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Easy and cheap ideas for car performance modifications

There are different ways to improve a vehicle through car performance modifications. These modifications ensure that the vehicle has a unique feel when you’re driving it. In fact, some of the modifications fit on the vehicle’s engine as replacements to stock installations. While others are addons for the already existing installations.

Car performance modifications work independently. Meaning that a simple installation of the modification can have an effect on the vehicle’s performance. Others work very well when you pair them with more modification installations. In todays post, we are going to check both of these categories.

Further, customizing your car doesn’t have to only be performance based. There are modifications that are purely aesthetics. Their aim is to enhance the appearance of the car both internally and externally. Customizing a car is a way for car owners to express their personality.

Hence the reason why, we are going to look at these car modifications depending on three factors. That is, modifications for the engine, for aesthetics and for the vehicle’s general drivability.

Car performance modifications for the engine.

These are the modifications that will contribute directly to the vehicle’s power production. Some of these modifications will function very well by themselves while others will require an extra installation in order for them to run accordingly.

1. Turbo and superchargers.

They fit into the engine with the purpose of contributing to power production improvements. Both of these aim at increasing oxygen intake by the engine. They compress air and push it into the combustion chamber in order to increase the engine’s fuel burning capacity.

Turbochargers do not connect to the engine directly for power production while the supercharger connects to the engine directly. Turbochargers use exhaust fumes to get power used in the spinning of the turbine that powers the compressor.

Alternatively, superchargers use the engine’s crankshaft to get power for the turbine that powers the compressor. The turbine compresses air that is pushed into the intake manifold.

2. Cold air intake.

This is a common car performance modification that most people install and hope for an improvement in performance. But the cold air intake doesn’t have significant performance enhancement. That is unless you install a throttle body alongside it.

The function of the cold air intake is to eliminate heated air around the engine area. Further, it separates the cold air from the hot air. The essence of this is because cold air tends to be richer in oxygen which is essential for combustion.

3. Throttle body.

Once you upgrade the throttle body, you will notice a direct effect on the vehicle’s power. The throttle body works alongside the accelerator to provide sufficient power for the engine to move.

Though there are some few issues that could result to a faulty throttle body, it’s essential to ensure its proper functionality. The throttle body opens to let air into the combustion chamber depending on the engine’s RPM. Pairing a throttle body with a cold air intake is the best way to ensure your engine gets the best power output.

4. ECU tuning.

Modern cars have an onboard computer that monitors various operations of the vehicle. The ECU is that part of the computer that regulates some functions like top speed and fuel consumption per engine’s RPM. Some manufacturers usually restrict the tuning of the ECU. For such car models, it’s okay to install an ECU Piggyback which will alter the manufacturer’s settings.

But for ECU systems that allow you to tune their settings, just visit a professional and they will assess what can change. This will alter some of the functions as well as allowing the car to incorporate more performance modifications. Because some manufacturers limit the type of modifications that a car can comfortably accommodate.

5. Free flow exhaust systems.

The exhaust pipe is responsible for the engine’s exhalation. The stock exhaust pipes are very good at this exhalation, the problem is that these exhaust pipes have a lot of bends and catalytic converters. These are meant to ensure the purification of exhaust gases before they’re transferred to the atmosphere.

An aftermarket exhaust system works alongside the throttle body to ensure better air intake and exhalation. Further, the aftermarket exhaust has enhanced catalytic converters. This allows the smooth flow of exhaust gases with minimum hindrances. Hence improving performance of the engine.

Car aesthetics modifications.

There are different ways to personalize your car by adding changes that reflect on your aesthetics. Below are some good ideas to customize your car’s appearance.

1. Floor mats.

There are different types of car floor mats that are easy to wash. Remember that floor mats are  usually easy to wash hence making the cleaning the process of the car much easier than if you didn’t have the floor mats. Cars usually come with a stock floor Matt but this one usually deteriorates very quickly. In order to prevent the sudden deterioration, the recommendation is for you to install aftermarket floor mats.

2. Car seat covers.

Manufacturers are very keen when making the car seats. They pay attention to the seat stitching pattern to make them attractive. Unfortunately this doesn’t last for too long. Meaning that wear and tear takes place within a short period of time. But this depends on how the seats are being utilized. So in order to increase the period of time before the wear and tear takes place, car owners are encouraged to install car seat covers. Hence the improvement in seat appearance.

3. LED lighting.

The car’s interior is usually dark when the night strikes. But this can be reversed by installing LED lights. They help you to see the car’s floor, dashboard controls, door controls as well as the car’s floor. This entirely depends on how you choose to install the lights.

Apart from the few interior car modifications that we have above, there are a number of interior car accessories that may suit your ride. Consider all of them to come up with interior customizations that can help to improve the vehicle’s aesthetics.

4. Car music system.

The factory music system serves the purpose for which it is installed really well. Unfortunately, this isn’t sufficient for music lovers out there. Some people prefer a certain level of music experience. This is really important to them especially as they drive to a specific destination. Look into how to get more from your vehicle’s music system. Away from that, an aftermarket music system counts as a modification for the vehicle.

Car modifications that improve drivability.

Lastly we have car customizations that have a large effect on how the ride feels in general. These ones help to improve the car’s comfort in general. Additionally, these car modifications help to improve the comfort that you get when driving the vehicle.

1. Disc brakes.

If you have learnt about the difference between drum and disc brakes, you know that drum brakes are not as effective as disc brakes. But this is based on how you prefer to drive as well as their differences in their functionality.

Disc brakes are more preferable than the drum brakes. In fact, by installing the disc brakes in the place of drum brakes makes the braking capacity much better. Additionally, disc brakes last a longer period in comparison to drum brakes. That’s because there are a number of factors that affect drum brakes that don’t affect disc brakes.

2. Suspension springs.

The type of suspension springs your car has are quite important when it comes to driving comfort. The suspension system consists of various parts that ensure proper weight distribution among the vehicle’s wheels. Further, suspension springs also affect the way the ride circumvents the different terrains. For example, off road vehicles need more advanced suspension springs than cars that only drive on the highway.

3. Tires.

Did you know that tires play an important role as far as driving comfort is in consideration. Worn out tires tend to reduce the car’s stability especially during wet conditions. For example, when the road is wet and your tires are worn out, the vehicle tends to sked than if the tires were new. Further, there are a number of modifications that you can undertake around the tires in order to improve the vehicle’s drivability.


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