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Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Treatments, and Solutions

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be defined as the persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection that’s firm enough for intercourse. It’s estimated that up to 30 million men in the United States suffer from ED, and most cases are caused by physical or psychological factors, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Fortunately, some natural remedies can help you with erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to your penis and reducing anxiety and stress, which can often contribute to ED. These natural remedies include taking certain dietary supplements and exercising regularly.


Know your enemy

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)? ED occurs when a man cannot achieve or maintain an erection. Symptoms of ED can include an inability to get or maintain an erection for more than 15 minutes, pain in the pelvic area during sexual intercourse, or a feeling that the penis has gone numb. As we age, there is a natural decline in testosterone levels which can lead to ED.


10 Unexpected causes of ED

In a study of more than 1,000 men with erectile dysfunction (ED), the following 10 factors were found to be among the most common causes. If you have ED but none of these are causing it for you, then you should see a doctor. Erections happen when blood flows into two spongy tubes called the corpora cavernosa.

The body releases nitric oxide in response to sexual stimuli or physical contact, which relaxes smooth muscle cells in the corpora cavernosa and allows them to fill with blood. Once this happens, an erection begins to form. However, there is still much that remains unknown about why some people get ED while others do not.


And what do you say?

The question many people have about erectile dysfunction is What causes erectile dysfunction? Some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction include stress, depression, multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury, diabetes, nerve damage from prostate surgery or pelvic surgery that affects the pelvic nerves. Other conditions such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), heart disease, stroke or high blood pressure can also cause ED.


Why is it so difficult for men to talk about erectile dysfunction?

Men are often uncomfortable talking about any ailment that may affect the penis. They feel embarrassed or ashamed to discuss the issue with their doctor in fear of being judged or labeled as less than. As a result, many men suffer in silence with erectile dysfunction or have trouble maintaining an erection.

If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, it’s important to talk to your doctor about what’s going on. Your doctor will likely do a physical exam, ask about your sexual history, perform a blood test for testosterone levels and other hormones, and recommend treatment options based on these results. Remember: every man experiences erections differently so there is no one size fits all solution for ED.


The leading causes of erectile dysfunction are physical

The leading cause of erectile dysfunction is a physical one. Erections are caused by the release of nitric oxide in the body. This is a signal that tells blood vessels to relax and allow blood to flow through. When there is an issue with this process, such as when circulation becomes restricted because of obesity or diabetes, erections can be limited or even non-existent.


The leading causes of erectile dysfunction are psychological

There are a number of psychological factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction. Stress is one of the leading causes because it can affect your mood in a negative way, which may lead to erectile dysfunction.

The relationship with your partner can also contribute to erectile dysfunction because if you do not feel comfortable enough with them, you may be more hesitant about having sex. If you have had an injury or surgery on your pelvic area that affected the nerve pathways to your penis, this could also lead to erectile dysfunction.


Don’t believe everything you hear about supplements for ED.

There are a lot of over-hyped supplements out there that claim to cure ED. And while some might help temporarily, they’re only treating the symptom and not the underlying cause. If you want to cure ED for good then you’ll need to work with your doctor or therapist to get at the root cause of the problem.

The best way to do this is by exploring the emotional issues surrounding ED – which often stem from past trauma like abuse or sexual assault – and coping mechanisms like alcohol use. Once these have been addressed successfully, an erect penis can be achieved again!


Know when to see a doctor if ED becomes an issue.

If you have any of the following symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Painful erection
  • Frequent urination or difficulty in urinating
  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness of an arm or leg
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • A sudden decrease in vision or blurred vision

-If you are unable to maintain an erection for more than 30 minutes during sexual intercourse, see a doctor immediately.

-Even if your erections are painful, seek medical assistance right away.

-For occasional ED problems, use Cenforce 100 mg tablet one hour before sexual activity.


Proven natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Many people have suffered from erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. Erectile dysfunction is defin as a persistent inability to attain an erection sufficient for intercourse.

There are many causes for erectile dysfunction, but the most common ones include diabetes, stress, anxiety or depression, heart disease, prostate surgery or enlargement of the prostate gland (BPH), alcoholism or drug abuse, smoking cigarettes.

The following remedies can help alleviate symptoms and shorten the recovery time of erectile dysfunction. Exercise on a regular basis.


How does Viagra work?

Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis when a man is sexually aroused. As a result of this increased blood flow, the muscles in the penis relax. This relaxation allows for more blood to fill up in the penis, which leads to an erection. Viagra can help men who have difficulty getting or keeping an erection because of erectile dysfunction.

Viagra can be taken with or without food, but should not be taken with alcohol as it can make some side effects worse. Visit to buy any kind of Generic viagra

For most people, Viagra begins working within 30 minutes; however, some people may take up to two hours before they feel the effects. The side effects include headaches, flushing (reddening), heartburn (indigestion) or stuffy nose.

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