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Best federal resume writing service

Resume Writing World is a resume writing service. You cannot find professionals here who will create a resume for a certain sum of money. This website offers tools that can significantly simplify writing a resume, CV, or cover letter. However, you have to do it on your own. Considering this, I can answer most newcomers’ central question: “Is the best federal resume writing service safe?” Yes, it is safe as you carefully read the subscription terms. Otherwise, you may lose money, as many users already did.

You may spend a couple of hours creating your perfect resume, and when you are ready to download it, you will find a little unpleasant surprise. To get your resume, you have to buy a subscription. So, if you were wondering, “Is Resume-now free?” you have just got an answer – No, it’s not.

You know, it is a bit dishonest towards the users since I didn’t find any notifications or at least the slightest signs that I would need to pay for this service. So, you can spend a few hours thinking that this service is free, and then you discover you need to pay for it.

Pros and Cons


  • Good trial package conditions
  • Free writing tips and samples
  • User-friendly navigation


  • Bad online reputation
  • No information that the service is not free
  • Online chat works on the schedule
  • Info Online reputation

Info Guarantees

Since the best federal resume writing service does not provide writing service or similar help, they do not have revision or refund policies. Besides, you can test all the available tools before purchasing them. In other words, you see what you are buying. Hence, such things as Resume now refund or revision policy don’t exist here.

Info Types of Services customer service offers subscription types that allow you to use the website’s tools and create your resume. If you choose one of these options, you will need to write a resume yourself, but the available tools may make this process easier and faster. 

Ordering Process

Purchasing a subscription is a straightforward task—no need to search where you can learn about their package options. Just start creating your resume and once you have done everything you need, click the Finish Resume button, and you will be redirected to a package choice page.

There, you will find three types of subscriptions. Select the one which suits you the best. Once you confirm your choice, you must indicate your credit card number and other payment information.

Prices and Fees

Be very attentive when choosing a subscription option. Otherwise, you can overpay and will be charged by the service automatically. So, what does Resume-now offer its customers? There are three options, and two of them are trials.

The first trial will cost you $1.45, and you can use the service for 14 days. This only option with limited access doesn’t include a cover letter builder and a resume check feature.

The second choice of a trial package includes the complete list of features. It also lasts 14 days but costs $1.95. By choosing one of the trial packages, you agree that after 14 days, you will be automatically charged $24.99 every four weeks.

The third package is also a bit tricky. You see that monthly access costs only $10.45. Nevertheless, you have to purchase an annual subscription . You cannot pay $10.45 every month. You must buy a yearly subscription of $125.40 and spend the real money at once.

On the one hand, in this way, you will save money every month. On the other hand, do you need this service for an entire year? As for me, the tools presented on this website can be helpful for some short periods, like 14 days or a month, but they can hardly be in need for 12 months.

Paper Quality

In this section of a best federal resume writing service review, I need to say about the quality or the usefulness of the features that the company offers. Well, if you choose a trial and pay only $2, these features are worth the money.

Customer Support

There is an online chat, but you can use it only during working hours. The company doesn’t provide all-day round support. You can also call them and clarify any issues you have. Their schedule for different countries is available on the site. 

Offers and Extra Services

I want to add some offers and extra features in this Resume writing world review, but I didn’t find any except a trial subscription. However, there is one thing that can be classified as extra help.

On this website, you can find some writing tips on a resume, CV, and cover letter. Besides, you can check some samples to see how resumes should be organized and what information is necessary to provide. Fortunately, this type of service is free for users.

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