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Located around 60 kilometres down from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is one similar sightseer spot that has traditionally been discovered by callers over the times and has now become a well- known weekend flight. Indeed though it’s most well- known for its shoes and its verdure, Nandi Hills is also a popular literal fort that’s home to a number of tabernacles, monuments and sanctuaries.
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The place was preliminarily used by the notorious sovereign Tipu Sultan as a summer retreat, and several traces of the Sultan’s life and heritage can be planted in the area. His summer hearthstone can still be planted in Nandi Hills. The house was called Tashk-e-Jannat, whose painted walls, intricate archways, high pillars and adeptly drafted ceilings attract excursionists and callers indeed. Nandi Hills is also home to some notorious tabernacles and sanctuaries similar to the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva and his companions-Parvati and Nandi.
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This tabernacle is also an architectural wonder and passage spot because it’s one of the oldest tabernacles in the area. Piecemeal from its literal spots and heritage monuments, Nandi Hills is also notorious for its touring trails, cycling routes and adventure sports similar as paragliding. It’s truly the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful retreat from life in the megacity and take in some of the stylish views the country has to offer.


Nandi Hills Highlights:


  • Visit the inconceivable Jaramadagu falls encircled by lush, in the Chikkaballapur region.
  • Visit the Amaranarayana Temple and get spiritual perception and vibes and substantiate the marvelous Tashk-e-jannat, a palace brilliantly sculpted pillars and beautifully painted walls.
  • Seek peace and quiet down from the chaotic world at the delve near the spot and get a chance to be amidst the shadows at the‘ covetousness of the welkin’.
  • Nandi Hills is one of the stylish edge points from where one can enjoy the glistering suns and evenings.


Points Of Interest for Nandi Hills:



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You can not visit Nandi Hills without trying your hand at paragliding. There are only a many places in the country where you can try paragliding, and this is one of the most graphic conditioning you can engage in when you’re there, which involves gliding over lush green denes and mountains.




A favourite exertion amongst youthful people who visit Nandi Hills is boarding on its foothills. It’s the perfect discrepancy to megacity life in concrete structures, where you can speak a cozy camp and spend the night down from the hustle and bustle of the megacity.




People find Nandi Hills and it surroundings nearly infectious because of the ideal conditions. For biking and cycling that can be planted in the area. The altitude coupled with the décor and the well- made biking trails make it the perfect place to enjoy biking alone, or with musketeers.




Still, you ca n’t visit Nandi Hills without checking out one of its numerous trekking trails. If you’re an adventure sucker and you prefer spending your weekend productively.


The green hills, the lush jungles and the gorgeous shoes make for some satisfying journeys. Some of the most popular journeys include the day journey to Horagina Betta and the journey to Channagiri.


Amrita Sarovar


A visit to the Amrita Sarovar is a must. If you’re Here because of its natural and man- made beauty. It’s an imperishable spring that has been bound on four sides with way-suchlike structures and archways.






It sees flocks of excursionists then during the time of daylight and evening. The tinges of red, unheroic and orange cover the surroundings and make the hills look like surreal. Hence, it’s at all times advised to visit. The hills either during the early morning hours or as soon as the sun sets in the evening.


How To Reach Nandi Hills


The safer way to reach  is by taking a particular vehicle. If you have limited time or seek comfort. Alternatively, you can choose KSRTC motorcars from the machine stand and reach. Within 2-3 hours from Bangalore megacity centre.


You can also head out to Chikballapur. Which lies at a distance of 10 KM from Nandi Hills and to cover. The remaining distance, you can conclude for a bus lift.


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