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All About Hankook Tyres


Are you curious to find out what tyre would suit your vehicle? Tyres are the prime contact that your vehicle has with the road. It is very important to keep them in their best shape. This will ensure that they always produce an efficient performance.

Tyres Wrexham will never tolerate you settling for anything inferior to the ideal. We stock a wide range of tyres at our store for your precious vehicle. This guide will help you understand the basics of tyres. Let us read through this article to find out in detail about it.

What Are Hankook Tyres

Hankook was a relatively silent and unknown tyre company. They rose to fame around 2019. Their fame was exponential and they evolved as the sixth-largest tyre manufacturer in the market. This Korean manufacturing company is mainly based in Seoul, South Korea. This tyre company is about seventy-five years old and sells to around 180 countries. It has become one of the most rapidly growing tyre companies currently.

The company Hankook mostly offers tyres for passenger cars and SUVs. They also offer other services like manufacturing car batteries and other automobile parts. This Korean company prides itself on producing technological masterfulness around its clientele. It is safe to assert that this brand rose with its promise of reliability and safety.

Hankook Tyres Currently

Hankook has evolved to be a prime brand in the “Big Ten”. This means that on the list of the world’s ten biggest tyre brands, Hankook is one of the cheapest. These tyres remain more affordably priced compared to the top tyre companies in the market. This company offers a similar level of quality. Sometimes it outperforms its rivals in some aspects including popular brands like Michelin as well as Bridgestone.

Hankook tyres are a famous original company. Even popular Korean carmakers like Kia as well as Hyundai use Hankook tyres on their automobiles. Beyond their home country, BMW, Skoda, Renault and Audi uses Hankook tyres too.

What Hankook Tyre To Go For?

Here is a list of Hankook tyres to choose from:

  • Ventus V2 concept 2- This is Hankook’s high-performance all-season tyre. These are mainly aimed at drivers who drive mid-range sports cars, sports coupes as well as performance vehicles. The Ventus V2 concept 2 offers sharp styling and good performance regardless of the weather or road conditions.

This tyre has a high grip. The silica-enhanced tread blend with improved rolling resistance supervises the fuel economy. The directional efficient tread design features a constant centre rib with interlocking middle blocks and a set of notched shoulders. This enhances steering response as well as sensitive braking.

  • Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10- If you are looking for an all-rounder for a 4×4 then this is the best choice. Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 is an all-terrain tyre with high mileage. The enhanced tread design increases traction on sand, gravel as well as mud. This is also surprisingly quiet in normal road circumstances.

The side grooves make sure that there is stable and precise cornering. The scallop-style grooves showcase a lot of wave sipes that promote grip regardless of the driving surface. This is the perfect tyre for crazy off-road driving. You do not even have to worry about reduced efficiency because they take care of it all!

Why Choose Hankook?

Today’s tyre market is a competitive world where everybody knows Michelin as well as Bridgestone. Hankook is gaining impressive popularity. These affordable tyres offer you a grand list of benefits. On the road, Hankook tyres can show off their efficiency and reliability.

Are you somebody looking for a useful tyre within a cheap range? Well, you have found it! Hankook is more useful than other competitive brands with similar price tags. If you are tight on a budget, you can totally opt for these quality tyres. You will face astonished at their excellent efficiency and reliability!

Hankook Tyres Erdington

We are a proud supplier of Hankook Tyres Wrexham. Our store offers a lavish range of varied tyres to fit your automobile. We keep Tyres Wrexham, which has made us strongly believe in the difference our store can produce by delivering this fine brand.

If you live close to Erdington and are looking for Hankook tyres, you have contacted the right place! Our team of trustworthy staff will assist you to find the best tyre for your automobile. You’ll also discover that Hankook has myriad other options you can opt for from our store.

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