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Hesitate To Move Your Bike? Hire Bike Parcel Service for Your Move

For most people, moving their belongings safely to a new destination is a top priority while going through a relocation process. This includes moving vehicles as well. However, relocation of vehicles requires a lot more effort and expertise which is Why Hiring Packers and Movers in Delhi comes with other value-added service like Car Transport and Bike Parcel Service.

In earlier times, transportation of vehicles through railways was the only option for people making an interstate or intercity move. However, today numerous companies are offering Bike Parcel Services to ensure the safe and timely delivery of the vehicle to any given destination. While most such companies work in close coordination with professional packers and movers, many others offer independent transportation services to clients.

Need To Hire Bike Parcel Service

Some people favor transporting the bike by driving it or simply loading it with their other belongings in the transport truck. This is not only impractical but can also damage your belongings as well as your bike, especially over long distances. Vehicle relocation consists of a bunch of additional elements that can ensure the safety of your two-wheeler and deliver it safely to the new address.

What To Expect from Bike Parcel Service Providers?

As mentioned before, numerous companies offer bike parcel services these days with comprehensive solutions. However, every such service provider cannot be trusted to provide the most efficient and reliable services. And with Top 10 Schools in Delhi, Get your children a quality education for their future. That is why it is advisable to look for the following factors in such service providers to hire the best ones:

Type Of Packing Service

Proper packing is essential to ensure the safe delivery of a bike. Choosing a bike parcel service provider that uses suitable packing material to ensure the vehicle’s safety is vital. The packing materials may include bubble wrap to form the base packing layer, sackcloth to be used as an additional layer or cover, and wooden crates that are large enough to hold the bike in place. Using the right materials helps minimize the risk of scratches and breakage of smaller bike parts.

Insurance Coverage Offered 

The risk of damage to a vehicle due to an accident or any other mishap during the transportation is something that cannot be undermined. That is why it is essential to hire the services of bike transportation companies offering insurance coverage. This is essential to minimize the financial loss in case the bike is damaged or lost while being transported to the assigned destination. However, people availing of such services should read the terms and conditions of the insurance plan carefully to avoid any complications during the claim process.

Transportation Vehicle Used  

Most professional bike parcel service providers use specialized vehicles for moving the bike from one place to another. These carriers are designed specifically for transporting bikes in a safe and damage-free manner. Most such carriers also offer an online tracking facility, which lets the clients stay updated about where their vehicle is at all times. The online tracking feature also enhances the vehicle’s safety, as the parcel service providers can monitor the route of their vehicle remotely.

Cost of Bike Parcel Facility

This is the most crucial factor for people seeking bike transportation services. The critical point to remember here is that the costs may vary from service provider to service provider, depending on various factors. These include the type and weight of the bike to be transported, the level of security sought by the clients, the need for warehousing or storage facility for the bike, and the distance over which the vehicle is to be transported. It is equally important to ensure that the service providers do not have any hidden costs or charges that the clients might be forced into paying at the last moment to get the delivery of their vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Many things can go wrong while transporting a bike during a move, resulting in significant damage to the vehicle. Hiring the services of a professional and reliable bike parcel company is an easy way to steer clear of these risks.


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