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It’s funny how Studios turned squid games down- accusing for their unrealistic storyline, and how today people are all crazy for the Squid Game Merchandise. The series became a massive hit after Netflix agreed to put it online, gaining an immense viewership from all over the world. Some top faces of Korea were seen playing the lead roles. As a result, not only did the series become famous, but also its merchandise gained a lot of love.

But wait, you are a part of that group of people who still don’t know much about these products? Well! Do not worry, as you are on the right path. The forthcoming content will discuss some significant squid game merchandise you can own. So without any further due, let’s have a look.

Squid Game Merchandise you must own

1. The Participant Costume

The participants in the series were seen wearing a green-colored outfit in the series. However, they weren’t wearing any normal green color. Instead, the designers specially used the cool green color to embrace the innocence of all the participants. 

In addition, the tracksuit comes with a white-colored smooth zipper along with 2 pockets on both sides of the pants. 

The tracksuit is perfect for you if you want to look elegant and embrace your fan feeling in front of the world. 

2. The Pink Army

The pink army was no other than the soldiers or staff members of the squid game. These people wore pink-colored tracksuits that looked similar to the participant’s costumes. However, one major difference is the black-colored belt tied around every other staff member.

Staff members also hid their faces under a black-colored mask with different shapes drawn upon them. 

3. The VIPs

VIPs were least noticed yet one of the important parts of the whole series. These people were the main culprit behind the whole situation as they had created game series just for their own sake: Entertainment. 

These people don’t wear any specific costume in general. However, they had expensive-looking golden-colored crowns placed over their heads. These crowns also acted as the mask as half of the Vip’s faces were hidden behind them. So make a statement among the group of your friends this Halloween by wearing this merchandise. Get your favorite crown and a three-piece suit, and you are ready to rock the world. 

4. Green Squid Game Player 456 Tracksuits for Men

Although this one comes under that category of all ‘Participants costumes, “there is something that sets this outfit apart from all other clothing pieces. The secret to its fame lies within the character who had worn it in the series.  

Yes, we are talking about Seong Gi-hun, the main protagonist of the whole series. He was middle-aged, financially deprived, and mentally stressed after his loving wife left him. Hence he transformed into an. Mentally disturbed men and got obsessed with gambling. However all. His financial issues come to an end after he unwillingly wins the game. 

The character, all in all, represents the uncertainties and unexpected life changes. This costume will be a great match for you if you are an individual who believes in these types of ideas. 

Just like other participants, this costume is also a tracksuit with obtaining white strip, a black zipper, and smooth pants with two functional pockets. 

5. The Black Mask

As mentioned earlier as well, all the soldiers of the pink army were seen wearing block-colored masks to hide their faces, along with a shocking pink tracksuit. However, you can use the mask as a solo clothing piece as well if you are not willing to invest a huge sum of money. 

The marks have multiple small holes for easy breathing, along with two black-colored stripes. So get your order, pair it up with anything such as a black-on-black outfit, and you are all good to go. 

6. The Doll Costume

Remember that huge, cute yet deadly doll who had killed an immense amount of players in the game’s first stage? Although this costume would be a little bit creepy to wear, it is perfect for Halloween. The case gets even more special if you want to showcase an intense personality this year.

Our suggestion

Although there is a long list of options, you can consider buying all of the, yet we would suggest you select a well-known and trusted brand in this regard, such as the Squid Game Official Merchandise. The site is known for providing excellent quality within the nominal price range. Plus their delivery is also fast, cheap and easy as well. What else do we want? 

Final verdict

On the bottom line, squid game merchandise has gained an immense amount of importance after the release of the series. Some popular options include the Green squid game player 456 tracksuits for men, the doll costume, and the list goes on. Yet make sure to go with a renowned brand.

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