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Criteria To Find The Best Preschool In Ahmedabad 

Finding a decent pre-school in Ahmedabad for your ward is a crucial chore to be performed when the child is 3 years old or older. The person who was just a toddler a few days ago will soon be a student. Flex your network now and comb it for additional information.

Being well informed is equivalent to having accomplished more than half of the task at hand. Here are a few crucial pointers to assist you choose the ideal school for your shining star. 


These are some of the list of criteria to find the best preschool in Ahmedabad

Distance is a factor

The most crucial component for a child’s general wellness is distance from home. The child shouldn’t travel to school for more than 20 to 25 minutes. The energy and focus needed for the youngster to participate in all the activities at school are depleted by the time spent travelling. Make sure to choose school transportation if you decide to travel further than this allowed amount of time. All reputable schools make investments in providing kids with safe, cosy, and convenient transportation. You’ll save a significant amount of time each day as a parent as a result.

The goals of the school

Every student achieving his or her full potential is the school’s vision, which is the most crucial component of its future success. You can clearly see how the school operates and what its guiding principles are because of this. Over the course of your involvement with the school, you will see your kid exhibit these essential principles. Global educators and thought leaders support progressive, value-based, compassionate, and accountable schools that instil the same traits in their students.

The school’s vision emphasises the importance of placing its students successfully once they graduate. The school’s website has information on this subject as well. The ultimate goal of the entire procedure is to provide the youngster independence and a solid professional foundation for the future.

Visit the school again once you’ve made up your mind, but this time bring your kid along. Give them a chance to explore their surroundings and gauge how they feel about the new setting and how they respond to the teacher. Consider your child’s perspective as well. This will not only show your respect for your child’s needs but will also help the child adjust to their new environment more successfully.

The process of finding a decent pre-school for your child involves developing trust with both the youngster and the potential new school, so it best be a positive experience for both of you!

The school’s reputation and value

List the names of all the reputable schools in the area. Now rank each one according to its own Brand Value. We’ll also talk about the origins of this brand value. Based on this ranking, perform some web research to determine the school’s credibility in terms of parent satisfaction and academic standing. Plot down three to four schools on your shortlist. And this is your first indication on how to proceed with your treasure hunt.


It’s time to visit the best schools in Ahmedabad you’ve shortlisted and give them a second rating using the fourth discussed criterion. A good physical environment provides you with an excellent notion of how welcoming the school will be to your ward and how content your youngster will be there for one-third of his waking hours. Keep an eye out for pre-schools that are affiliated to official schools. 

This will guarantee a seamless transition from one learning phase to the next. Additionally, this fosters a lifelong relationship of trust and respect between the parents and the school.

Real talent, whether it be in academics or athletics, is discovered in schools. Do search for open areas where kids can play and engage in other types of discovery. 

Facilities that brag of exposing kids to a wide range of physical activities, giving them the chance to try different sports, and placing equal focus on open space and confined areas for kids Education does not simply aim to improve academic abilities, after all. The top of your list of priorities should be creating safe and secure areas in the school. 

A setting that exudes a sense of safety and protection helps kids concentrate on their schoolwork and develop into self-assured adults. An added benefit is a transportation service that guarantees cctv access and an adult to accompany the kids at all times.

Spaces for learning

The era of the blackboard, chalk, duster, a few charts, and slides is over. More and beyond are promised by new era schools. The characteristics of ideal learning spaces include being vibrant, secure, and rich in terms of offering the children a variety of learning opportunities; welcoming enough to allow the kids to explore and learn freely; and having play supplies that the kids can manage on their own. 

The best environment for the children’s learning is a diverse collection of natural surroundings with lots of sunlight, fresh air, and a little damp area within the children’s grasp. You may create an unrivalled attractive atmosphere for the young learners by combining it with a fantastic colour scheme and a comfy yet versatile seating area. 


Your primary criterion to choose the best preschool in Ahmedabad should be a curriculum that places a strong emphasis on novel encounters, sensory learning, and differentiated instructions and objectives. The new age activities are not the usual, broad topics to consider. They have a stronger foundation in the idea of “learning as a journey” than just “learning as a goal.”

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