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Custom Rigid Boxes – Chipboard, Special Inks, and Foam Inserts

If you’re looking for a specialized company to manufacture your Custom Rigid Boxes, you’ve come to the right place. Learn about ICM Packaging, Chipboard, Special inks, Insert-foam inserts, and other important features of rigid boxes. It’s also helpful to understand ICM Packaging ‘ uses. You’ll be able to find an appropriate supplier who will create boxes with your design or logo.

ICM Packaging Rigid Boxes :

When you need Rigid Boxes, ICM Packaging is the right place to turn. They offer a variety of options, including short-run wholesale custom rigid boxes, high-end set-up boxes, seamless printing, and clamshell boxes. They work with you to realize your vision with quality resources and structural design. Whether you’re a retailer looking to sell a new product or a small business looking for a better way to package their wares, ICM Packaging will help you get there.

These boxes can be a great way to display your products, highlight their features, and command attention on retail shelves. With customizable boxes from ICM Packaging, creating your own custom box has never been easier. Simply upload your own custom design template, and the company will make the boxes for you. They even offer special discounts and rush-order services for those with tight deadlines. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, ICM Packaging  can help you create the perfect box for your needs.

Chipboard Of Rigid Boxes:

High-end retailers usually opt for chipboard and interior structures made of polystyrene or foam core. Additionally, they may use litho-laminate for their custom rigid boxes. These features not only provide added strength but also help build a brand image. This type of packaging is also ideal for e-commerce goods, garden products, and even pet care products. These custom rigid boxes are made to enhance the look of your brand while providing an increased level of protection to your product.

When used for retail purposes, custom rigid boxes are an elegant packaging solution for premium products. They are shock-proof, incredibly attractive, and can be custom-made to any size. With the right design and messaging, they can help your products stand out. These boxes are also available in many different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the right size and shape for your product. You can also add a logo or design for a custom-made presentation of your products.

Special inks:

When it comes to designing a customized rigid box for your business, special inks play a crucial role. A laminated box uses special inks for striking color and design, and window panels let customers see inside without opening the box. Whether your box is glossy or matte, custom inks help make your packaging stand out from the crowd. Here are three reasons why special inks are so important:

A special UV varnish is a clear substance that reacts with UV light and dries within a second. This reduces turnaround time and adds a layer of protection against abrasion. Another advantage to UV varnishing is that the process is faster than conventional drying methods, resulting in a thicker, more vivid color. Also, UV varnishing is a great option for companies that need quick turnaround times and minimal space for printing plates and steel dies.

Moreover, custom rigid boxes are the perfect choice for high-end products. Luxury rigid boxes are made from high-quality materials and can be custom-designed with a company logo or a unique design. High-end treatments can be used on the inside of the box to further enhance its appearance. Luxury rigid boxes make a great gift box for a high-end product or a classy way to protect a valuable piece of merchandise.

Insert-foam Inserts:

Increasing the value of your packaging is the use of custom foam inserts. These inserts are often used for fragile and important items, and add an extra level of organization and security to your packaging. These inserts can also be custom designed to fit your product, enhancing the unboxing experience. Find out more about how custom foam inserts can increase your business by reading on. Also, learn about the benefits of insert-foam-inserts from a trusted source, Ideal Custom Boxes.

Custom foam box inserts provide immense versatility. They are great for protecting products that are oddly shaped or highly fragile. They are often used in various industries. They are also available in a variety of colors and molding options, making them aesthetically pleasing as well. Custom foam box inserts can also be molded to fit the shape of your rigid box or even enhance the aesthetics of the box. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one for your product before ordering.


Developing custom rigid boxes for your business is a smart marketing strategy. You can use these boxes to communicate the core values of your brand and inspire an emotional connection with your customer. Having a clear brand language helps you create a solid foundation for your marketing strategy, and will help you build your reputation and increase your sales. If you want to stand out in the market, this marketing strategy is crucial for your business. It is crucial to know your customer’s preferences before you create rigid boxes for your products.

The appearance of your products is an important factor in establishing a brand. If a product is not appealing, consumers will not think of you as a luxury brand. Therefore, luxury brands invest heavily in packaging. The way they present their products in the market can make or break the company’s image. Rigid boxes facilitate security, allowing you to avoid any mishaps with your products. Moreover, rigid boxes are affordable and space-saving.


Creating a professional image with the right packaging is key to boosting sales. With Custom Packaging, you can add a logo or slogan to draw the customer’s attention. Printed product information is also useful, allowing customers to assess the quality of the items. These boxes are also very affordable and easy to customize. You can find a number of advantages with rigid boxes for your products. The following are some of the reasons why.

Durability: Custom rigid boxes are the most durable option when it comes to protecting products. They are ideal for retail packaging and long-distance shipping. Their padded surfaces ensure that your products stay protected from damage and breakage, which helps ensure positive feedback from consumers. And because they are so versatile, they can be reused over. Rigid boxes are also easy to reuse and can be designed for different uses.


Custom rigid boxes are great for shipping fragile items. These boxes are made from high-quality cardboard and feature sturdy bottoms and corrugated flaps. When choosing the right type for your shipment, consider the safety of the item you are shipping. Whether it is a small item or a fragile product, you’ll want to use boxes that are airtight, or you’ll end up having to throw them out. Here are some tips for choosing the right custom rigid boxes for your shipment.

First, choose boxes that are designed for heavy-duty shipping. Rigid boxes are more resistant to damage, and shipping companies cannot smash them open during transit. While some shipping companies are more lenient, others might crush them during transit. Always choose rigid packaging if possible, especially for fragile items. A damaged product will reflect poorly on the seller’s reputation. Safety is a top priority when selecting the right type of packaging.

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