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AccuPoint VS ABELMed – a comprehensive overview!

ABELMed can be used to manage all aspects of a practice, including physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics.

What sets ABELMED apart from the rest?


  • Booking Appointments: The Appointment Scheduler from ABELMed can book appointments and is flexible enough to handle any healthcare facility. It also provides efficient administrative workflows that can be used to help any patient.
  • The Physician Dashboard keeps you on track and tasks: With the Physician dashboard, you will always know where your appointments are and what to do. The Dashboard also provides access to all important ABELMed activities such as Investigations, Encounters, and Appointments. This greatly reduces the number of steps needed to complete daily chores. A third benefit is an ability to see multiple information types on one screen, allowing for additional insight.
  • Patient Encounters Management: The Encounters component in the Dashboard lets you quickly record structured and searchable information about patients during a patient visit. Pre-defined templates can be used for regular interactions to increase accuracy and speed.
  • Extensive billing: ABELMed supports OHIP, WSIB, and HCAI. Reciprocal, Third Party, and Uninsured billing is also supported. Enter Encounter records diagnostic and billing codes to expedite your invoicing. Automated reconciliations, invoicing, statements, and billing can all help you collect more money.
  • Superior Support: We know how important it is to be available whenever you need us. Software support is something we are very passionate about. Our service responsibilities include sharing new information, responding to changes, and working together to solve problems and find solutions.

ABELMed Pros & Cons:

ABELMed Pros:

  • It is very easy to use. The design has great fonts and the right size and space for different icons/tabs. Sign-off or review lab results can be indicated. This is useful for reviewing old paper records, but it still requires a time stamp to allow future auditing/review. You can advance previous encounters which is helpful for diabetic flow sheets. Pre-typed entries can be customized. This is similar to stamps/templates within other EMRs. The support staff is knowledgeable and responsive. Our office had a wonderful trainer.
  • This is a good resource for medical students because it is well-organized. They can take into consideration information such as detailed reviews of systems.
  • It’s a tool that allows a small facility to achieve far more than it can.

ABELMed Cons:

  • Some functions that were not included in the EMRs, later on, are still required.
  • Institutional approval is not possible without many obstacles, which many practitioners don’t want to overcome.
  • It can be difficult to switch between options, especially if you are scheduling appointments over the phone.

What is AccuPoint?

AccuPoint Med’s cloud-based integrated Electronic Health Records Software (EHR), Practice Management (PM) and Medical Billing Solution is AccuPoint Med’s AccuPoint. AccuPoint is appropriate for any size practice that provides Inpatient/Residential services.

AccuPoint offers key features:

  • AccuPoint content management and document management: This module allows users to record all documents electronically, and receive notifications when papers are about to expire.
  • Patient Portal: AccuPoint EHR offers a patient portal that is user-friendly and dedicated. Patients can access their medical history.
  • Built-in Mobile: AccuPointEHR has a Mobile Check-In system. This allows staff and employees to check in and leave their shifts from any mobile device.
  • Note-taking: It is important to take notes during consultations in order to reduce the time spent with patients. A shorter consultation means more patient visits per day, which increases the practice’s revenue.
  • E-prescribing is a function of EHR software that allows doctors to electronically communicate with patients and prescribe medications.
  • AccuPoint EHR provides medical billing and payroll. This module codes and generates invoices automatically based on session notes. It also supports detailed invoicing for fractional hours, multiple claims, payroll reports and claim tracking.
  • Superior Claim Service: AccuPoint EHR offers Superior Claim Service. This means that you don’t need to follow up on claims or deal with denials. AccuPoint will ensure you get paid for every minute you work. AccuPoint EHR software is certified by the ONC.
  • HIPAA Compliant and Meaningful use Compliant: AccuPoint is HIPAA Compliant and Meaningful Usage Compliant. This means that patients’ privacy and practice are protected without any penalties.

AccuPoint Pros & Cons:

AccuPoint EHR Pros:

  • It is the best billing software. It has greatly streamlined our workflow, as well as our practice’s claims processing and payment process. We have seen a significant increase in revenue due to faster payments.
  • Excellent customer service. The client service is excellent. Help tickets are answered quickly and all questions and issues are addressed promptly. This allows my practice to run smoothly for clients and employees.

AccuPoint Cons:

  • Although the initial training sessions were time-consuming and difficult, everything was fine.
  • Inability to get a “demo” before signing up. It was difficult to visualize what we would be received before we spent money on the goods.
Last thought:

Your requirements will determine which option you choose between AccuPoint and ABELMed. ABELMed, a privately-held technology company that offers Windows-based software solutions for healthcare institutions, can be clarified. Through their ABELMed EHR/EMR/PM solution, they enable medical practices to improve their management system. ABELMed software is also used by healthcare professionals, medical office managers, and healthcare IT colleges. The software solution for healthcare professionals, ABELMed EHR/EMR/PM, includes practice management and electronic medical records.

AccuPoint is an Applied Behavior Analysis solution for Practice Management. It offers electronic medical records (EMR), patient scheduling, medical billing, photo archiving, and medical billing to healthcare companies. AccuPoint’s document and content management module allow customers to electronically store their records. The platform can also notify users if papers or records are lost or about to expire. AccuPoint can also be used on mobile devices for recording shift start, and end times and services rendered. AccuPoint also includes an auto-attendant that alerts users if employees are late or fail to show up for work.

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