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7 Tried and Tested Tips for A Speedy and Smooth Home Relocation

There can be endless reasons why you may reckon for a speedy and smooth home relocation. If the rent has spiked up after the renewal of the yearly rent agreement. Or you found your dream home and it is available only if you move in immediately. Or you are the lucky owner who found a potential buyer who is ready to offer more than you expected and wants to move in as soon as possible. However exciting the offers may sound, you should not forget the realistic aspects that you have to deal with

Here are 7 tried and tested tips for a speedy and smooth home relocation:

1. Inform your landlord

First things first; inform your landlord that you are planning to relocate. It is your ethical responsibility to notify the owner of the house about your departure. Your landlord will need some time to arrange the sum of the security deposit and look for new tenants. Let him know at least 30 days prior to the day of your move for a stress-free dealing with him. If you inform him on short notice, he may not agree to pay you back the complete amount of the security deposit.

2. Prompt planning

Every accomplishment is based on perfect planning. As you consider relocating your home in a speedy and smooth way, you need to be a prompt planner. There are certain tasks that you need to do in the preparatory phase of the entire relocation procedure. Below mentioned are a few of them:

  • Make an inventory

Home relocation is an elaborate and time-consuming process. You need to carry a lot of things from your current house to your new house. It is impossible not to miss out on things if you do not make an inventory. Thus, do the needful and jot down the name of all the belongings that you would like to carry to your next home. You can even make separate inventories for separate rooms. This will further help you in organising the move in a better way.

  • Keep the valuables safe

Home relocation is a chaotic experience; no matter whether you do it on your own or hire professionals for the same. Things become more haphazard on the day of the move. You might be looking for some important documents and end up searching the entire house for them. So, to keep the important things sorted you should keep them safe before the doomsday arrives! Pack the precious pieces of jewellery, pricey watches, expensive gadgets, confidential documents, etc. in a distinct bag.

Keep the bag in a particular place under your supervision. Don’t discuss this bag with anybody else. Be mindful to carry this bag within your vehicle as you move to your new house.

  • Pack the essentials

You will need some basic things to get you through the first day after you move to your new place. If you need a bedspread, you cannot keep rummaging all the packing boxes. It will drive you insane. To preserve your sanity, you should pack a few essentials for the first day in your new house. Pack things like a dental kit comprising toothpaste, toothbrush, tongue-cleaner, floss, and mouthwash. You can pack a fresh set of clothes and undergarments, bedspread, towel, some toiletries, and a disposable cutlery set.

Pack all of these things in a separate bag, suitcase, or packing box. Carry it in the personal vehicle so that it does not get mixed up with the other boxes in the moving truck.

3. Reduce the size of the move

De-clutter your belongings before you carry out a home relocation. This will help you in straining out the essentials from the rest of the lot. You should consider moving only the essential items with you. You can choose to sell, donate, or dispose of the inessential items.

There is no point in carrying the unnecessary clutter from one house to another expending extra on the cost of moving them through a logistics company. Any transportation and logistics company will charge you according to the size of your move and the distance of your move. The distance of your move is a fixed factor whereas the size of your move is the variable factor. Cut down the size of your move to cut down the transportation costs.

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4. Contact the professionals

The best way to manage a home relocation is by hiring professionals for the move. Look for the best-suited packers and movers in your nearby area that fits your budget. Get cost quotations from multiple moving companies by conducting a free pre-move survey. Choose the moving company that quotes you the least. After short-listing, don’t forget to verify their authenticity. Visit their office and check their credentials. You will be entrusting them with the responsibility of your belongings; be sure that they are worthy of it.

5. Administer the move

On the day of the move, be present as the packers and movers do their job. Administer the process and instruct the moving team whenever it is necessary. Let them know of your preferences. It will make the move easy and organised as you will be well informed about the whereabouts of particular belongings.

6. Contact the utility service providers

Don’t forget to redeem the utility services as it is one of the most important aspects of home relocation. Utility services are of utmost utility to us. Water connection, electricity connection, gas connection, internet connection, DTH connection, etc. are some examples of utility services. Contact the utility service providers in your area way ahead of your moving day. Remember to discontinue the utility services in your present home and subscribe to new utility connections as you move to your new home.

7. Make a final walkthrough

On the day of your move, after the packers and movers from Mumbai to Jaipur finish loading the moving vehicle with your belongings, make a final walkthrough from the interior of your house. Check if anything got left behind unnoticed. Look inside the drawers, chests, wardrobes, racks, and cabinets. After you are assured that nothing got missed out, you can finally whoosh off to your new home.

The Cessation

We all want to grab the opportunities when lady luck knocks on our door. We can’t wait to accept the change and the same happens when we plan to relocate our homes. It is a common instinct to feel thrilled while aspiring for a better employment opportunity and enhanced lifestyle. I am sure that the above-mentioned 7 tried and tested tips for a speedy and smooth home relocation will help you in this regard. Have a marvellous move!


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