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7 Best Platforms With A Free Trial For Your Webinars

Best Platforms With a Free Trial

Technically, webinar is a combination of two words web+ seminar, which means seminars held over website or internet spaces. 

          Webinars are popular because they are convenient to attend and  cost-efficient. Attendees can join the webinar via laptops, desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. Webinars allow presenters to reach a large number of audiences from one particular location. Nowadays, webinars are more interactive and fun-filled than earlier; presenters use interactive features to keep attendees engaged.

            The Webinar market is developing rapidly. There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that it saves time and also reduces the cost. Webinars are great for business; from interaction with the audience to marketing, a good webinar platform will help you to meet your goals. 

           Many online platforms offer a free webinar service, you can opt for your upcoming webinar. Every webinar service provider software provides different services and experiences. So, to help you in selecting the right virtual platform for your webinar, we are writing this blog and will tell you about those 7 webinar platforms which can be your best choice. So, stay focused.


Mixhubb: Mixhubb is one of the leading 3D virtual platforms where you can host a hassle-free webinar. Mixhubb is a user-friendly, quick, and easy-to-use platform where you can host online events of any kind and size. On this platform, you can easily customize your webinar and 3D events. It offers you a safe & secure webinar or virtual event within a few minutes. Mixhubb has many features that can turn your boring webinar into a webinar that is full of interactions. Mixhubb is a self-manageable platform allowing users to manage, create and design their webinars on their own. It also allows users to customize their registration page and virtual background according to the need of the webinar. Along with providing smooth onboarding, it also allows users to register from any social media account. 

           Mixhubb offers many engagement features like AI Matchmaking, Network Table, Group Chats, video calls, etc. to keep an environment more engaged. It also provides breakout rooms, Q&A, live polls, quizzes, etc. 

           One of the USPs of Mixhubb is its Multilingual Translator, which allows you to host webinars or virtual events in any language of the world. Mixhubb offers data analytics to track the insights of the event. It also gives you the recording feature, so that you can focus on the content in the webinar rather than making notes.  

            Mixhubb is a safe and secure virtual platform that offers a free trial. With its free trial pack, you can easily and quickly host your webinar and can avail the benefit of all its above-mentioned features.


Livestorm: If you want to focus on a greater engagement rate during the webinar then Livestorm is for you. It is an easy-to-connect platform with many amazing engaging features. Livestorm is a browser-based virtual platform, and can be accessed by laptop, desktop, and mobile phone. This virtual platform enables you to host live, on-demand, and automated webinars. It provides a high level of automation along with multi-language customer support. 


Demio: This is the third virtual platform on our list that offers webinars with marketing features to create more leads. Talking about its visuals, it offers real-time, High Definition videos with attractive backgrounds. It offers a fully customizable environment to meet your webinar requirements. It offers features like email support, unlimited webinar, robust analytics, 24*7 chat and email support, and storage of 100 recordings only.


Zoho Meeting:  This is one of the best virtual platforms for hosting the webinar. It is a browser-based platform that does not need downloading of any particular software. Using the mobile application, attendees can join the webinar from anywhere. Zoho Meeting offers features like audio-video recording and screen sharing. It also gives power to the presenter to control the whole webinar. Zoho Meeting gives liberty to users to customize the registration form according to the need of your business or webinar. It is an affordable virtual platform that offers a 14 days trial to its users.


WebinarJam: This is another virtual conference platform that offers you to host a webinar quickly in a simple way. If you want a webinar that provides you the opportunity to run ads during the webinar then WebinarJam  is the best platform for you. It provides pop-ups to attendees during the webinar, allowing attendees to purchase your product directly from the webinar platform. WebinarJam offers other features like automated recording, social media integrations, surveys, etc.

It is an easy to use, multi-browser, and multi-device-compatible virtual platform.


GoToWebinar: It is the next best virtual platform on our list where you can host a webinar with ease. It will let you experience a variety of features that will elevate your webinar experience to the next level. 

With GoToWebinar, you can schedule your webinar, and can also use its in-built webinar templates. 

Moreover, you can also promote your webinar with features like automated email reminders, webinar invitations, and a customized registration page. Other features include pre-recorded webinars, data analytics, integration with GoToMeeting, HD video, surveys, etc.

 ezTalks: Last but not least, this video conferencing platform offers you a free trial to host your webinar. ezTalks allows you to host a webinar with up to 100 active attendees and up to 10,000 view-only attendees. It provides features like a virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, and chatbox to keep attendees engaged. However, this platform is free but if you want to access all the features of this platform then you must take its free trial, it is mandatory to purchase access to this platform


Most businesses are hosting webinars today, from small educational coaching institutes to a large big MNC, and all are dependent on virtual platforms for their business. Webinars are the most convenient and effective way to expand your audience’s reach.

   If it is nerve wrecking for you to select the platform for your webinar, then we have made this task easy for you. We have listed the top 7 best virtual platforms where you can host the webinar, with their free trial.

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