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Choose the ideal blanket for the cold this winter.

greyThe arrival of the winter season invites us to recollection, to the stove and nights curled up in bed covered by cosy blankets. This outerwear is indispensable so you can achieve a comfortable and restful sleep, even on the harshest nights.

The variety of possible blankets for a good and warm rest is wide. When the time comes to buy a sherpa blanket for the double bed or that of the children, a few important considerations must be taken into account to avoid making a mistake.

The ideal blanket to spend the cold winters is the one that adapts perfectly to its user, offers a pleasant touch, a relaxing colour, and an attractive design. There are as many possibilities as there are people. However, you can take some useful recommendations so that, in case of doubt, we can choose a single grey blanket that meets the expectations that you may have.

What is a blanket?

Before deciding to buy, it should be clear what we understand by a blanket. And it is that it is not the only textile garment that is used to cover a bed. A blanket should be understood as something other than a more or less thick piece of cloth that we use to cover ourselves at night. This definition could be valid for sheets, quilts, and covers.

Specifically, a blanket, also known as a blanket, is nothing more than a textile garment, generally square or rectangular, used to protect its users from the cold, especially in bed when it is time to sleep. The fundamental difference with the rest of the garments used to dress the bed, such as bedspreads, the quilts as mentioned above, sheets, and covers, is its thickness and the material used in its composition.

What is a blanket for?

After repeating several times that it is used to sleep, this question is meaningless, but it is not. And it is that the blankets can, quite commonly, move from place, not only inside the house but also outside.

It is quite common to use this type of clothing to protect us from the cold on the sofa, covering ourselves, or if it is large enough, the couple and even the whole family. Likewise, reading or listening to music in our favourite chair covered under a warm blanket is very cosy.

On the other hand, it is also possible to use it when we go out into the field, to cover ourselves with it inside the tent or to lie in the sun on the beach or the side of a hill. The blankets are not required, therefore, to remain locked up at home. Its function is expanded, offering more play and utility than the usual clothing in a bed.


The usual measures

When going to an establishment, physical or online, like our store, you have to know what measures we need to fulfil its function in the best possible way, depending on how it will be used regularly, for the double bed, for a small child, for the sofa.

If it is to be used in the double bed or some other, the best thing to do is to take its measurements and increase it a few centimetres so that, when deposited on top, it completely covers it, including the mattress.

The most common dimensions are 90 and 105 cm for children’s beds and 135, 150 or 180 cm for double beds.

Types of blankets according to the material with which it has been made

Another fundamental aspect in choosing the perfect blanket will be the material used in its manufacture since the warmth and touch it provides will directly depend on this. It is the most crucial factor when it comes to falling asleep. There are many possibilities, and these are just some of them.

The wool blanket

This material may not be too soft, but it holds heat like a few others. It is convenient and decorative, and it can be used for all ages, including babies. They are hypoallergenic, a natural product that is free of chemicals that can affect health. They are heavier, and their designs are classic, although there are also more daring, modern and colourful ones. They are very durable, resisting the passing of the years very well. Finally, it should also be noted that they absorb moisture well, favouring perspiration.

The fleece blanket

Possibly the one that keeps the most heat. It is a garment made from polar materials. Therefore, they are specially designed to insulate from the cold. The term fleece refers to a velvet-like fabric. It uses polyester in its manufacture, forming small loops of hair connected to make its heat effect even more effective.

The fur blanket

In this case, it is the latest trend in decoration, although it does not stop it from sheltering since it acts as an insulator. They are incredibly soft, delightful to the touch and offer great versatility; that is, they can be used both for the bed and for the sofa, for the floor and even for travelling. They are very light and more accessible to clean than other blankets.

The coral blanket

This other material also has a pleasant tactile sensation due to its velvety shape. Coral blankets have great calorific value and are very practical to use as sofa blankets. This material creates very light blankets with very little weight, a reason why many prefer them. Finally, it is worth noting their price since they are one of the cheapest that can be found on the market, although, as can be expected, their duration and resistance are usually less.

Cashmere blanket (cashmere)

A natural fabric that will make us forget about the cold. But with which extreme care must when washing it. Regarded as a luxury for bedding and clothing. It is handmade from genuine Kashmir goat wool sourced from the Himalayan mountains and Mongolia. Their fur is lovely, soft, warm and breathable.

The cotton blanket

Finally, the most traditional ones cover only the others.  It is an entirely natural fibre without chemicals. Among its advantages, it is worth mentioning that it absorbs moisture well. It does not form balls. High temperatures and it dries quickly.

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