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6 ways to use text message marketing for small businesses

Texting is a convenient method for communicating with friends. For small businesses, it’s a potent mobile marketing tool as well. Most Americans use their cell phone to send and receive text message. Also known as SMS messages, and the vast majority of them are cell phone owners. 

More importantly, SMS messaging has higher user engagement than other mobile marketing channels like email or social media. The majority of mobile phone users enable their devices to notify them whenever a new text message arrives, and most of these messages are read shortly after being delivered.

The main reason why active Australian web users pick up their mobile phones is text messaging. More than half of users reply to texts at least four times per day, and many do so up to ten times. Mobile phone users give importance when a text message appears, providing you and your company with a worthwhile marketing opportunity.

An efficient way to get your small business in front of customers and in their hands is through text message marketing. Discover how to use this marketing

What is Text Message Marketing?

Sending SMS messages, also known as texts, is known as text message marketing. This marketing tactic offers a variety of options. Such as sending mass texts that still feel more intimate than a social media post or building strong relationships with customers through two-way conversations.

What is the process of text message marketing? Businesses must first acquire subscribers. A completed opt-in form or an opt-in text can be used for this. Just keep in mind that to legally send promotions, SMS marketers must first obtain explicit written consent. It should be possible for anyone on your contact list to unsubscribe at any time.

1. Ask People to Opt-In

Regardless of whether they are already regular customers or not, messaging people who have not permitted you to contact them is impolite and may even be against the law. Asking for permission to send an occasional SMS can only demonstrate how much you care about customer privacy while invasive marketing doesn’t help to establish trust.

The open rate for SMS is 97 per cent according to statistics. But more importantly, 83 percent of readers act after reading. However, only recipients who have opted-in are included in these statistics. Therefore, it’s crucial to concentrate your efforts on the people who would be most receptive to receiving SMS from your company.

2. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

An efficient way to get your small business in front of customers and in their hands is through text message marketing. As little as 1 to 5 cents can be spent on each text message, but a click on a search engine ad typically costs $1 or more. Additionally, you’ll be sending texts to subscribers who have chosen to receive them, are familiar with your brand, and have a high likelihood of making a purchase.

The operational costs of your small business can be decreased with text message marketing. With automation, you can focus more of your time on growing your business rather than on marketing.

3. Brand Building

There are other goals for mobile marketing besides making sales. Small business owners can also use SMS to amuse or interact directly with their customers. Enhancing their experience with their brand as a whole.

For instance, Guni creatively uses text message marketing by giving customers the option to receive daily dog pictures via text, giving customers a well-rounded brand experience.

4. Make your SMS Campaigns Unique.

To avoid spamming your recipients, make sure that each text you send to your customers promotes an offer that isn’t available through other channels. Even better would be to inform the users that they will only be able to receive exclusive offers if they sign up for your SMS service. Customers will read your SMS messages more eagerly if you do this, increasing your chances of conversion and sales.

5. It Increases Client Engagement.

If you’re like the majority of consumers, you probably eagerly await the arrival of a text message in your inbox. In actuality, most text messages are read right away after being received. Many consumers don’t check their email inboxes for new messages more than once or twice per day because they have grown accustomed to receiving spam and unwanted advertising inundating their inboxes. Contrarily, SMS inboxes are typically reserved for messages that must be read immediately.

There are clear advantages for business owners from this phenomenon. The customers on your SMS contact list are eager participants in your marketing initiative, and you can almost always count on them to read your message as soon as you send it. SMS marketing won’t draw as many eyes to your promotion as other forms of advertising, but sending your messages directly to interested customers and getting them to read them quickly, offers excellent value for your money.

6. Increased Client Satisfaction

65% of customers have a more favourable opinion of companies that text customers than of those that don’t when it comes to SMS communication. Since texting is a more casual and personal form of communication, customers who choose to participate are more likely to do so. Don’t send texts more than twice a week or you run the risk of losing your subscribers. Real-time conversations that start over SMS can help you strengthen your client relationships.

SMS-Based Customer Engagement

Your small business can increase revenue by using text message marketing to interact with both current and potential customers. This marketing channel offers a variety of uses that you can customise for your industry and target market, from timely and transactional texts to entertaining brand-building texts. Additionally, this channel can encourage two-way communication, enabling you to forge lasting bonds with your clients.

Nearly 30 years after the first SMS was sent, short text messages are still being sent all over the world. Other forms of communication demand access to the internet. The downloading of specialised apps, and other actions that many users find uncomfortable.

Every mobile device comes with a native app that is used by SMS services. We hope that these quick tips will enable you to develop and carry out a successful SMS marketing strategy that will enable you to boost conversion and expand your company’s revenue.


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