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7 Best Accessories for Your New Iphone

Buying your first iPhone can be overwhelming. You have so many iPhone accessories, apps, and services to choose from. And that’s before you even start figuring out how to take better photos or why your earphones don’t seem to work with the device. You can also explore the iPhone accessories online store.

This article will answer some of the most common new iPhone questions. Read on for tips on buying your first iPhone accessories and some handy advice about what else you need to keep your new phone functioning at its best.

What Accessories Do You Need for a New iPhone?

When it comes to iPhone accessories for you, you’re spoiled for choice. There are cases for every occasion – from keeping your phone safe in your bag to those with built-in screen protectors to protect your phone’s display. You can also add wireless charging capabilities to your phone by getting a wireless charging accessory. You can even make your phone more functional by connecting Bluetooth speakers or headphones to your phone. This lets you use your phone as a remote control for music, a microphone for video calls, or anything else you can think of! A good screen protector is a must – Screen protectors are cheap and easy to install, but they’re also essential for keeping your iPhone’s screen safe. Without it, your phone’s screen is exposed and can be damaged by scratches or dust particles. A screen protector can be removed easily, so you can access the phone’s functionality if necessary. A good lightning dock also comes in handy – While some phones have a lightning connector at the bottom, most phones with a regular micro USB connector do not. You can solve this problem by getting a lightning dock. 

Screen Protectors:

You wouldn’t think it, but a scuffed-up iPhone screen is one of the main causes of dropping phones. That’s why it’s important to get a screen protector. A quality screen protector will help protect your phone’s screen from damage while keeping it clean. A range of screen protectors is available, from cheap ones that you can buy on Amazon to more expensive brands. Most quality screen protectors cost between $10 and $40. The best screen protectors will not leave any air bubbles when you place them on your phone. They will also stick to your phone’s screen without any sticky residue. It’s also important to note that screen protectors are designed for use only with the kind of phone screen you have. You can’t use them with an iPhone if you have an Android phone or vice versa.


If you’re an Apple user, then you’ve probably heard about AirPods by now. These wireless earbuds are a must-have accessory for any new iPhone user. AirPods are easy to pair with your iPhone. Put one end in your ear and hold the other near your iPhone’s Lightning port. The AirPods will automatically pair. You can also unpair them by pressing and holding the button on one of the AirPods. You can charge AirPods by putting them in the charging case included in the box when you first get your iPhone. This case charges the AirPods and keeps them ready to be used.

Lightning Dock:

No matter how careful you are, it’s inevitable that you’ll drop your phone once or twice. That’s why investing in a good case and a good screen protector is important. But you should also invest in a good Lightning dock. These let you charge your phone and transfer data using a Lightning cable. A good Lightning dock will let you charge your phone quickly and keep it ready to use. It also comes with a cable that prevents it from getting tangled. Docking stations like this one are also useful if you have multiple iPhones. You can charge and sync all your devices with a single dock.

Apple AirTag:

If you live in an area with unreliable or spotty Wi-Fi, you might want to get Apple AirPort Express. This is a device that turns your iPhone into a wireless router. This means you can connect your phone to a wired internet connection and enjoy lag-free, fast internet. AirPort Express works best in areas with a strong internet signal. That means you should try to place the router as far away from your phone as possible.

MagSafe Charger:

Many people love how quickly and easily iPhones charge using the Lightning cable. But some people prefer to use an adapter or a traditional power bank when charging their phone. You may want to invest in a MagSafe adapter if this sounds like you. These let you charge your phone with the included power adapter while the phone’s cable is plugged into the adapter. This means you can easily unplug your phone without worrying about tangled cables. While you can use an adapter like this one with any Lightning cable, it’s best to get one designed for the iPhone. This way, you can use your charger with your new iPhone without buying new cables.

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