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Considerable Factors When Buying Custom Pencil Case | Bulk Business

You are expanding your business and need to know where to get good-quality custom-made products. Being confused about the relevant online search or finding a convenient supplier can be overwhelming, especially for specialized products, like custom pencil cases. Custom-made pencil cases come in various varieties made with many different materials. Some are multi-purpose and make great freebies, while some are bold in design and great for viral marketing. So, you have landed on this guide to get some factors to look at before making a plunge into your company’s pockets for some promotional items. Worry not, and keep reading to find some great information.

Steps to take when buying promotional products

Identify your marketing needs

Before you even go placing an order, you have to ask yourself some crucial questions that will guide the path for your purchase.

What should the pencil case look like?

Who is it for? 

Will it be free?

How is it expected to be used?

How do we expect and want people to use it? 

After asking these marketing-based questions, you will have a better idea. Write them down and sit on it for a day or two, and you will figure out answers in full and a more organized campaign. 

Research suppliers

Your company may already provide some suppliers and phone numbers you can dial up and solve your problems. However, you have the responsibility to find the best product, right? Avoid going through asking so many questions on the phone and spending an hour organizing the product and all the files and just doing it online. You can research providers online too, and learn at the same time. Many suppliers have different agendas and skills, so finding the right fit for you depends entirely on what you know about the market. A great one is Femme Custom.  

Design and artwork

Now, you can design your custom pencil case, whether a canvas pouch in bulk, folding pencil cases, or other unique cases in the market. (This depends on your decisions in the previous steps).

Know colors and different types of fonts that perfectly fit the values and mission of your campaign. 

Material selection 

Material is more important than you may think. This will measure the quality of your product while simultaneously delivering on the needs of people. Someone may be more environmentally friendly and want to know the main source of the pouches. Someone may like the durability and cost-effectiveness of polyester, while some prefer the simplicity of cotton. 

Printing quality

This depends entirely on the printing machines the supplier uses. So pay attention to how much extra they charge for printing services. You don’t want products that lose their print after one wash or slowly wear and tear in a few months, whether that is external printing with other materials or on-product printing. Know what you are getting into by knowing the standards you want to provide.  

Bulk cost and budget 

Most sellers will give you bulk prices, and they will reduce the more you order. Plan your campaign to maximize profits. For example, you can keep some products in stock while slowly making an initiative in the market. You can time your supply chain with demand and produce more efficiently if the supplier guarantees on-time deliveries. Make a budget for how much you will be spending correlated to how much you want to deliver, and things will start getting clear as you make even better proposals. 

Quality control and inspection

Being a business, after all, you have to build relationships with suppliers for even better deals. Conduct random quality control and inspection of products after a few months to ensure that you get the delivery promised. Communicate back with the supplier to make the quality control more impactful. Once comfortable,  you can expand into other products from the same supplier, like custom-made journals for your employees or custom bags for celebratory parties.

We wish you the best in finding that right custom-made products.

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