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Domain Name Selection Process That Every Webmaster Should Follow

The domain name of a website is its key element. It can make or break your website’s reputation, and it plays a major role in the SEO of your website. A domain name also defines your brand. Ödemeyi elden alan şirinevler escort bayanları tercih etmeniz lehinize olacaktır. One can also establish the identity of his business by selecting the best domain name.

Therefore, you should be very careful while selecting the domain name for your website. To select the best domain name, you will have to follow a process. Here, we will discuss the domain name selection process that every webmaster should follow.

The Extension for Domain Name Selection:

It is one of the most important qualities of a domain name. While selecting the domain name, we should try to choose a domain name extension that is easy to remember. The .com domain name extension is the most famous domain name extension. According to research, almost 43% of websites use this extension in domain name selection.

It would be best if you also tried to select the .com domain name extension for your website. If the .com domain name is unsuitable for your domain name selection criteria, you can use other options like .org and .net domain name extensions.

Select The Unique Domain Name:

As a webmaster, while buying a domain name selection, you should prioritise a brandable domain name over a generic domain name. Its reason is that a brandable domain name is unique, and it can easily make your website stand out from your competitors. Moreover, it is also easy for the viewers to remember this brandable domain name without stuffing keywords in the generic domain name. To select a brandable domain name for your website, you need to conduct proper research and create new words for your brand.

The most important examples of the brandable domain names are ‘Google’ and ‘Yahoo’ etc. Secondly, you should find interesting words relevant to your brand. For this reason, you can get help from keyword generators and domain name generator tools. These tools can easily generate a brandable domain name for your website.

Keep It Short:

When selecting the domain name for your website, you should aim for short domain names rather than longer domain names. Its reason is that long domain names are hard to remember and type for the viewers. On the other hand, viewers can easily remember and type short domain names. According to research, the average length of the best domain names is 12 characters. While selecting the domain name, you should aim for 6 to 14 characters. Most of the short domain names are paid, and you will have to buy them and make them brandable.

It Should Be Easy To Type:

Your domain name should be easy to type. For this reason, you should select a domain name that is easy to remember for the viewers. The most important examples of the domain names are ‘Google’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ etc. Your domain name should also be easy to spell. If your brand name and URL are hard to type, your potential customers may mistype the URL or go to another website.

It Should Be Easy To Pronounce:

If you share the best quality content on your website and your viewers are interested in it, they will share it with others. But if your website is hard to pronounce for potential customers, they can’t share it with their friends. The best way to select the best domain name for your website that should be easy to pronounce and write.

Don’t Use Hyphens and Numbers:

As discussed earlier, your domain name should be

  • Easy to type
  • Remember
  • Pronounce

If you use hyphens and numbers in your domain name, your domain name can’t possess these qualities. ‘Instagram’ is a brandable domain name, and it is easy to remember. Moreover, it is also easy to type and pronounce. If they select their domain name ‘Insta-gram784’ instead of ‘Instagram’, it will be hard to remember, pronounce and type for the potential customers.

Think Long Term:

While domain name selection for your website, you should consider your goals. It would help if you gave preference to the long-term goals rather than short-term goals. Most webmasters select domain names by keeping in mind the short-term goals. As a result, when their business expands, they face problems changing their domain name. It is better to select a domain name for your website by considering the long-term goals.


Undoubtedly, selecting such a domain name with all the qualities mentioned above is a real challenge for webmasters. Sometimes, they can find a domain name easily, while others face many problems selecting a brand name that represents them. If you are stuck while selecting the domain name, you can use Domain name generator tools to select a name that meets the criteria mentioned above for a domain name. The best domain name generators to select the best quality domain name for your website are Wordoid, Lean Domain Search, DomainHole, etc.

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