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Goechala Trek in West Sikkim – The best Trek

Trekking in other parts can never be as awesome as it is in Goecha La Trek. Several trekkers and adventure lovers have described the trekking benefits here. The beautiful Goecha La Trek is situated in Sikkim like other treks such as Rhododendron Trek, Varsey Trek, Dzongri Trek and more.

But, no other trek can give you a view like the Goecha La Trek. Situated in the middle Rhododendron forests, the way through the trek is filled with immense beauty and calmness.


It is situated in western Himalaya of Sikkim. That means the pass between the border of west Sikkim and North Sikkim, from here one can see the crystal clear view of the third highest world peak Mt. Kanchenjunga.


This trek route begins from Yuksom, the main base camp of this Goechala trekking and other trek like Singalila trek, and this is the main base camp for some expedition peaks, most of the trek begin from this place Yuksom. So this trek is different from the other trek.


Why is this trek different? 


It is difficult because from the summit of Goechala, you will get the opportunity to view 20 to 25 mountain peaks of every size, from small to large to huge to giant. Kanchenjunga and many other peaks. In order to see all the mountain summits, you would need a crystal clear view of the magnificent and beautiful mountain. Goechala trek is one of the most beautiful, challenging and difficult treks in Sikkim. 


Best Time to do this Trek 


The best time to goechala trek is the seasons of March to June and September to Mid December. When the climate is neither too hot nor too cold. This is the best time when the mountains are clearly visible and you can see the clear and bright sunrise and the sunset. October and November are mostly dry and cold months. At that time, the weather is crisp, cold and comfortable and the value of visiting as well. 


There are so many Mountain ranges in Sikkim, but Kanchenjunga is the highest peak and the most beautiful among all. The beauty of sunshine falling on it is another aspect to cherish and that is a bliss to the tourists eyes. So, people opt for Goecha La Trek to get this joy in their life. 


Samiti Lake is another famous tourist spot that lies in Goecha La trek and the view of the lake in the early mornings is worth watching and spectacular. The reflection from surrounding hills gives the trekkers a mesmerising and smoothing moment. However, if you want to experience a real life moment of sunrise, it is the Kanchenjunga mountain sunrise view. 


And not only Kanchenjunga, but all the major. Mountains of Sikkim are clearly visible from Goecha La Trek.

It is the only trekking point in Sikkim that gives trekkers the opportunity to view all big mountain ranges which is why it is better than other trekking points. 


On your journey of Goecha La Trek, you will move through several moraines and reach the beautiful Zamatheng Plateau and Samiti Lake. Samiti lake is a beauty of the Pandim mountain’s artistic image and offers many picturesque views. If you are  travelling to Goecha La around October. You will experience the white snow on the mountain-top and the clear blue sky. 


The total trek distance is around 90 km and the altitude of the trekking points are around 16,200 feet. If you are planning to go trekking to GoechaLa with your family and friends, plan it and explore the beauty of nature with your loved ones.


The trek usually takes 9-10 days to travel to reach the beautiful and exquisite Kanchenjunga. Viewpoint and a lot of great and huge mountain ranges.

The trek journey starts from Yuksom where trekkers can stay for the night. Teesta River Bridge is again a beautiful and worth watching point where you will cherish your trek and have a good time with your family and friends. From Yuksom to Sachen, you will cross the Rathong River and the Paha Khola Bridge. 



Short Itinerary


  • 1st Day: Yuksom(1760m) to Sachen (2621m)


  • 2nd Day: Trek from Sachen (2160m) to Tsokha (2930m)


  • 3rd Day: Trek from Tsokha (2930m) to Dzongri (3930m)


  • 4th Day: Acclimatization Day


  • 5th Day: Trek from Dzongri (3930m) to Thansing (3900m)


  • 6th Day: Trek from Thansing (3900m) to Lamuney (4120m)


  • 7th Day: Trek  to Goecha la pass and  return to thangsing (16,500ft 4,960m)


  • 8th Day: Thangsing  to Tshoka 


  • 9th Day: Tshoka  to Yuksam 

A great trek to do with family and friends

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