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Free Online Music Downloader Tools in 2023

Have you been looking for free online music downloader tools? Yes then continue reading this article. There are many music downloader tools available on the internet but here we discuss about the best tool which you can use on your pc and mobile devices. If you want a free tool then you are in right place. Using the below tools you can download unlimited music files and listen while you are free in different apps or software.  So let’s start without further delay. 


Mp3juice is a free online music downloader tool. With this tool, you can convert and download videos from YouTube to mp3 format very quickly. The tool includes a search feature that allows users to easily search for any video or song name. Mp3juice can be accessed and used on a variety of browsers and devices. Easily accessible in different languages and countries. 

Mp3juice Download Process:

  1. On the browser, open the website
  2. Using the in-built search options, type your query 
  3. Various results are displayed, so select one of them
  4. Start the conversion by clicking the download button


Ytmp3 is an online tool for downloading YouTube videos as MP3s and MP4s. There is no registration required for users to access tools on both their mobile devices and their computers. Users are attracted to this video converter tool because of its simple design. People always choose and prefer tools that provide fast-speed audio conversion. This tool is 100% safe and secure for use on different browsers without fear of exposing private information since no personal information is required when using this tool.  

Ytmp3 Download Process:

  1. Go to your browser and search for “youtube to mp3”
  2. Once the converter tool list appears, select YTMP3
  3. To paste the link for the YouTube video, open the tool and paste the link 
  4. Choose a format for conversion
  5. Click the convert button 
  6. Press the download button to begin the conversion process after selecting the quality
  7. Again press the download button to start downloading the audio file


Use this y2mate tool if you need an online music downloader tool to convert video to audio. With this tool, you can convert video into different audio formats. There are more than 20 languages available for Y2mate. It is quite similar to the above tool Mp3 Juice and the working process is almost the same which we provide in the below section.

Y2mate Download Process:

  1. Try searching for “Music Downloader Tool” in your browser
  2. Then click on the website and open
  3. Search the music name in the search box
  4. Then click on the start button to open the search results
  5. After this click on the download button to download the audio file in the selected audio version


Youzike is another online music downloader tool that allows you to download unlimited YouTube videos free of charge. This tool converts high-quality audio files. Multi-language and multi-format audio file conversion are available through the Youzike tool. This is the fastest speed video downloader tool that you can use. No hidden charges you have to play to access tool on your devices. Using youzike tool you can download audio file quickly in few seconds. 

Youzike Tool Download Process

  1. Use your browser to search for “best web YouTube to MP3 downloader tools”
  2. Open the web browser and click on the tool
  3. Enter a search term to find videos
  4. Open a similar video list 
  5. Now you have to select one video with a conversion format
  6. Then press the download button to download the audio file

MP3fromyou supports multiple languages and can be used from any country. A very few online tools support multiple languages, and mp3fromyou is one of them. Mp3fromyou tool allows you to convert video into mp3 format at a fast speed, allowing you to save time and use it for other tasks. Here is a tool that allows you to create an mp3 file from YouTube videos. This tool does not require registration or personal information to be provided.

Download Process:

  1. First search on the internet is “online music downloader”
  2. Then simply click on the website results
  3. An open website where you have to paste a youtube video link
  4. Simply press the download button
  5. Select mp3 format audio quality

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