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Burgers are the instant appetizer to kill your hunger. It is one of the appetizers which is widely eaten worldwide. The special meal is a must-have addition to office parties, birthday occasions, or family get-togethers. So, the chef is heading up to make the special combo deals to fulfill one’s appetite. For that, retailers must look for sustainable custom burger boxes because the burgers come with side French fries or a small bucket of ketchup and sauce.

Therefore, the use of custom burger boxes is a great way to go to fulfill the needs. In this case, the marketers opted for the customization option that suits their requirements. The burger boxes wholesale is made on request. We make it the way to beat against the heat and oil. So it is best to cover the mean as an oil-resistant material for custom burger boxes. Surely, the customer will love it if they find a great handling experience while handling the box.

Such as ensuring that hot burgers must only let some of the sauce flow out from the box. That can badly mess up the dress of the customer too. Like this, you will be losing your customers very fast and handling all these messes, ensuring delivery of the best foldable packaging solution for burger boxes wholesale with well-associated features.

What Features Do Custom Burger Boxes Have?

Custom burger boxes have a wide range of variety. When it comes to branding, promotions, and marketing. We endure stepping ahead in the fastest competition of burger boxes wholesale. So, we highlight the features that enhance the user experience best. Because we have added extra added value to the product packaging by inserting extraordinary features. That will ultimately increase the grace and appearance of the product at the same time with Custom Burger Packaging. So the recommended features that we use are as follows:

Style of The Burger Boxes

The people who come to the restaurant feel better and satisfied as they reflect on the packaging. Yes, the burger packaging in exclusive styles will speak about the brand and quality. The consumer will know about the company’s credibility by looking at the quality. Here we are delivering outstanding styles of foldable burger boxes that are tuck-end styles. Ensure to disclose the box with a top vented hole to exhaust the heat from the box so that the box wall will keep the burgers fresh and tasty.

Sizes of The Custom Burger Boxes Packaging

One most important things are the product packaging size. Here, the customization of custom burger boxes is the table of ingredients you can apply according to your choice. We are delivering standard size with vent holes. And the custom burger box packaging is made with 533mic(295gsm)—the quality material folding box board FBB that comes with sturdy properties.

Green Burger Packaging

We always believe in the go green and eat healthy mantra. That keeps us the top-rated manufacturer of all time—adding the highly durable cardboard, paperboard, and folding box board material. These materials are eco-friendly, recyclable, compostable, and highly recommended by customers for burger boxes wholesale.

Easy to Assemble and Shipped

the custom burger boxes packaging is smart, spreading very less space during shipment. Because it is a flat pack, like this, it doesn’t have any weight. Burger case will securely deliver the product to the destination in tip-top condition.

Get Durable Burger Box Printing at Affordable Rates

It ensures to delivery of highly sustainable burger packaging. So that will never disintegrate with time. We provide the four-color printing CMYK using flexography and digital printing. The designs, textures, and printing turn out to be stunning aesthetics.

Shipment of Burger Boxes Wholesale

The production unit works tirelessly to fulfilling your requirements. Ensuring delivery of the first order under 2-3 working days. Moreover, Additionally, the confectionary custom burger boxes will be packed with the company logo greaseproof paper, which is a free addition to our service. Additional free service comes along with the following:

  • Custom free printed stickers
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Laminations and finishing free of cost
  • Free customization process
  • Free logo designing

Once you have done with your logo, please email us. And get the final approval from our team. We make sure all the steps will go up to the mark.

What Is the Measurement of Our Burger Packaging?

Mostly, the productions have come in standard burger packaging sizes. But, the fixed dimensions for the custom burger boxes set are height 100mm*Depth 122mm*Width 12mm.

(our standard sizes are done with free AI OR PDF LOGO)

Multi-Purpose Uses of Burger Packaging

Our expert designers will customize the packaging of burger box printing that will tuck not only the burgers. But you will be facilitated to save many meals like chicken burgers, pies, buns, chips, fries, wings, baps, and many more. Essentially, gifted packaging delivers to you under a minimal budget with a shower of extra beneficial services.

Please don’t wait and book us your requirements for burger box printing and packaging to earn a handsome profit this month. We are waiting to hear from your side.

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