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5 tips to increase Google Ads performance with a chatbot

You have probably accessed a Google Ads ad at least once and on the landing page, there was a chat to speak with someone from the company.

It’s not a person, it is a what. It is chatbots that are most commonly used to display chats.

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What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is the best platform to do Search Engine Marketing or advertising via search engines.

SEM is a combination of different types of campaigns that appear in the first search results before organic search results. This allows you to appear in search results before other users search for your product.

You can activate different campaigns with Google Ads. If your ad works with a keyword, the ad will show up if it is optimized for that keyword. Easy, right?

Campaign types in Google Ads

Google Ads can be used with different types of campaigns depending on your goals. Search ads are the most popular and have been since Google Ads’ inception. These ads appear in search results.

There are many other types of ads like Discovery ads, display ads, video advertisements, and so forth. Each type of ad can have different goals such as more views, more clicks, and more visits.

We all know, however, that we want to increase sales. A chatbot can help at this stage. No matter how many times a user clicks on an ad or visits your website, if there aren’t a few facilities, he will go to the second ad.


The benefits of chatbots in Campaigns

There are many benefits to implementing a chatbot, especially if you use it with Google Ads campaigns. It improves the contact rate as well as the conversion rate. Also, it increases the ROI of Google Ads and optimizes your budget.

You are providing personalized attention to users who visit your site 24 hours per day, all year. Chatbots are available for any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Your company can increase profits via Google Ads. A chatbot can help you save time and money by allowing your company to have more employees serving your customers.

What’s a chatbot?

Now that you understand Google Ads and how it works let’s move on to the second important part What is a Chatbot.

A chatbot, as we mentioned at the beginning of this Blog is a chat that appears on the internet and asks for help. There are often robots behind these chats.

These chatbots work through AI Artificial Intelligence and can be installed on any website or landing page. Their main purpose is to extract information and contacts from potential buyers who might be interested in your brand.

A chatbot learns a lot of information by answering a series of questions. You now have a lead that you can use to close a sale.

How to increase Google Ads performance with a chatbot

There are many benefits to the chatbot in improving the performance of Google Ads campaigns. As long as the chatbot is working optimally and focusing on better results, there are many.

Make your chatbot human

Making a chatbot appear like a human will improve the way they interact with you. They will be more inclined to give more information, talk more and leave more data.

Use the chatbot to reflect your brand identity

Your brand identity includes the way the chatbot answers questions and expresses them, as well as the color of the chat. Your company’s personality should be reflected in your chatbot. This will inspire them to have a conversation via the chatbot.

Create custom automation

You can use different rules to create automated rules thanks to AI’s learning and flexibility. This will ensure that your users have an optimal experience. You can include the user’s first name in their information, or offer products and services that are related to what they are searching for.

Select the data you would like to learn through the chatbot

You must ask the right questions to capture all the relevant information from the user. The first step is to determine what you want to learn: your favorite products, email address, phone number, availability for a conversation, age…

Link your chatbot to your CRM

If you don’t consider the link, it is pointless to spend your budget on ads. What will you do with this data? Are they registered? Do they belong to your Database?

This is possible by creating a CRM that can be linked directly to your chatbot. This will ensure that all data from chats are saved in customer relationship management software.

Use chatbots to increase your Google Ads campaigns

All the advantages of the chatbot are well-known. Now, you can learn how to increase conversion and sales with Google Ads campaigns. The chatbot converts potential customers, while the campaigns bring highly qualified users to a site.

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