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5 Best Shapewear For Women To Flaunt Their Curves

Shapewear For Women To Flaunt Their Curves

Are you tired of your love handles? And wishing to have a sculpted hourglass figure? Then worry not! In this article, bring a solution to hide all your flaws instantly. So, keep scrolling!

Even with a constant strict diet and exercise routine, those extra bulges refuse to flatten. 

But with the best shapewear for women, you can conceal undesirable body bulges and achieve the perfect look without losing weight. Body shapers are an instant solution that creates the illusion of an hourglass-curvy physique and enables you to wear your favorite outfits without any qualms. A flattering figure and perfectly toned shape will ultimately boost your self-confidence.

Ladies, get ready to look fab wherever you go!

Shapewear For Women

Best Shapewear For Women: Our Top Picks

With so many choices available, you might get confused about which shapewear to buy. Check out our top 7 best shapewear to enjoy a smooth look.

Let’s now take a deeper look for more insights!

Skims Sculpting Bodysuit With Snap

SKIMS offers an impressive selection of shapewear that is a budget-friendly option. The best thing about this sculpting shapewear bodysuit by Skims is that it holds in your core, lifts your butt, and gives support to your chest. Its soft, seamless construction and high-cut leg make this body shaper a must-have for enhancing the body’s natural shape. This piece comes in a size range from XXS to 5X. The brand offers shapewear in eight different skin-tone shades, from onyx to marble. Overall, the shades and sizes make Skims an inclusive shapewear range. If you prefer to wear this shapewear on an everyday basis, we recommend selecting a size up.

Calypso Sculpting Bodysuit Mid Thigh

Enhance your body shape with this mid thigh sculpting bodysuit by Calypso. This essential wardrobe piece uses advanced smoothing and sculpting technology to flatten your bulges while lifting your butt and chest. The seamless construction ensures smooth slimming and a sleek look. Also, the structured side seams keep things in place, and silicone bands along prevent roll or rise. Plus, the bamboo and elastane fabric compress lump to enhance your natural shape while keeping you comfortable. What’s more? The brand strives to serve different body shapes and sizes so everyone can find their perfect fit. Apply Calypso Coupon Code using this link to save big on the highest quality shapewear for women.

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

With the rear details created for the best-looking appearance, Spanx Suit Your Fancy strapless bodysuit is the ultimate solution for achieving a slimming silhouette. This finest shapewear has removable, convertible, and adjustable straps that offer versatility. The soft and sleek shaping fabric holds the waist in and gives you an hourglass look. Furthermore, it is made from a mix of nylon and elastane and can be easily layered under almost any outfit of your choice. It has a nylon-blend gusset, and you can wear it all day long. For comfort and confidence, this body shaper offers an ample amount of waist, stomach, and posterior concealment.

Rago High Waist Leg Shaper

Rago’s high waist leg shapers are a great way to drop your size down by two sizes without the top roll of the garment. This waist shaper shapes the hips and thighs while reducing tummy size and shaping the waistline. The high waisted shaping short helps to smoothen the flabs to achieve a comfortable and sleek look. It features powernet lace, contour bands, flexible boning, and fabric made of 70% nylon and 30% Invista Lycra. Furthermore, this thigh and waist shaper looks like a regular tummy shaper. It provides coverage for the thighs, butt, back, and stomach.

Knix Shaper Bodysuit

This structured bodysuit delivers comfortable compression across the front and back, targeting the stomach and butt. The built-in wireless support provides incredible lift. This body shaper features removable cups and adjustable straps. With medium butt coverage, the seamless bonded edges prevent panty lines. Also, the shapewear features a hook and eye closure for adjustability and easy removal. Without causing any discomfort, this shapewear for women helps you lose a few inches by reducing unflattering love handles, lumps, and muffin tops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shapewear for Women?

A shapewear or body shaper is an undergarment that is used to sculpt your body, control your tummy & waist and shape it accordingly. Also, it helps to give a smooth silhouette that highlights and flaunts your curves.

What are the different types of Shapewear?

There are many types of shapewear available. The waist cinchers sculpt your waistline and give you an hourglass structure like that of a Baywatch model. Hip reducers smooth off unattractive bulges on your butt and belly. Thigh compressors work on thighs and stomachs and can be worn with A-line dresses, pencil skirts, etc. And lastly, bodysuits are the go-to fix if you need an overall sleek and smooth look.

How tight should shapewear for women be?

Your shapewear should feel tight, but at the same time, it should also be comfortable to wear. While wearing shapewear, you must be able to comfortably breathe and move around in it. An excessively tight body shaper can cause various problems like shortness of breath and irritation and can even trouble your digestive system.


Coming to an end, shapewear is a great way to elevate the look of your outfit. There are different types of shapers, and it is essential to choose the one that fits your needs and body. However, it’s a good idea to consider different options to help you decide which one is best for you. Besides this, you should also check out color, material, and fit when buying shapewear.


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