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Bomb Blankets – the Most Popular Types of Safety Equipment

No matter where you go, keeping yourself safe is always the main priority. In today’s world, you should do everything possible to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Moreover, as the number of crimes increases, so does the demand for security equipment.

Given the increase in thefts and crimes, it’s crucial for all to have the best security equipment for utmost protection. Moreover, it is the most effective way to improve security and efficiency. In addition, a large number of police, military, and law enforcement officers use the best safety equipment in their daily work.

It’s because officers have to deal with a variety of high-risk situations every day in order to safeguard individuals around them. As a result, it’s crucial that they have the finest protection possible by carrying the best safety equipment. One of the best such equipment is bomb blankets. Bomb blankets are a common tool which protect military personnel  to shield themselves from bomb blasts and shrapnel.

What are Bomb Blankets?

The bomb blanket, sometimes also referred to as the ballistic blanket, is made by combining multiple layers of Kelver to increase security against electrical explosions and bomb blasts. They include straps around the edges and corners so you can adequately confine and wrap an item with them.

Bomb blankets provide varied levels of protection, just like other ballistic defense devices. For instance, they provide NIJ levels III-A protection. They are used by special forces to block the windows and doors of a building or vehicle and shield themselves from ballistic projectiles.

These blankets are also used by various security guards and other officers to maintain security in populated areas, such as malls and airports. The best thing is that you can easily buy bomb blankets online in the USA.

Some of the other important safety equipment

Along with bomb blankets, there are many other safety equipment which are brought in use by police and military officers for additional protection. Here is the list of the most popular types of safety gear available :

Bulletproof vests:

  • A bulletproof vest is another popular safety equipment that protects the military officers from external forces and impacts such as gun fires and explosions.
  • These vests are made with bullet-resistant items including Kevlar, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), ceramic, or steel. When a bullet is hit, these materials allow it to strike the vest but not the wearer’s body.
  • This safety equipment is designed to fit like a standard vest, covering the wearer’s front, sides, and back. Although there are several reasons why people buy bullet-resistant gear, they all ultimately serve the same purpose: protection from bullets.
  • It is simple to use a bulletproof vest: simply put it on and go. However, the vest must have the appropriate NIJ Level III-A rating.
  • Many military officers also wear bulletproof vests along with ballistic plates to protect themselves while doing their regular duties.

PASGT Helmets:

  • Although a bulletproof vest is the most important piece of equipment for personal safety, yet it only covers part of the body, leaving the head exposed. Many officers and security guards who work in high-risk situations wear PASGT helmets along with their bulletproof vests to provide a higher level of bodily security.
  • Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) is another popular safety gear in the USA. It was first used by the US military in 1983. These helmets are better every year due to their constant progress.
  • There are many ballistic helmets available in the market but recognizing PASGT helmets is quite simple. It’s because of it’s distinctive shape, which includes a lip over the brow, a low cut over the ear, and a steeper cut around the temples.
  • Many military officers wear PASGT helmets in order to prevent major injuries. In addition to cops, guards also wear these helmets to provide additional ballistic protection.
  • In addition, they are lightweight and designed with multiple layers to provide safety, protection, and comfort to wearers.
  • You can easily get these PASGT helmets online from any defense store.

These are some of the top safety equipment that every officer should definitely own for the top-most protection. To buy bulletproof vests, PASGT helmets, and bomb blankets, always choose a reliable online supplier or your local retailers.

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