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Blue Prism: What Are The Features And Components?


Blue Prism is a worldwide-prominent Robotic Process Automation software that offers solutions pertinent to virtual workspace driven by utility software robots. This aids enterprises in adopting automation in numerous techniques in an economical and agile way. The most effective aspect of the software is the fact that it is based on the Java Programming Language. Therefore, developers who have knowledge about Java can implement the Blue Prism automation solutions to drive the company towards enhanced productivity and growth. Furthermore, it also contains an efficacious Visual Designer with elegant drop and drag functionalities. It has been in business for the last two decades and it is quite different from other tools because it executes a Top-Down approach. Imply Blue Prism Online Training principles and constructs to enter the professions or to become more visible in the organization. It also benefits visual designers by implementing no recorder, intervention, or script approach.

Now, let us peruse a few sections that describe the features and components of Blue Prism.

Features of Blue Prism:

Blue Prism provides the finest Robotic Process Automation technology for developing and managing software robots. It provides efficacious features that streamline the automation process and raises the productivity level.

  • Secure & Accurate: The number of processes that can be implemented with the software is essentially limitless. It ensures optimum accuracy and security of the processes that developers want to automate. Therefore, it also brings reliability as well whilst retaining all the RPA characteristics.
  • Robust: It contains powerful functionalities such as data encryption, load balancing, and comprehensive auditing. Therefore, it ensures that all the alterations are thoroughly audited and informs the user about the changes.
  • Scalable & Resilient: It renders optimum scalability through a robust central management feature. Therefore, it ensures the automation of all the processes as per the user specification and requirements and central management of all the processes.
  • All-Time Availability: Blue Prism ensures that the solutions are available 24*7 and furthermore, it also minimizes the need for user intervention. Thus, the software can operate intelligently without the need for a user to provide instructions every time. Hence, it allows for certain actions to be executed on the screen without the need for a user to monitor the implementation of an action.
  • Analytics: It gives a long list of features to set up Dashboards. Thus, it comprehensively ensures that the session’s redirection can happen automatically to the monitoring systems.
  • Data Security and Data Abstraction: Blue Prism ensures that all the processes are executed automatically, and thus, it utilizes a data center to manage all the processes and storage of process data. Consequently, it yields well-specified security of processes and data abstraction.

Now, let us discuss some of the core components of Blue Prism that comprise all the essentials that ensure effective automation techniques.

Components of Blue Prism:

The functionalities and utility options of Blue Prism cover all aspects of RPA automation techniques. This section succinctly covers four chief components that aid in the secure, accurate, and robust automation of software robots without needing much user intervention.

Process Diagram:

Now, Process Diagrams are primarily business workflows that operate as a software program. Now, since Blue Prism is driven by Java, this component leverages core coding concepts and generates operational process flows such as flow charts. In the software, the Process Diagrams are primarily graphical representations of workflows that help in analyzing, scaling, and modifying business capabilities.

Process Studio:

Now, it is the component where the developers create process diagrams. It offers advanced capabilities like object calls, business logic, variables, control loops, etc. Each created process entails the main page whose execution happens first.

Object Studio: 

Now, in the enterprise application, there is a need to have a communication system with external applications to automate certain tasks. Thus, since communication is difficult in process studio, Object Studio becomes relevant.

Application Modeler:

It is basically an important functionality that creates important application models with the help of Object Studio. This reveals the User Interface component of the program that software robots have to work on.


The relevance of software robots has become quite widespread in the preceding years. This is primarily due to their beneficial aspects in increasing the productivity, efficiency, and growth of the company. Now, this is because it allows users to automate certain non-profitable tasks. Consequently, it gives them the freedom to shift their focus on the tasks that can give profits. Hence, there is a vast function range for software such as Blue Prism. Essentially, it further streamlines the management of software robots and the implementation of RPA techniques. Thus, if you have an interest in building a lucrative career in this field, undergo Blue Prism Training in Noida, obtain a reputable certification, and develop core competency to direct your career towards a high-remuneration and irreversibly growing career graph.


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