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Choosing the Right Surrogacy Clinic in Canada

Choosing the Right Surrogacy Clinic in Canada

Why look for a surrogacy clinic in Canada?

There are many clinics that can provide the treatment of surrogacy. However, everyone should know that surrogacy is not some minor process treatment. The steps in surrogacy are multiple and complicated to perform. Moreover, the main step of surrogacy is to transfer the embryo safely into the surrogate’s uterus and safely deliver the baby. Such a complicated treatment must be performed in a country where the laws are in favour of couples. Additionally, that country must have the right technology to perform the treatment without causing harm. Therefore, here we are with the best option for everyone. A surrogacy clinic in Canada is the best option for everyone to have their treatment at. This centre has everything necessary for a successful treatment.

Why choose World Fertility Services as the best surrogacy clinic in Canada?

As we know there are many clinics to provide surrogacy; however which one is the best? The best surrogacy agency in Canada is none other than World Fertility Services. There are many reasons why people should choose this centre over others:

  • Best procedure and suitable treatments
  • Highly skilled doctors with high experience
  • Professional staff members with a friendly nature
  • Hygiene and cleanliness are taken care of
  • Advanced treatments with personalized procedure
  • High technology and high-tech equipment
  • Various techniques and compassionate care
  • Affordable cost with successful outcomes
  • Website:
  • Call on: +91-9560712022

Which are the top 5 surrogacy clinics in Canada?

We need to learn about the top 5 surrogacy clinics in Canada because people always need various options for their choice. Therefore, here is the information regarding the best surrogacy clinic in Canada:

·         World Fertility Services –

World Fertility Service is the best surrogacy agency in Canada. People can even look for a surrogate mother in Canada at this place. They would not be expected to pay any extra charges other than what the doctors need to spend on the treatment. Moreover, the success rates at this centre are so high that everyone can rest assured of their treatment’s successful outcome.

·         Go IVF Surrogacy –

Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the best surrogacy clinics in Canada. With the high technology and various techniques, this centre has been helping couples all over the world for 12 years. This centre provides affordable treatments where only the genuine price is asked from couples. Moreover, this centre gives all information regarding the treatment to the couple to prepare their minds.

·         Select IVF –

Select IVF has been in work for 15 years and still is dedicated to providing help to every couple in the world. Till now they have helped many couples to achieve parenthood. Moreover, this centre always follows the laws, rules and regulations. Also, they run a thorough medical checkup of the couple before performing the treatment.

·         We Care IVF Surrogacy –

We Care IVF Surrogacy provides the treatment of surrogacy in Canada for foreigners at an affordable price. This centre offers the best services and facilities to them. Moreover, they also make sure to provide the treatments by the best doctors who are specialists and are highly qualified. These doctors would not make any mistakes during the treatment and would dedicate their whole attention to achieving successful outcomes.

·         Elite IVF –

Elite IVF, just as the name suggest is a place where the treatment is performed through elite manners. This centre would never treat anyone unjustly or rudely. From the doctors to the staff members, everyone at this centre is polite and friendly to the patients. Moreover, this surrogacy Canada agency has affordable surrogacy prices in Canada. This affordable price with high success is another reason why everyone should choose this centre.

What are the benefits provided by a surrogacy clinic in Canada?

Now that we know about the best surrogacy centres in Canada we should learn about the benefits these centres can provide their patients. This way everyone would know what they should look for when they are looking for a clinic.

  • The number one benefit of the best centre is that they prioritize safety over the success of the treatment. If any treatment can bring harmful effects then the clinic would not proceed with it.
  • Secondly, this centre of surrogacy in Ontario Canada provides successful outcomes. The success rate of the treatments here is high. Surrogacy success rate can be 90%.
  • Thirdly, this centre provides affordable costs of treatments. Surrogacy in Canada price here is a reasonable cost that everyone can afford.
  • Moreover, this centre has brilliant doctors who specialize in fertility treatments. They also have various skills and methods to perform the treatment.
  • Another benefit of this surrogacy Canada agency is that they have high technology and the high tech equipments. The techniques at this centre are various.
  • Additionally, this centre focuses on the hygiene and cleanliness of their building. Without hygiene a place is not safe for patients to be at.
  • Lastly, they also have professional staff members with friendly nature to help couples relax themselves during their treatments.
What is the surrogacy success rate in Canada?

After learning everything about the best clinic for surrogacy in Canada, we should head to learn about the surrogacy success rate in Canada. The success rate of a treatment is necessary to learn about before having that treatment. If the success rate is not high then the treatment is bound to fail, at that time every money, effort and time spent on it will go to waste. Therefore, here we are to provide the information regarding the success rate of surrogacy in Canada. With the use of self-gametes, this success rate is around 80% to 85%. However, with donor gametes, this success rate can increase to 90%. This is a really high number for surrogacy treatment. But people must keep in mind there are always factors to affect this high success rate.

The first factor to affect the success rate of a treatment is the health of the couple, and how they are treating their surrogate. If the couple is not healthy then they would not be able to adapt to their treatment. This way they will lose their high success rate. Moreover, if the surrogate is not able to take care of herself, the baby in her womb will be impacted too. Therefore, both the couple’s and the surrogate’s health is necessary for high success.

The second factor is the age of the couple. During surrogacy, doctors collect the gametes of the couple to form an embryo. However, with the high age the fertility rate decreases, and this can lead to many issues in embryo fertilization. Therefore, every couple should choose the right age for their parenthood.

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