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Easy Ways to Increase Vodafone Signal Strength

Modern technology is evolving each day. Simple browsing, studying via online mediums or running everyday business chores, all require flawless internet connectivity. The signal strength can, however, occasionally be dropped. Thus, it impacts work productivity in the offices and other tasks dependent on the internet in the homes or outside the offices.  

Undoubtedly, Vodafone has some of the best customer services in the world, but it’s not without its hiccups. If you’ve ever had a problem with your Vodafone signal and have no idea how to increase it, here are some great ways to boost your Vodafone signal strength. One of the significant tips of all is investing in a Vodafone mobile signal booster. It has both internal and external antennas placed. These are further interconnected with the amplifiers known to rectify the weak signals.  

But first, we will cover factors that influence the Vodafone signal strength. 

Multiple Factors That Affect Vodafone Signal Strength

Weather: Weather conditions like rain, storm, and lighting do weaken the mobile signal quality. 

Peak Times of the Day: The time when you are using an internet connection can also influence signal strength. For example, if you are taking calls during peak hours, the signal strength would be low. As a result, you may have issues like dropped calls, poor sound quality, etc. 

Geographical Location: Vodafone signal transmission varies depending on your device’s geographical location. Let’s say you reside in a remote location. You will receive weak signal strength as compared to urban places. 

Cellular Tower Distance From the Tower: It is evident that if a device is quite closer to the cellular signal tower, the signal transmission would be better. On the other hand, if it is far away, the signal strength will vary and mostly be weaker. 

Vodafone Signal Strength Boosting Tips

Here are some tips on boosting your Vodafone signal strength:

Turn Your Phone Off and On

This is an easy way to boost your signal strength, but it’s important not to do this too often or you’ll risk losing your data connection. You should only turn off your phone when you’re in a place with no signal or when you’re trying to conserve battery life.

Use an External Antenna If Possible

One of the easiest ways to boost your Vodafone signal is by using an external antenna. This is because external antennas can pick up signals from further away and transmit them faster. You can get an external antenna at affordable prices. There is, therefore, no reason for you to skip trying this approach before investing in any other alternatives. Also, note that most mobile phone users use their phones inside buildings and offices where many electronic devices are emitting electromagnetic radiation from within those locations. If you live in a city with lots of tall buildings and thick walls blocking out signals, then an external antenna may be a good solution for you too!

Move closer to the Cellular Signal Tower

If you have a weak signal, it’s likely because there aren’t any towers close enough for your phone to pick up. Try moving closer to the base station and see if this helps improve reception. You might also want to consider getting a new router if possible since this would mean fewer dead spots in your house or apartment building.

Activate Bluetooth 

Vodafone has introduced Wi-Fi calling which allows you to make calls via Wi-Fi instead of 3G or 4G data connections. But it requires an additional monthly fee (unless you’re on one of their pay-as-you-go plans). If you don’t want Wi-Fi calling but still want better coverage, then activating Bluetooth will give you that extra boost in signal strength without any additional fees.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling

If you’re having trouble with your Vodafone signal, the first thing you should do is turn on your Wi-Fi. This will make it easier for your phone to connect to the network, and increase its signal strength. If you’re still struggling to get a good connection, consider turning off your Wi-Fi and turning it back on. This can help free up some of your mobile data allowances so you can keep trying until you find a solution that works for you.

Move Closer to the Router

If you live in an apartment or condo building with multiple floors, it’s probably best to move closer to the router itself. To prevent interference from other wireless devices in your home, most routers have built-in receivers. These work best when placed at least 10 feet away from other devices like computers and TVs that use wireless technology as well as microwaves and cordless phones which also use wireless signals.

Use a Vodafone Mobile Signal Booster 

Vodafone signal booster comes as an ideal solution to improving signal strength. It works by rectifying the signal and sending the enhanced signals to the requested devices. Thus, ensuring better internet connectivity. 

Additional Tips to Enhance Your Vodafone Signal strength

  • Make sure your phone is in an open area and not near metal objects such as railings or walls.
  • Avoid using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when possible.
  • Keep your phone away from areas with dense foliage as this may reduce the signal strength even further.
  • Ensure your mobile device is away from cables that are underground or in metal boxes (such as telephone poles).


There are several things that you can count on to try and boost your Vodafone signals. The first trick comes to turning the mobile device off and on. Determine the obstructions that are influencing signal strength. It could be anything such as location, cellular device distance from the signal tower, etc. Ensure your device’s software is up-to-date with the latest Vodafone-released updates. Besides, investing in a mobile signal booster is a great way to enjoy quality and robust network coverage. If you still find difficulties browsing and making calls without any interruptions, connect with Vodafone customer service. 



Lisa is working as a Marketing Executive at Fixtel in Australia. I have an Experience of 5 years in Marketing of Telecommunication Services and products.

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