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Exhibition Booth Design – Tips and Ideas to Enhance Your Exhibition Booth!

It can be challenging to produce a creative composition in a medley of multiple and distinct works. Under each visual design element that goes into making your creative exhibition booth design. This way, you’ll be suitable to manage your capital better and not fall for design gimmicks that scarcely contribute to the final look and feel.

What’s an exhibition booth design?

Exhibition booths can be used on several exhibitions, which is why it’s a high tool for any business. Whether you buy or rent a booth, it’ll help you negotiate several deals tasks. Your exhibition booth design should follow the analogous universal design and composition rules when erecting. 

Benefits of an exhibition booth design

It allows you to tell your story

Your story is much further than your business history; it’s your guests’ or audience’s perception of your brand and your products or services. Having a harmonious image at different exhibitions allows you to communicate clear dispatches about your business and for your visitors to have a good understanding of your brand identity.

Make it easy to access your brand

The most egregious reason companies conclude with exhibition booth designs is the ease of access, making them more attractive for attendees. While a booth that’s only open on one side can beget a line to form or affect people’s view of the specific corridor of the display is blocked, open designs are accessible from all sides.

This means visitors can walk through the display and look at the products or displays in their own time. Of course, some of the crucial challenges to this type of booth design include having enough staff and ensuring they have been attentive enough to cross from one side of the display to another to meet visitors’ requirements.

It’ll give you an indelible first impression

Does an excellent first impression matter? Yes, it matters a lot. According to psychologists, coming back from a wrong first impression is nearly insolvable. When your business goes to trade shows and exhibitions, the kind of impression you make should be in the van of your mind. When your job is to attract leads, you should in no way leave the first impression on attendees to chance, especially when trade show booth design is an aspect you can control. 

It would help if you did everything possible to make your exhibition booth out, wow, and impress the crowd. Those good first impressions will lead to a connection or trade, while bad bones could negatively affect you. At a trade show, you won’t get a second chance at an indelible first impression.

It facilitates the preface of your new products

Exhibition booths allow you to demonstrate your new products or services to trade show visitors and answer their questions. This help to convey important information about your product and ensure that your guests clearly understand the product.

Types of exhibition booth designs

Shell Scheme Booths

These booth types are low-budget, low-trouble options. Its design looks like an introductory row booth but has no opportunity to customize it. Show organizers give the wall panels, carpeting, and a fascia, generally with the company’s name across the top.

Rented out in 3×3 shell spaces, an expo looking for additional space can rent further than one shell space to have a 6×3 area. Why 6×3? This is because these shell spaces are attached to a single reverse wall which connects them, leading to a fixed bottom height.

Inline booth

Inline booths are also appertained to as direct or row booths. An inline booth is appertained to as a border booth if their booths are backed against the venue wall. These booths are generally arranged in a straight line with other inline and corner booths. 

Linear booth

A linear booth is a booth covered on three sides. The back wall and adjacent booths keep the front desk open and engaged with visitors. These are usually the cheapest at the fair. However, intelligent and creative methods can be employed to optimize the limitations imposed by layout. Professional booth designers and manufacturers often have many ways of doing this so that vendors and participants don’t suffer. 

Row booth 

The row is rows of booths. These booth types share a common wall area. It is open on one side and usually faces the corridor. Depending on the booth designer, the floor coverings, wall panels, and trade fair graphics can be individually designed according to your wishes.

Corner booth

The main difference between a corner booth and a low booth is access for attendees from both sides—one along the horizontal corridor and one along the vertical aisle. The corner booth attracts more visitors than the low booth as it receives light from two galleries. 

Tips for designing an exhibition booth

Here, we uncover the secrets to making your exhibit booth visually appealing and making a big impression at your next exhibition.

Set goals

Before you start designing, set your goals! Think about what you want to achieve with your booth and what message you want to convey. You can create a booth that looks great, but you’re wasting your time if you don’t communicate your company’s values ​​or articulate the features of your product or service. Don’t get lost!

Make It Interactive

Engage people using passive activities such as: watching a video screen is not as effective as using interactive elements to attract visitors. Contestants love to participate in games with a high chance of winning prizes. Having them stay at your booth longer gives your reps more time to interact with potential customers. Integrate touchscreen technology, host giveaways, or provide product demos to let people participate and interact with your content.

Effectively use the location

Once you have decided to exhibit at a trade fair or conference, sign the contract and choose the location of your booth. Each supplier competes for the best place on the exhibition floor. The primary goal when exhibiting is to drive traffic to the booth and generate inbound leads. The wrong booth location can make or break your trade show marketing strategy. If a booth is deemed “inaccessible,” it cannot connect with the target group. Avoid the seats in the back of the dining room.

You need to ensure your booth is in a high-traffic area. Choose a booth near the entrance that can be seen through the open door. If you can’t get a spot near the front, your next best bet is near the bathroom or dining area. You should be at a busy intersection where you know attendees are most likely to enter your booth. 

Avoid heavy text

Regarding copywriting in trade show booths, less is often more. Conciseness is key. Avoid long sentences when a single word conveys the same message because no one stops reading long texts. Use a billboard tagline that people will remember after the event rather than a list of product information that most people ignore. Use a font large enough to be visible from a distance. The position of the text is also essential. Place the text in the top half of the booth so that it is not disturbed by people in the exhibition area. 

Ensure the correct format and resolution of images

Current iPhone models take decent photos, and Instagram’s vignette filter gives booth phone photos something special, but the trade show display requires high-resolution images and well-formatted graphics. Otherwise, you risk pixelated, blurry, or stretched impression elements. Hire a professional designer to create the material according to the supplier’s datasheet before you start the impression.


These were the most compelling ideas that could be used as part of a trade show booth design. Expo Stand Services has years of experience in designing and constructing exhibition booths, making us the most trusted exhibition partner in Europe. People love to interact, and placing such engaging elements in your exhibit design can help create a memorable branding experience for your potential customers. 

Since our founding, we have created many booth designs for our European and international clients, inspiring us to design the exhibition booth design for the next showcase. We have the most extensive display booth design catalog online! You can find the perfect booth with just three clicks in the exhibition booth configuration.




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