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Beauty and the Blade: What is and how is Dermaplaning facial?

Dermaplaning facial is one of those hella-hyped skin treatments that everyone is fascinated with right now, but not everyone knows exactly what this beauty treatment is all about. Unlike other trendy treatments, Dermaplaning treatment uses sharp blades. Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons of Dermaplaning, as well as what you can expect from a session.  Best skin dermatologist in Dehradun that provides specialist services in face and body care. We are dedicated to the aesthetics of the skin and everything that goes with it.

What is Dermaplaning facial?

Dermaplaning facial blading or micro planing is a cosmetic skin treatment that involves using a small, sharp blade to exfoliate your skin. It helps in removing dead skin or dead skin cells from your face. Dermaplaning can help-

  • Dry Skin
  • Uneven Skin
  • Acne Scars
  • Sun-Damaged Skin
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

How does Dermaplaning work?

Dermaplaning is like shaving. But while shaving removes only the hair that grows or is visible above the skin, Dermaplaning removes the top layer of your skin instead of the hair itself. Although your or everyone else’s skin cells do this renewal process naturally in their own way, Dermaplaning can help speed up this process of change.

A professional who performs Dermaplaningwill gently scrape your skin with a sterile blade or razor held at a 45-degree angle. This process helps in exfoliating a new layer of skin, removing unwanted hair or dead cells, or other skin-related beauty problems. Dermaplaning can give your face an even tone, smooth skin, and glowing and radiant skin.

Benefits of Dermaplaning facials-

The results of dermaplaning may vary from person to person, but some of its potential benefits are as follows-

  • Baby hair removal for smooth and even tanned skin and texture
  • reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and wrinkles
  • Giving skin a bright, dewy glow tone
  • Reducing skin damage or scars from acne or sun tan.

How to prepare for your Dermaplaning session?

Before your treatment, talk to your provider ie who is going to conduct this session for you or on you. Your skin type, medical history, and what are your expectations from this treatment or what are you getting the treatment done to get That is, your own expectation from the treatment, sit comfortably and discuss all the things once with your provider or the one who is going to treat you with complete clarity. Your provider will assure you that Dermaplaning is the best method for you, To deal with your skin. Of course! With the right reasoning and reasons, you are satisfied and you get answers to all your queries. He will tell you that you will need to go without any makeup when you go for your session or treatment. They may also reschedule the session if your skin is affected by sunburn or if you have a pimple or scar that is fresh and can irritate and stress your skin.

Of course, you should know that even a simple facial is not recommended if there is any kind of problem with the facial skin, then this is the Dermaplaningtreatment.

What happens during the appointment-

First of all, the person who is going to give you the treatment will sanitize your face and prepare it for the treatment. After that, he will start the Dermaplaning process. You may feel a slight tingling or burning sensation when the blade catches or holds your skin, but overall the treatment is painless. Many people even say that it is a comfortable procedure, and is done comfortably. However, whatever you feel, do tell the person giving it in the treatment.


Skin care after treatment

Although no downtime is needed or required after Dermaplaning, you may experience redness or sensitivity for a few days. As soon as it is correct, you should be able to see the complete result or get it. Your provider may advise or recommend that you avoid harsh exfoliants until the outer layer of your skin has fully recovered, which is not surprising given that you’ve had a beauty skin treatment, And it’s not unusual for a few days of aftercare to be recommended or performed after any treatment. This is normal. Apart from this, you have to avoid the direct rays of the sun. Rather you have to avoid sunlight for a few days.

Why? Because sunburn or sunburn can reverse your skin results, and can increase the risk of hyperpigmentation ie dark spots on your skin. So remember to layer yourself with sunscreen with SPF before stepping out.

Possible side effects of dermaplaning-

However, dermaplaning is a relatively low-risk procedure when done by a good professional who is perfect in his work. But still, side effects can happen or happen with anything. It also likes-

  • redness
  • acne flared up
  • small cuts or nicks
  • increased sensitivity

Dermaplaning involves a sharp blade, so there is an outside chance that it could lead to infection, scarring, etc. But this type of side effect is rare and not easily seen.

How much does Dermaplaning cost?

The cost of Dermaplaning depends on the provider and its setup. Just like there is a difference between getting a facial done in a hi-fi parlor and a facial done in a neighborhood parlor, similarly. But in general, for a session of half an hour, it can take from 100 to 250 rupees.

Is it right for you?

Whether your skin is oily or dry or mixed, dermaplaning can be effective on most skin types. But let me remind you once again that if you are taking any kind of skin treatment or have a pimple breakout or your skin is healing from sunburn etc. then treatment is not recommendable for you at present. Let the skin recover naturally first. Although Dermaplaning takes you one step closer to your skincare process, a one-time appointment won’t give you long-term results for happy-healthy skin. You may need to have this treatment once in 4 to 6 weeks for the best results. By the way, your provider can guide you better in this regard considering your skin damage or its need.

Get treatment from a professional

Although nowadays this treatment is easily available in many beauty salons and spas, taking this treatment from everyone is not advisable. Therefore, it would be best to take the help of a skin specialist. Even if he does not give you this treatment himself, he will recommend you to someone who is professional. So go with the process and system, for your own good. Choose the right way and way for your good. Will be better

For your information-

Keep in mind that Dermaplaning sounds very hopeful and attractive, but there is no solid evidence yet to prove that Dermaplaning is actually effective. Or say that there is no solid research or research, which can prove its credibility.

At a glance-

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment plan where a professional will use a thin razor or scalpel to exfoliate your skin. It can remove dead skin cells, baby hairs, and other skin impurities to reveal a new layer of skin from within. Dermaplaning can give the skin a soft and dewy glow and can change or improve your Skin Texture.

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