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Best Places in Greece to Visit in October

Pre-winter, the time has come to recollect the opposite side of Greece magnificence. The lavish green woodlands, the huge grape plantations, the miracles of nature, and the accommodating mountain towns set you up for a great pre-winter occasion.

October is the ideal month for all explorers who visit Greece for an elective occasion, a potential open door, looking to find what a spot can truly offer when you leave to the side the brilliant sandy sea shores of the mid-year. It is, nonetheless, the season for the individuals who are searching for something else, something more strong, extreme, and genuinely remarkable. 

Along these lines, you will see many places you could visit in October in Greece! Since fall in southern Europe is gentle, the weather conditions feel like pre-fall and permit few trips. The ocean has heated up the entire summer and has a pool temperature, while the urban communities are less sharp and invigorated for the new season. And in the summer, with the rainy season, you might see a lot of blockages and problems that make you get services like αποφραξεισ μαρουσι(Apofraxeis Marousi). 

Greek Islands

A portion of the Greek islands is at the highest point of our decisions. The southern of the little Greek islands – the Dodecanese and the Cyclades – are still warm and bright until October – and have many sea shores to appreciate. Rhodes, for instance, with the delightful stone-cleared city of Lindos and its old remains and the minuscule Kastellorizo, which is cool and tasteful. You will likewise adore Symi and Patmos. 

Everything will be extraordinary, whichever island you could pick. Surprisingly better on the off chance that you attempt a touch of Greek island bouncing around them too. If you would rather not move far from Athens, we recommend the island of Aegina. Although it isn’t summer, we have a certainty vote in the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf. 

This island is right “nearby” to Athens, only 35 minutes if you take a flying dolphin from Piraeus Port. Aegina is the best decision for a one-day journey. Begin with a comfortable walk around Paliahora, the middle age capital of the island. Then visit the Temple of Aphaia and a short time later taste some nearby ouzo joined by the popular Greek hors d’oeuvres called “mezedakia.”

Central area Greece

Aside from the Greek islands, there are different spots in Greece for anybody who needs to escape the urban scenes. Assuming that you have spent a piece of your vacation in Athens and are presently searching for an elective journey that will bring you nearer to nature, we have a few ideas for you. You can constantly escape from the clamouring capital by requiring a little road trip and partake in the normal magnificence, history, and traditional food of Greece’s central area.


Argos might be the capital of Argolida, yet the pleasant Nafplion gets everyone’s attention. Only 150 km from Athens, the second capital of the Greek state, brings a great deal to the table. With numerous verifiable sights, from Bourtzi to the rocky Palamidi, as well as the historical centre and Syntagma Square, the historical backdrop of Nafplion and the Greek state will intrigue you. The picturesque shopping stores have experienced exceptional refinement so that you will appreciate strolling around the commercial centre.


This region has an extraordinary history and exceptional regular magnificence alongside its honourable individual cordiality. Kalavrita is found only 185 kilometres from Athens. The ski resort, the Vouraikos Gorge with the Cog railroad, the cavern of the lakes, the original cloisters, and the delightful mountain towns of Kalavrita are a portion of the area’s attractions. 

One day is sufficiently not; however, if you start early, you will want to do a ton. Remember to visit the towns of the Kalavrita region with their stone-constructed houses where you may sometimes need αποφραξεισ πειραιας services, wood-terminated stoves, and traditional guesthouses.


At around 90 minutes from Athens, with its delightful archaeological destinations and grape plantations, Ancient Nemea is undoubtedly an ideal scene. A lot of horticultural work is done in October, like planting grains (grain, oat, wheat) and collecting organic citrus products. Ranchers are anxious to trust that the principal downpours will plan for furrowing and, in this way, to get ready new wines. 

October is the chief month for making new wines, and Nemea wine is one of the most amazing wines on the planet. It makes it an optimal aspiration during the current month. October occasions are achievements for ranchers and animal ranchers. On Saint Demetrios day (October 26th), the custom is that local people open the barrels and attempt their new wines.


One of the most beautiful archaeological sites (Temple of Apollo, Archeological Museum, Iera Odos, Dome of Athena Pronaia, and so forth). Around 2 hours from Athens, it is close to one of Greece’s well-known winter objections, Arachova. Begin promptly in the first part of the day to make up for lost time with a short visit through cosmopolitan Arachova, the not-yet-frigid Parnassos, and even a short stroll to Galaxidi. 

For food, you ought to favour goulash dishes, the neighbourhood cooks’ speciality. You will partake in the view, the warm, and the non-debatable nature of the crude fixings laid out among the good upsides of the bars nearby. You may be sufficiently fortunate to find a table around a chimney or even toward the edge of the overhang. At the same time, you appreciate simmered rarities and the very much cooked new recipes made with affection in recognizable Greek customary paths, generally with unadulterated fixings. 

Arachova, close to Delphi, is a great winter objective that draws in many guests every year, who leave without neglecting to reestablish their arrangement for the following time. It is based on the slants of Mount Parnassos, in an important, regular habitat, with lovely stone houses, and beautiful rear entryways, making a magnificent environment for outright tomfoolery and unwinding. You can partake in the region’s marvels, experience the power of skiing if the weather patterns license it, and loosen up after your experience at probably the best bars to finish your outing without the need of αποφραξεισ αθηνα.


In winter, Karpenisi and its ski resort are among the top objections. In any case, this locale has Evritania, a similarly wonderful spot in fall. In Evritania, you can have a great time in more than one way, some of them being horse riding or taking on exercises with kids in Koryschades at the Tourist Riding And Adventure Park. You can stroll to Megalo and Mikro Horio, investigate its beautiful back streets, or visit the old stories’ historical centres. 

You can make great climbs disregarding the mountains of Chelidon, Kaliakouda, and Panetolikos, to the crevasse of Mavri Spilia and the noteworthy cloister of Proust.

Furthermore, you can track down a lot of tsipouro nearby. You can taste new soul tsipouro in Dominica, the mountain town where an extraordinary tsipouro feast is served each October, with neighbourhood treats and devouring. Remember to eat new fish in the bars of Gavros, on the banks of Karpenissiotis waterway, well known for its trouts.


The ideal choice for mountain views and nature admirers would be the bumpy Korinthia. This spot is encircled by an incredible fanciful colour that will shock you. You will adore walking through quick ways loaded with astonishing beautiful scenes, with Ziria, Helmos, and Olygthoros, or Feneos’ marvellous Kampos living. You are prepared to get lost in the real world and dream. For a tasty break, you could continuously visit one of the nearby bars and taste the profoundly gastronomic dishes of Greek cooking.


You won’t track down something nearer to Athens than this! From a cookout in the forest or a stroll in the havens of the Bafi and Flamburi region to Tatoi and the previous imperial castles, nature in the most noteworthy heap of the Attica Basin is stunning. Parnitha is a decent decision because of its simple access. You can arrive from the National Road Athens-Lamia. An ideal objective for the admirers of climbing and nature where you will likewise track down incalculable bars with a perspective in general of Athens.

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