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Critical Mobile App Marketing Tips for This Holiday Season

If you are vying to grab the attention for your business through a mobile app, this post is specifically for you. Here are some proven ways to renovate and market your app to enhance conversions.

December brings immense opportunities for businesses owing to high demand during the holiday season. Q4 is usually the busiest season every year since it records a hike in retail activities, app usage, and overall user traffic. If you want to make the most out of it, you must prepare your app to handle the traffic and heavy usage that comes with the season.

So, if you are vying to grab the attention for your business through a mobile app, this post is specifically for you. Here are some proven ways to renovate and market your app to enhance conversions.

Table of Contents

Engage Your Target Audience
Base Your Campaigns on Consumer Insights
Go for Focused Campaigns
Think Beyond the Holiday Season
Optimize the App Store Page
Summing up

Engage Your Target Audience

No matter how great an app you may have developed, grabbing users’ attention often becomes a challenging target. To get past this stumbling block, you can capitalize on user behavior.

Mostly, when users search an app store for a particular app, they are coming from somewhere- an ad they have seen, a landing page, social media, or one or the other compelling mention of your app somewhere on the internet. This incoming traffic can be turned into a user if you optimize and improve the app store page for your mobile application.

Create an attention-grabbing icon for the app and illustrate the functionalities with the help of creative images and videos to be showcased on the app store page. This is the best way to get your target audience interested in your products or services. Use universal app campaigns to make sure your app is easily discoverable on all platforms. These campaigns work equally well for both iOS as well as Android apps. You should also optimize the page with the right key phrases so organic searches can lead users to your app as well.

Base Your App Renovation Plans on Consumer Insights

The secret behind the success of an app is the ability to incorporate features that can meet maximum consumer needs. Spend time understanding what your intended customers are looking for as they enter the New Year. If possible, run a survey on popular survey platforms to understand the needs of your users and then design your app updates accordingly. In addition to new user expectations, also request feedback and monitor usage for existing app users to discover areas where they think your app is lacking.

This approach not only helps you to better connect with your users but also enables you to tweak the functionalities of your app to meet their needs. If you don’t have the time to manage this, you can hire mobile app developers from a reputed vendor to create customer-centric apps.

Go for Focused Campaigns for your mobile app

As an app developer, your first goal is to achieve the desired number of downloads. Once this is achieved, your focus shifts from app installation to usage. App marketers usually take up both tasks simultaneously during the holiday season to make the most of the opportunity. Unfortunately, more often than not, this approach proves to be counterproductive. Therefore, handling one aspect at a time is the best way to derive results.

For example, you have developed a new app in the holiday season; you would like a maximum number of users to subscribe to it but also fear that users will uninstall it soon after. As a result, you start promoting from an existing user’s point of view when your promotions should be focused on getting more users and end-up losing on both fronts.

In such a scenario, a consumer-driven approach works surprisingly well. Say you have an app with a limited number of subscribers, and you learn that users are currently leaning toward certain functionalities. Create a promotional campaign around those so you can reach more users.

Think Beyond the Holiday Season

If you want to build on the profits of the holiday season, your app marketing strategy should go beyond it. People may download your app around this time of the year, but a majority of them tend to abandon it as soon as the holiday fever dwindles down. They use the downloaded apps for a while and soon get bored with them. But this news should not bother you if you know that 91% of people who abandon the app tend to revisit it if certain changes are made following their needs.

It simply means there is a fair possibility of your worst fears coming true. But if you are well prepared to deal with them, you can create a win-win situation for your app. Making an elaborate tracking system to find out when and why your users dropped off helps you find out the weak points of your app and re-engage your subscribers by making changes.

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Optimize the App Store Page

Your app store pages must also get a holiday makeover to attract a larger audience to your app. Try using keywords that leverage holiday messaging, keeping in mind the relevance of search terms to your specific category, for example, “Best Christmas deals on electronics.” Follow ASO practices seriously and optimize your app’s title and description for increased brand exposure. Having a proper framework in place to respond to the reviews will help you engage with your audience in a better way. Remember, the most successful apps constantly keep reflecting user feedback, technological advancements, and other necessary improvements in features and functionalities.

Summing up

Over the past few years, mobile apps have become ubiquitous and this information will help you to get the perfect strategy for your app to elevate its level of popularity. Hopefully, you can now easily refine and refresh your app to make it ready to leverage maximum benefits from this upcoming holiday season.

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