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Ash Kaashh[Emerging Model] Life Style, And Body Size

Ash Kaashh has become an emerging, a famous American model, social media star who is becoming more well as a TikTok model who hails from Chicago, Illinois. Her birth date was the 9th of January, 1998 so she is now 23 years old.

You can follow Ash On Instagram with the name ash.kaashh and has an impressive 2.3 million fans.The first Instagram post of the influencer was uploaded to Instagram in August of 2018 and is a declaration of: “I am going to become millionaire.”

Her journey as an influencer on social media is just beginning, but she’s already rattling through the milestones of follower and subscriber in a frenzied pace.

With her worldwide fame on the rise, it will be fascinating to discover what this social media influencer chooses on doing with her new popularity

Who Is Ash Kaashh?

Ash Kash, better known as Ash Kaashh, is a famous TikTok model who specializes in fitness, fashion, in addition to nail art. She is also famous for her part on the well-known content website and is becoming increasingly well-known on Instagram.

Ash Kaashh works as a model and has collaborated with companies like Fashion Nova through their influencer program. Ash Kaashh works as a model and has collaborated with companies like Fashion Nova through their influencer program. 

As with numerous models as well as social media celebrities, Ash Kaashh has taken advantage of the OnlyFans platform to support herself financially, and also help her fans locate the best content they’re seeking.

Kaashh charges $49.99 for a monthly subscription to her account on OnlyFans, however she had only uploaded around 21 pictures as of 2022. Despite the few posts she’s posted, she’s already received more than 6,400 followers on her Instagram account.

Before becoming an influencer on social media, Ash Kaashh was a nail artist in Chicago, Illinois. Kaashh’s newfound fame has enabled Kaashh to indulge in an extravagant lifestyle, one that she loves to share through social media. Here you are: Home / Cold Hard Facts Who is Ash Kash? (Everything to Learn)

Who Is Ash Kaash dating?

Ash Kaashh is currently dating the Atlanta Hawks’ young point guard, Sharife Cooper. The majority of fans believe that one Ash’s most recent viral videos with his “When your sugar daddy finally requests more sugar” format was a the context of Cooper.

While Cooper appeared to have everything going right in his life , including his model girlfriend and his career with the National Basketball Association, it appears that his basketball professional career might have ended after his previous professional league.

Body Measurement

Ash Kaashh is about 5 6 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg. Her eyes have a color of Hazel as is her hair. color is Dark Brown. Ash Kash is also a fitness enthusiast. Her body is slim and her appearance is stunning.

Height In Feet Inches 5 6″

The Meters in the Measurement: 1.67 m

In Centimetres: 167 cm

Weight In Kilograms: 55 kg

In Pounds: 121 lbs

The Body’s Measurements (Approx.) 38-25-36 inches
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Hazel
Skin Tone Fair

 Age, And Birthplace

She’s 24 in 2022. She was born on January 09 1998, at Chicago, Illinois to American Family . She was raised in Chicago.


Ash Kaashh is from Chicago, Illinois. She is well-known for her modeling and fashion pictures in her home country. She tweeted “I will become millionaire” in 2018 via the Twitter page. Ash Kash is the popular model on Onlyfans where she uploads stunning and attractive photos and videos to her paid subscribers. There are millions of her followers following who follow her on Instagram along with Tiktok.

She posts pictures of herself modeling on Instagram and posts lip-sync-style videos on TikTok. Ash Kaashh has hired a Celebrity Marketing Agency called Social Kings Agency to oversee her brand as well as social-media-related collaboration. She as well as Sara Jean Underwood are Fashion Nova models.

A Few Facts About Ash Kaashh

  • Ash Kash is a tattoo enthusiast and also is tattooed on her body
  • She is an experienced nail artist, and her brand name is Heaven Sent Nails.
  • Ash has an exclusive Fans account via TikTok and charges the $49.99 monthly subscription fee
  • She has 645k+ followers on Twitter
  • Ash Kaashh works with many fashion brands.
  • Ash Kaashh’s net worth is $190,000 (estimated) according to her primary source of income comes from sponsorship and business.

