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6 Restaurants for Grab and Go Meals In Houston

Are you looking to enjoy your lunch break outside the workplace for a change? Houston is renowned for its diverse dining and sightseeing landscape. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist on vacation, you should definitely visit Houston. The state of Texas isn’t just about steaks and barbecue, you’ll find people from every ethnicity here. To quote a well-known phrase, ‘Where there is smoke, there’s fire’. Similarly, where the dining landscape is diversified on the basis of culture, it opens doors for global cuisines. From Pan-Asian to even African cuisine, Houston has a wide range of cuisines to choose from.

Halal food is a necessity for Muslims, but it is not limited exclusively to them. Due to the increasing awareness of the benefits of Halal food, people prefer to include it in their everyday diet. Halal food is not just hygienic, it has many other health benefits if consumed on a regular basis. Anything you think of can is made Halal if the chef follows the set rules. Keep scrolling through this article to know where to find the best Halal restaurants in Houston.

6 of the Best Halal Food Restaurants

Do you want to grab your meals on the go, without having to leave your car? Thanks to the ones responsible for introducing the concept of takeaways, we can enjoy good food without leaving our vehicles. This revolutionary concept was introduced in the early 20th century and has been followed ever since. Multiple restaurants and food establishments offer drive-thru sites, which have improved payments and most importantly, comfort while enjoying good food. Have you ever caught yourself wondering, “if there are any Halal grill restaurants near me?”, you have come to the right page. Here is our pick for the best halal food restaurants for grab-and-go meals in Houston.

Twisted Turban

A fast-food restaurant where the Halal Mexican-Indian fusion takes your taste buds on a tangy yet delicious joy ride. The Twisted Turban specializes in Tex-Mex food items with a South-Asian dash. Their tangy burgers, tacos, and Quesadillas are almost impossible to resist. The meat is cooked to perfection so that it is juicy and tender, and every bite oozes with mouth-watering mixed flavors. Never go to work without breakfast. Grab something to eat before you go. Why get stuck in a rut, when you can explore and enjoy different cuisines in the same city.

Dave’s Hot Chicken

This is a restaurant where you could enjoy the experience of dining while being intrigued by the aesthetic interiors. You can also get take-out and still love the place enough to revisit soon. If you want a nutritious slider that doesn’t let you feel hungry after finishing then, this is the perfect place. Are you catching up with an old friend for coffee at 5 and need to quickly grab a meal? Try their delicious sliders and have an instant fix for your appetite with just enough space for that espresso latte and maybe a slice of cheesecake. If your taste buds are not accustomed to spices then maybe keep it lite mild, you have been warned.

Tempura Halal

The Western World became aware of the existence and benefits of Halal food via the best Halal food restaurants and food establishments. If you visited a South Asian restaurant once, you can never forget the food and everything good about it. Tempura Halal is one of the best South Asian restaurants in Houston, which specializes in IndoPak cuisine. If you have Asian roots, you will definitely be nostalgic with every single bite. Don’t have time to experience fine dining? No worries, grab delicious hot samosas and enjoy every bite anywhere you desire.

Craft Pita

A Halal Mediterranean restaurant that specializes in Lebanese cuisine. Whether you are craving a falafel wrap or a healthy salad, you can always grab it on the go. Even if you dine in, you’ll have a nostalgic experience with their environment which projects their culture gracefully. Their special Tahini Blondie is a treat you certainly would not want to miss. Falafels are always a quick and healthy fix to satisfy your snacking cravings.

Trattoria Sofia

Heading out to a corporate event at 5 where the dinner is at 9? Visit Trattoria Sofia and grab a few appetizers on the go-to to treat your taste buds as well as satisfy your hunger. The aesthetic appeal of this Halal Italian Restaurant is hard to miss. Gather your friends and enjoy the overwhelming experience of sheer fine dining. You can also get takeouts to hang out elsewhere to be unbothered and enjoy each other’s company and the amazing food.


One of the best Turkish restaurants is located in the heart of Houston. At Nazif’s, they serve the best and most authentic Turkish food which is finger-licking good. Their special wrapmacun is served with multiple vegetables and its filling alone is so healthy and nutritious. The Shashlik and wrapmacun are some of the best options if want to grab an on-the-go meal with signature beverages.

Houston’s food hall is like a multiverse of food, where you can explore and enjoy any type of ethnic cuisine. Whether it’s about fine dining or takeouts, Houston has some of the best halal food restaurants in the state. Pasta, soup, burritos, wraps, tacos, salads, and sandwiches are some of the food items which can be enjoyed anywhere. Food establishments have increased their prices because of the Global inflation and taxes. Halal food restaurants and establishments give you the worth of your entire expenditure. Although, certain celebrations call for a single host to deal with the expenses but going Dutch shouldn’t just be done in Dutch restaurants, instead, people should practice this everywhere.

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