the most striking features of this hoverboard is its colored LED lights in combination with the latest generation Infinity Mirror that provide an impressive depth effect. Another distinctive feature that must take into account is its greater safety: thanks to the Gyro sensors and its special non-slip coating it is especially safe. Another fact to keep in mind is that it includes a mobile application that allows you to track trips, make adjustments and play music through high-quality Bluetooth speakers. It has a powerful dual motor, auto-balance mode with automatic balance adjustment, and a maximum speed of 12 km/h.

Weight and transport case

It is an aspect that you must take into account if you have to carry the hoverboard on your usual journeys, to go down and go by metro, get on the bus, or go through areas with a surface that is not suitable for the device. The weights usually range between 5 and 15 kg approximately.

In the event that you have to carry the hoverboard on your journeys, my recommendation is that you buy a cover or transport bag, there are very comfortable to carry and at very reasonable prices.


The hoverboard must comply with safety regulations established for hoverboards. It is important that you make sure It is a seal that ensures that the device has the guarantee that all electrical products need to sold in the UK, confirms that it has passed all controls, and is therefore safe, of quality, and reliable.  Do not forget to always wear a helmet and the use of elbow and knee pads also highly recommend. Some gloves are not superfluous either.  The indicator lights and LED lights that some models have so that they can see you when driving at night  also consider safety elements

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