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Andharban Forest Trek : Explore the Dark Forest

In which area is Andharban forest?

Andharban forests is a perfect destination for many travelers who want to experience a thrilling adventure such as those found in the forests. This is an evergreen Forest situated at an altitude of 2160ft within the Tamhini Ghats. It measures around 13 km long. Andharban literally means Dark dense forest. Andhra refers to ‘Dark’, and ban translates to ‘dense forests in Marathi. The reason it is named this way is that a significant part is shady and dark. It typically takes 5 hours to complete 13km of trekking. It’s safe to say that it is the most sought-after trekking route in Maharashtra and has drawn thousands of visitors from across India.


The best time to do this hike?

Monsoons are the ideal time to embark on this trek as in monsoons, it’s one of the freshest and rejuvenating treks , an ideal option if you require a break from your routine. Another reason to go during this time of year is that it is the time that deserted and barren mountain landscapes transform into lush green meadows that will surely be the perfect paradise of Sahyadri. Alongside monsoon, it is also possible to hike post-monsoons, as the dense forest holds the chilling winter breezes and the monsoon’s water.


Things to bring to carry for this hike

  • Hat / Cap during daylight sun
  • 10-12 L of water
  • Insect repellent ( because mosquitoes can be the most irritating on these walks)
  • Cosmetics, which include creams, sunscreen, moisturizers, all kinds of soaps, lip balms and various other accessories.
  • Toiletries
  • Rain cover Rain cover
  • Extra dry clothes in a couple of pairs
  • Sandals / Floaters / trekking shoes that are comfortable and waterproof to walk in.
  • The mobile and wallet covers are waterproof
  • First aid kit
  • All kinds of medicines are available in case of you are in an emergency
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel Towel
  • Binoculars
  • A head torch or a normal torch due to the fact that in forests it can be difficult to get electric power
  • Sleeping bags for sleeping
  • Mosquito nets
  • Navigation Compass


Why should you visit this trek? Andharban trek?

It is also known as the paradise of Sahyadri because in the monsoons, the views you see when you travel there is something that you will not find anywhere else. During this time you will see exotic wildlife, like the Indian giant squirrel, and the chirping of birds such as dwarf kingfishers and chaataks, malabar whistling birds. In addition, you can witness the leaves fluttering and the gushing of waterfalls.

As you stroll through this forest in fog, you’ll be able to see amazing panoramas of the Kundalika valley, as well as hear streams of water, and flowing waterfalls. You can walk across these massive water streams, with the vale on one side and the water from the other with this eerie forest that is sure to surprise you with unexpected surprises at every turn! It’s a nature lover’s paradise, you’ll end at the top of an incline with a breathtaking panorama of the Kundalika valley, Bhira dam and the numerous mountain ranges in Tamhini Ghats. Apart from the stunning landscapes, visitors will also take in the diverse species of flora and fauna.



The forest may turn extremely dark, especially due to the presence of fog in the rains, the trail is clearly visible with a very low chance of a mishap. It is important for trekkers to be cautious of leeches. We suggest wearing long-sleeved or full-sleeved clothing. There are markers put up by previous travellers to mark routes to stay clear of. In many locations the fallen logs of trees are laid horizontally on trails and must be removed.

There are signs created in the forests to help the trekkers on their way. The primary attraction of this trip is the waterfalls you’ll encounter on as you travel. The rushing waterfalls that occur during monsoons are the most popular photo-taking location for visitors and you will take a fantastic picture of yourself during this time.


The waterfalls in these locations are a amazing experience for visitors and at times, when there is a ray of sun, you could experience the eye-catching moment when the waterfall and the ground are joined by the appearance of a rainbow. It is something people would are willing to die for (I am).).

The foliage is incredibly abundant here and you’ll find yourself walking on soft grass or a floor that is dotted with thick fallen leaves. The good thing lies in the fact that Andharban is also a popular spot to trek at night If you want to make your journey more adventurous try for a night hike however, with the help of an experienced guide.

The reason for the forest’s darkness is the fact that sunlight barely gets through the thick forest canopy layers creating a place that is fascinating and fun to explore. The best part is that it’s the mysterious and dark atmosphere that attracts people to go to this area. Because , imagine walking through these thick and deep trees, with just a bit of light getting your bearings Doesn’t it sound thrilling?


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