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Common Interview Questions for the High School Admission in the Best CBSE School in Pune

Nowadays, high school admission applications are complicated, but the most intriguing aspect is the personal interview. Many pupils in middle and high school may have never attended an interview. This could be their first interview, thus interview examples for kids are essential. 

It is a crucial entrance stage since the higher authority and the student meet and learn about what they are getting into. The interviewer’s purpose is to assess how well-suited the pupils are and to determine their academic success. 

With tailored high school interview questions, the interviewer takes advantage of every opportunity to get to know the kid better.


Here Are the Top 10 Interview Questions for High School Students

1. About yourself

This is a basic high school interview question for pupils before high school admission. Though it appears straightforward, structuring the response is difficult. A decent answer to this question should be brief and to the point. You may state your grade, what you appreciate about the best CBSE school in Pune, your hobbies, and only one reason why you are thrilled about this school.

2. What are your flaws?

This is a popular interview question in the best CBSE school in Pune. The easiest way to address this issue is to talk about something that you want to improve. It might be your ability to take notes or your active participation. Make sure you do not act negatively while answering this question.

3. What are your strong points?

You must be careful not to brag about yourself when answering this question. Consider what gives you the ability to overcome any challenges and come up with creative solutions. It could be effective communication, leadership, or a problem-solving approach. Whatever description you provide, back it up with examples.

4. What are some areas in which you would like to improve?

This question is appropriate for the student interview questions and responses. It is never simple to recognise or accept your flaws, yet recognising your flaws puts you on the right course. As a result, if you respond positively to this question and accept your inadequacies with courage, you’re already on the way to improvement.

5. What do you prefer to do in your spare time?

An interviewer asks this question in a private school interview to discover the interests of the student and whether the school will be able to accommodate them. It also allows you to talk about your extracurricular activities. For example, if a student enjoys singing and the school offers music programmes, it is like the icing on the cake.

6. Which subject is your favourite and which is your least favourite?

This question provides the school administration with information on who you are and what interests you. As a result, be completely honest about your likes and dislikes about the subject. It will be useless if you deliver an answer that the listener wants to hear. 

The answer to this question in an interview between a teacher and a student might showcase your strengths while working on your faults.

7. What has been your most difficult challenge?

Questions about your difficulties can be tricky. Nobody likes to appear incapable of doing something. It is preferable if you discuss the way you manage them. Discuss your most difficult difficulty and your faults. This will give the interviewer a positive impression of your ability to deal with difficulties.

8. Please tell me about your family.

This is a rather common interview question. It does not imply that you must detail every member of your family. The listener is interested in how they have influenced you. You can explain an activity that your family enjoys. You might also talk about how their inspiration has influenced you and your siblings.

9. What is one accomplishment that you are proud of?

You can discuss your proudest moments in the student interview questions and answers while answering this question. For example, you could mention how well you did in mathematics in your final grade, which you previously struggled with. 

This shows the interviewer that you are willing to put in the extra effort to reach your goals. Success can be modest or large, but it can never be measured.

10. What motivated you to apply to this school?

The interviewer wants to know what fascinates you or what prompted you to apply to their school with this question. You can discuss their approach to learning or the value the schools place on things that are important to you. You must be explicit about these factors and explain how they will benefit you.


Additional Interview Preparation Tips

Here are some high school interview strategies that will help you make an outstanding impression on the interviewers:

  1. Dress appropriately, and if in doubt, investigate their uniform or attire requirements. Dressing like a student is an excellent method to demonstrate that you are a strong applicant.
  2. Make every effort to arrive on time for the interview. It is usually preferable to arrive one or two hours early rather than one minute late.
  3. Conduct an extensive study on the school. Many queries about the school and your hobbies may be thrown your way.
  4. Be courteous and genuine in your responses. Before you leave, shake hands with your interviewer and thank them.



Because admissions need face-to-face conversations, interview samples for students are useful during the admissions process. The interviewer simply wants to learn about you and hear you talk confidently. The talks you have during the interview will assist establish whether you are a good candidate. 

It may sound stressful, but it is extremely simple if you are properly prepared and confident. As a result, it is critical to prepare for the interview in all aspects, including answering questions and preparing yourself.

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