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4 Best Minecraft Servers You Wouldn’t Want to Miss on

Whether you are a rookie or a professional, Minecraft is a game for all. All you need is a good console or PC that supports the game. Unlike any other game, Minecraft packs different genres of games together and gives a realistic game but also has an addition of imagination, making the game what a gamer dreams of.

Players require a changed game client with third-party mods installed to play in modded Minecraft servers. These mods are also supported on the server, allowing people to play customized Minecraft simultaneously.

There are many best modded minecraft servers, and each caters to a different genre and gaming style. Modpacks are a collection of various mods that are integrated into the greatest types of modded Minecraft servers. Players must have the same mod packs installed locally in their game to join a given modded server.

The world of Minecraft is huge, whether you play popular minecraft Best modded servers like RL Craft server, FTB servers, or Hypixel. These games are vast, like seriously vast! If compared to Earth in real-time, the Minecraft world is 5 times the size of the Earth. And there are thousands of things to try in this huge place.

How to use a Modded Minecraft server?

  • Install the mods you desire by downloading them. They must run the same Minecraft version as your server to be compatible.
  • Log into your server’s FTP.
  • Navigate to the FTP folder for the game you wish to work on your server.
  • Upload your mods into the mods folders (one at a time). If the folders are different, the installation instructions for the mod should clarify which one to use.
  • Enter the Command Center. Find the server you wish to install mods on in the server list and click the ‘Manage’ option on the right.
  • Restart your server when you’re ready.

So, if you are starting with Minecraft and are ready to explore different places, here are some of the best Minecraft servers you can try.

Best Minecraft Modded servers you should try

RLCraft Server

  • RLCraft Servers is a Minecraft mod pack made up of roughly 169 different modifications that have been combined and modified to produce a difficult fantasy realm. The mod pack is currently running on Minecraft 1.12.2 and is at version 2.9.1.
  • You will battle dragons, explore castles, raid dungeons, use skill trees, and experiment with novel crafting systems as you struggle to survive.
  • As if that weren’t enough, the majority of the original Minecraft’s conventional mechanics have undergone significant changes. To give you an advantage when you initially begin playing.

Mustard virus

  • The mustard virus is an exciting Minecraft zombie server that takes zombie adventure to the next level.
  • A virus named the mustard virus is turning everyone getting in contact with the virus into mindless zombies.
  • Your task is to survive in this harsh world without becoming a zombie. It is one of the best games as it challenges you to survive and protect yourself while putting you in a place to fight hordes of zombies. This Minecraft zombie server will surely rock you.

All the mods 6 servers

  • Most of the servers are theme-based, meaning they feature a handful of the genre. Even a large mod pack can feature a few genres, but at All The Mods 6 servers, you can enjoy a every single mod and experience almost every genre.
  • It is a huge kitchen sink mod, with almost everything in it. Play the game to experience the fun. It is one of the best FTB servers.

Sky factory 4 server

  • Building a world and being a creator is what Sky Factory 4 servers is all about. You can adjust the difficulty level that will helps to be given resources.
  • The more difficult level you choose, the fewer resources you will be provided, and as you go through the game, you have to build your own world floating in the sky.

You can play these four best Minecraft servers no matter how rookie or professional you are. In addition, there’s another popular Minecraft server, Pixelmon Craft, one of the popular Minecraft gaming servers where you can be a Pokemon master and go adventuring and catching Pokemons. So, to play any game, you can download the server from a Minecraft server listing website.

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