Youtube Channel

There isn’t an channel on Youtube that is an official channel on Youtube until February 2022.

TikTok Account

Her official account on Tiktok is now closed in July 2021 she does not have an official account on Tiktok.

Instagram Account

Her Instagram username is Ash.Kaashh. The account she uses to upload her Hot Pictures to her account. A majority pictures are Selfie. At the time of writing, June 20, 2022. she had more than three million fans on her Instagram account.

The Ash Kash’s Instagram account has an engagement rate of 9.51 percent which is higher than the average numbers of people who follow her on her account.

Followers 2,985,470
Average Likes 282,189
Average Comments 1,844
Average Video Views 603,840
Engagement Rate 9.51%


Snapchat Account

Ashaley’s Snapchat username is LuvNukkiBaby and the profile has more than 182k followers. She posts Daily Lifestyle on Snapchat.  Read Also: mikaylademaiter

Twitter Account

Her Twitter user name can be found as @ash_kaashh. Her account was created in June of 2019. The account is averaging 645k followers by the time it reaches 2022. She responds to her followers on her account.

Education & Religion Details

Education Graduate
School Name Local High School
Name of the College Unknown
Religion Christian

Did Ash Kaashh Delete Her TikTok Account?

Yes Ash Kaashh has removed her hugely popular TikTok account as shown through the hyperlink within the bio of her Instagram bio.

The only social media accounts Kaash is currently posting via Twitter are and her Instagram and her OnlyFans account, as well as a directory that she has added to her email address for business.

At present Ash Kaashh is averaging three millions of followers on Instagram and the platform has replaced TikTok.

While her rise to fame initially began by lip-syncing on Twitter, Kaassh has moved her concentration on Instagram as well as Twitter.

Kaashh’s Instagram page showcases her adventures around the globe as well as her numerous designer clothes.

Many of her latest posts are about her outfits that she wears when walking her brand new French Bulldog, Astro.

Ash Kaashh is known for showing the body she has in various swimming suits since she’s typically at the pool or on the ocean.

Kaashh is frequently seen wearing short tennis skirts and tight-fitting dresses that highlight her slim figure.

Although some may prefer to make use of Instagram to express their thoughts with pictures, Kaashh prefers to keep her captions brief and let the pictures speak for herself.

The comments on her pictures are filled with admiring fans who want just a little of her admiration.

If she’s not posting another picture from one of her highly stylized clothes, she’s posting on Twitter trying to assist her followers to understand her more precisely as an individual.

On the 26th of August 2022 Kaashh posted on Twitter to discuss the moments of sweetness she’s had the pleasure of sharing the love of her life with him, for example, the time she sat in his seat in a drunken state, singing him songs of love.

How Did Ash Kaashh Become So Rich?

Ash Kaashh has earned the bulk of her money through her activities as model as well as a social media influencer also a business owner.

Her main source of income comes from brand deals she negotiates and the OnlyFans account.

Kaashh has seen a surge in the social media world when she shared an image of the caption, “I’m Going to Be a Millionaire,” on Instagram just before she reached the financial threshold.

A single of her more effective ways to earn money is through sponsored posts she posts on Instagram for companies like Fashion Nova.

Ash Kaashh will always be prepared to sign up for new brand partnerships . It is willing to accept a price starting of $25,000 for each brand endorsement.

This amount of money has allowed this young media sensation to live the life she always longed to have for herself as well as her family.

Since she no longer has to worry about her next pay check, Kaashh has been living her dream of travelling across the globe, and often going to exotic locations.

It is believed that she earns approximately $500,000 per year, however the exact figure has been unable to be verified.

Here you are: Home / Cold Hard Facts Who is Ash Kash? (Everything to Learn)

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